TMD Chapter 33


He’ll turn into a villain later, so I’ll just live by myself without losing money.

But just in case, I should educate him well like Astina.

The theme that penetrates the code of an ancient country is ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’.

I was reading a book again while thinking that way when the door of the quiet library suddenly opened.

I thought it was Lucas again, so I didn’t bother to look and continued reading the book.

Yeah, actually, I’ve been a little upset since Lucas hung my drawing like that.

He claims he’s not, but he seems to be making fun of me.….

“Oh, the Grand Duke is here.”

I was reading the book, ignoring him with so much effort when I heard Rex, who was sitting next to me, get up and say hello.

If it’s the Grand Duke …… it’s my father

I wanted to raise my hand and wipe my face.

Silence flowed in the library for a while, I raised my head like a ball-joint doll that had its head forcibly lifted up. 

I was hoping Rex was mistaken because of bad eyesight.… but it was really Grand Duke Estin that was in front of us.

As soon as we made eye contact, I stood up quickly and bowed my head.

Why are you here all of a sudden? Do you have any books to read?

Grand Duke Estin beckoned Rex and I to sit down and approached us.

I pretended to read a book casually, but when I felt a sign of him coming to me, the contents of the book didn’t come into my head anymore. The letters of the book became an image and were embedded in my eye. 

“Are you reading a book?”

I was surprised by the words of Grand Duke Estin, who came in suddenly, I looked up at him.

He stood by me and then bent down to look at the book I was reading.

As I felt Grand Duke Estin’s voice and breath near my ears, I became nervous and held my breath. 

“You’re reading a quite difficult book.”

“Rex recommended it…….”

Grand Duke Estin seemed to be quite satisfied, he straightened his folded back and stood again.

Only then did I feel like I was running out of breath.

Phew, don’t be nervous, Mary. It’s your dad. He won’t hurt you.

Controlling my mind, I turned to Grand Duke Estin and smiled brightly. I smiled as if asking what’s wrong. Perhaps my efforts were felt, Grand Duke Estin spoke languidly.

“Drawing. Are you not going to draw?”


All of a sudden?

Is this person really trying to make me a painter like Benedict or something?

I just rolled my eyes because I didn’t know what it meant.

He looked at the desk and brought crayons and white paper lying around and put them in front of me.

“Can you draw other beasts too?”

He looked quite serious.

I’ve never painted a demon in this world…….

Still, he asked me to draw it so seriously, so I thought I should draw it, I crossed my arms and agonized over it.

Should I draw a monster that I saw in my past life?

After a long consideration, over the burdensome gaze of Grand Duke Estin and Rex, I painted with crayons.

I drew a dog as big as I could.

I didn’t mean to, but before I knew it, what I was drawing was the big dog I had seen in the garden.

It’s similar to the one I drew before, but with a slightly different feel…….

The reason I thought that the dog was a beast rather than an ordinary dog was because of its unusually large ears.

I don’t know, but I think it’s similar in shape. I was satisfied because I drew it better than I thought.

When I put the crayon down, Grand Duke Estin slowly lifted my painting.

I was wondering what kind of expression will make while looking at my painting, but I couldn’t see it because his face was hidden behind the drawing paper.

I thought it was a good thing that I couldn’t see it.


No, cancel it.

I couldn’t see his expression but hearing that sound made me anxious. 

What if he found out that I wasn’t good at drawing and thought he didn’t need me anymore?

He must’ve thought I have a talent.

Should I at least learn to play an instrument?

“You drew it well.”

I was thinking about all sorts of things by myself when I heard an unexpected word above my head.

I drew it well?

I clenched my fist at the not-so-bad reaction.

Mr. Benedict, please wait. Mary is coming to get you.

However, contrary to what he said, the expression of Grand Duke Estin who put the painting back in front of me was strange.

“Have you ever read a book about mythology?”


I’m done with picture books and I’m now reading a novel, mythology is still too much for me.

I wanted Rex or Hestia to recommend something to me, but history is so vast that I thought I should learn properly when a tutor comes later.

Rex murmured softly as he looked back at my painting after hearing the words of Grand Duke Estin.


What’s Arsene?

When I looked puzzled, Grand Duke Estin nodded and told me.

“Yes, Arsene,”


“It’s like a dog loved by an ancient god, not a beast.”

