TMD Chapter 32


Rex had a weak cold and couldn’t go out to play, so me and Rex were painting in the library. He was sorry that I couldn’t go out because of him. Rex sniffed and looked at me while drawing. From the day Rex showed me his tears, he seemed to be more comfortable with me. 

No one will believe it, but I also like sitting down like this.

“Sister, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Get well soon.”

I’ve been lying down in the mansion for quite a while, too.

When I smiled sweetly as if I were really okay, Rex focused on his painting as if he was relieved. I wondered what he was drawing, so I peeked and saw Rex drawing a field of dahlia flowers.

The composition, the color, everything was perfect.

“Rex, you’re good at drawing.”

“I guess it’s easy to draw Dahlia flowers because it’s so pretty.”

“Do you like Dahlia?”

“My mom loved dahlia flowers…….”

“I think you matched Dahlia flowers really well! Hmm, what should I draw?”

Rex’s voice started to get wet again, so I quickly changed the subject. Rex smiled clumsily when I tapped him on the back, hoping he could smile comfortably soon.

What should I draw? Should I draw Nero?

I picked up a black crayon and started drawing a cat. I wanted to draw it as cute as possible, so I concentrated. I pouted my lips without realizing it.

Oh, Rex is good at drawing. I want to draw well, too.

Since I’m older than him.

Rex, who was concentrating on his painting, stretched out his neck to see my painting as he was curious as I was quiet.

I wasn’t going to show it, but I thought it was drawn well, so I gently pushed the picture to Rex.

I think I drew it well.


Rex clapped his hands together and admired my drawing. I guess I’m really good at drawing.

Should I try to be a painter instead of doing business?

“You drew a vampire beast, right?”


“You’re so cool! Since the situation with the beasts is chaotic, you put it in a picture, right?”


At Rex’s words, I held the painting to my eye level and looked again with cloudy eyes.

In a way, the black cat look like a vampire……?

I put down the painting and looked at Rex again, he was looking at me with sparkling eyes.

“Yes……. You’re right.”

I painted Nero’s pink ribbon with a red crayon.

Yes, this looks like blood…….

I’m sorry, Nero.

But it would be better if you have a nice owner who draws well.

“Sister Mary is so cool!”

My mole-like conscience hurts watching Rex smiling sweetly, but I still want to be a great sister to Rex. While listening to Rex’s compliment, Lucas came into the library.

“You’re here!”

Lucas approached us with a bright smile. For some reason, I felt like I had to hide my painting, so I turned it upside down, wary of Lucas. As soon as Lucas came, he patted Rex on the head and asked him about his condition.

“Are you okay, Master Rex?”

“Yes, I’m really fine.”

“You must have been drawing, huh? Wow, did you draw this?”

Lucas expressed pure admiration when he saw Rex’s painting of the Dahlia flower garden.

I felt like I had to hide my painting more, so I lay down on my stomach and hide it with my arms.

I heard Lucas’ worried voice over my head.

“Miss Mary, are you sick?”

“She was okay before…….”

“Are you sleepy?”

“Sister, Mary drew really well!”

Please, Rex, don’t…….

I closed my eyes and prayed for Rex to faint suddenly, but nothing like that dream ever happened.

Suddenly, his hand came in and my drawing slipped out.

“……What did you draw?”

“It’s a picture of a vampire beast!”

Rex replied with a bright smile instead of me. I guess you can’t feel my glare.

Lucas, who was looking at my drawing for a long time, grabbed my drawing and stormed out of the study.

Why are you taking that drawing out?

A bewildering silence filled the study. I was confused. I looked at the door where Lucas had left, then looked at Rex. Rex looked puzzled and smiled vaguely at me.

“… shall we draw?”

I picked up the crayon again and suggested that Rex finish his drawing.

Rex smiled and nodded.

I shouldn’t have done that. 

It was not a time to paint leisurely. I should have run out right away and stopped Lucas from doing what he was going to do.


Lucas framed my drawing in a pure gold frame and hung it in the hall of the mansion.