No, dogs are my life.

But Grand Duke Estin’s expression was serious.  I felt like I drew something I shouldn’t draw.

“Have you ever seen this?”


“Hmm, no.”

“I think I saw it while looking through a book.”

I lied without realizing it.

Grand Duke Estin raised one eyebrow as if he was weighing my words. 

But I shook my head with a firm expression.

Although it’s just a weak feeling, but…… For some reason I thought I shouldn’t say I saw this.

“I see.”

Grand Duke Estin nodded and turned around.

When I saw his back I breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at the desk…… the drawing wasn’t there.

I was going to look at it again, but where did it go?

As I looked under the desk to find the picture, Rex asked in a questionable voice.

“What are you looking for?”

“The drawing that I drew earlier. Where did it go?”

“The Grand Duke took it out with him”

At Rex’s words, I pulled out my head under the desk and looked at Rex.

Rex smiled awkwardly at my bewildered expression.

I have a pretty bad feeling…….

“By the way, I didn’t know Sister Mary knew Arsene.”

“……I don’t know. Is it a God?”

“Well, did they say he is a god of weather? I think that’s what happened. The weather is related to agriculture, so many farmers worshiped it.”

“I see.”

“Maybe because he was loved so much, he was very selfish and childish.”

“What’s with that character……?”


“Yes? no.”

What kind of God is selfish and childish?

The God I remember was cute for some reason, so I laughed in vain.

If you think about it, even in Greek and Roman mythology, the gods were drawn very humanly…

“There are many interesting Gods.”

“You should read about mythology later.”

Rex and I smiled brightly and faced each other.

What was the bad feeling I felt earlier?

Hmm, I don’t know.

I focused on reading books again. but…

I shouldn’t have done that. I should have doubted the bad hunch I had.



The Arsene painting that Grand Duke Estin took with him was trapped in a crystal frame and was hanging next to the first painting I had painted…….

I guess this was the bad feeling.

“Rex, let’s go outside.”

Pulling Rex’s sleeve, staring blankly under my painting, I suggested going out to play.

Also, the thought of hearing praise for the painting made me feel nauseous.

So, I kept pushing Rex because I thought it would be better to go out and play today.

“Bonita is going to bring some snacks later.”

“You really like snacks.”

“It’s delicious.”

“But you shouldn’t eat more snacks than you normally do. It’s bad.”

Rex’s mature words made me feel rebellious for no reason, but I nodded kindly.

He’s younger than me, but why is he so mature?

When I saw him smiling brightly, he seemed like a little brother, somehow, I felt sorry. I remembered friends I met when I was in an orphanage. Children who grow up and become strong to survive every situation they are in.

I was like that too.

Still, Rex believes there’s no one as bad as him.… Why did he choose to be that bad?

……maybe it was because of Mary Conler.

But since I’m not harassing you.… you won’t turn to a villain right?

Selfishly, I was hoping a little bit that Rex wouldn’t meet Astina and fall in love.

It’s not a good thing for Astina or Rex.

Astina has the second prince anyway…….

Can’t Rex and I just live while doing business?

“Sister, what are you thinking about so much?”

Rex asked me with a smile.

As expected, his golden hair shining under the sun is so beautiful.

“Thinking about what kind of game to play.”

“You brought a ball.”

Oh, right. I did.

I took the ball and went as far as I could from Rex and stood.

It was fun when I played with the ball alone, but it was more fun because the two of us played with it.

Even though we were just passing the ball to each other it was fun.

As we were passing the ball to each other, I couldn’t catch the ball that Rex threw and rolled behind me.

“I’m sorry!”

“I didn’t catch it!”

Perhaps he felt sorry, Rex ran towards me but I stopped him and I looked at the rolling ball and followed it.

The rolling ball stopped in front of a black shoes.

I picked up the ball and looked up.

I could only see the chest at eye level.

I raised my head more.

Black hair and black eyes.

Grand Duke of Estin…?

“Grand Duke Estin has become smaller…….”

Did dad return?

I was thinking nonsense, when the young Grand Duke Estin looked at me and said,

“Mary Conler.”

This is what Grand Duke Estin called me when he first met me.

I thought suddenly as I heard a voice strangely resembling Grand Duke Estin.

Oh, this guy.

It’s my brother.


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