Looking at the colorful and luxurious paintings next to it, I couldn’t be so ashamed of my paintings.

I couldn’t bear to walk past the hallway.

“Our youngest lady is such a genius. A drawing that reflects the current situation.”

It was because Lucas was explaining the drawing to people passing with a deeply impressed look. Bonita and Hestia also praised the drawing, saying, “It’s really a great picture.”

Rex also came out and looked at the picture with sparkling eyes, so it was very burdensome.

Fortunately, I didn’t run into Grand Duke Estin underneath the drawing…

“The Grand Duke said that the bold style of painting is similar to that of Benedict.”

“I’m sure it’s a definite story because he’s very well versed in art.”

Lucas and Hestia’s conversation heated up.

I don’t know who it was, but I really apologized to the artist who was compared to me. I can’t believe Grand Duke Estin said that.….

Whenever I hear such a compliment, I just hug Nero without saying a word.

Our Nero suddenly became a vampire…… Sister is sorry.


When Lucas said he was looking for my tutor, I headed to the library with Rex to read.  If my tutor sees me in a situation where I don’t know anything…… The reputation of Grand duke Conler might decrease. 

Now I stopped reading picture books and started reading books with more letters. Rex helped with the difficult words.

“Rex, how do you read this word?”

“What? Well, a replacement…… That’s what it says.” 

“Oh, I know the meaning roughly. Thank you.”

“You’re so smart!”

It was fortunate that I could understand most of the meanings of words, perhaps because of the memories of my past life.

But is it okay to get compliments from someone who is two years younger than me?

I scratched my back head and focused on the book again. I don’t think I read textbooks this hard in my past life.

I followed the sentence with my index finger and read it, but the black one is letters and the white one is paper, I couldn’t understand it clearly.

Eventually my eyes got tired, I stretched out loudly with a sound, Rex took his eyes off the book he was reading and looked at me.

Did I disturb you?

I was going to tell him not to mind me and focus on the book, but Rex smiled brightly again and complimented me.

“You’re amazing.”

“……All of a sudden?”

“You study hard and draw well”

I felt awkward at Rex’s words with his eyes sparkling. Rex is the one who draws well and studies hard, but I can’t believe I’m being praised. I feel like I’m being praised by a kindergarten teacher.

I can’t believe this kind of person will become a villain.

It was embarrassing to just receive it, so I also brought out a compliment to Rex.

“Rex is great, too.”


“Yes, he’s younger than me and he already speaks all the Imperial languages which is so hard for me.”

It’s really hard.

While praising Rex, my lower lip pouted without realizing it. I should have studied rather than being obsessed with growing tall fast.

“Sister Mary hasn’t had a chance to get any education yet! You’ll be able to learn quickly if your tutor comes and teaches you.”

Astina, who always smiles brightly, came to mind at Rex’s gentle tone of speaking. 

Astina, I’m sure you’re doing well.….

Phew, who cares about who.

“Oh, I mean it, it’s true! I’m really not just saying this! And I…….”

I had a dark expression for a while as I was thinking of Astina. Rex was quite surprised. His hands were buzzing to soothe me, and he suddenly became very quiet.

As he lowered his eyes, Rex’s large eyes were half-closed and his long eyelashes cast a shadow. 

“I have to study hard so that my father and brother will recognize me…….”

Whenever I hear the story of the Duke of Bluea, I feel like my anger is welling up.

I stroked Rex’s head as his voice softened when he spoke of his own family.

Wouldn’t it be better if he grew up as a villain and swept away Duke Bluea?

It’s a loss even if you grow up to be nice.

Since the punishment only applies to Mary.

“Rex will grow up better than anyone else in the Duchy of Bluea.”


“And you already have a wonderful ability, right?”

Rex answered me with a smile.

“I can kill someone twice?”

“Rex, you don’t seem to know how many horrible people there are in the world.”

“I haven’t met…….”

Hmm, your dad.

Unable to bring it out of my mouth, I just shrugged my shoulders.


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