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TMD Chapter 31


“I’m sorry….”

“Are you okay?”

When Rex looked completely calm, Bonita pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket and carefully wiped Rex’s face.

Rex, who was quiet as he received the touch, pinched his fingers at Bonita’s question

I wanted to ask if he had any bad memories about his hair color, but I just waited for Rex’s answer because I thought he would suddenly cry again.

“For crying all of a sudden …….”


“I’ve never received such a compliment before.….”


“……I’ve always envied Miss Mary’s black hair.”

When did you see me?

Rex’s slightly visible cheeks, which bowed shyly even as he spoke, were red.

Even though black hair is rare in this world, is it enough to make him cry like this?

I narrowed my eyes and looked at Rex, as if he was hiding something, but the child didn’t seem to want to raise his head.


Watching the scene, I sighed without realizing it.

Come to think of it, I didn’t do anything wrong, but I felt frustrated and pitiful looking at him.

No, he’s here because of his ability. 

“Hey, Rex.”

As I carefully called his name, I noticed his body flinched. 

It’s not like I’m going to eat you or anything, I don’t know why you’re so shaken when I just called your name.

The rumors about me…… Is it bad?

Or did Lucas talk about me on his way here from the Duke of Bluea?

Well, there’s a possibility.

“I had a friend when I was in an orphanage.”


There were doubts in Rex’s face, he was biting his lips as if to stop his tears from falling. 

I’m sure you’re not really curious about the friend I am talking about. 

Hmm. I can see everything.

Still, I didn’t care and continued what I had to say with the sweetest voice I could.

“She was such a sweet and kind girl, a friend I liked a lot. She has exactly the same blonde hair as Rex. It’s like honey that will melt in your mouth.”


“So, I think everyone with blonde hair is kind and nice like her.”

I said it because I wanted to get some reaction, but Rex’s expression did not get better.

What? Did I say something wrong?

He didn’t look like he was trying to hold back his tears.

He’s not about crying.… He looked like he was trying to put up with something else.

After a moment of silence, Rex looked me in the eye for the first time, and spoke in a despairing voice.

“Even though you know what I can do?”


“Everyone, my father and my brothers…… has such a terrifying and disgusting ability.”


“Anyway, Why did you do that to your mother?….”

“It’s because I miss her so much.”

As expected, Rex Bluea and Ha Sohee look alike.

Ha Sohee, who was criticized by her relatives for being cursed by an unlucky cat at the funeral, and Rex Bluea, who was criticized for his ability being scary and disgusting.

More than that…… he’s only guilty of loving that person so much.

I walked up to Rex and hugged him tightly.

No, it could have been Ha Sohee at her grandmother’s funeral that I hugged.

“What a relief.”


“But you can cry.”

Ha So-hee is such a fool…… she couldn’t even cry.

Having hugged Rex for a moment, I soon pulled myself away from him and spoke in a bright and cheerful voice that I could speak.

“And isn’t your amazing ability?”


“No, when you do business later on.”


“You don’t have to pay the corpses for their labor.”

“Lady, that’s a little too much.”

Bonita, who was looking at us with a pleased expression, hurriedly restrained my words.

“Where did you learn about the labor cost?” she said with an expression of absurdity

Well, isn’t that true?

They say labor costs are the biggest problem for business later, so using a corpse will solve that problem.….

“I haven’t thought about business…….”

Rex looked at me with a look of real confusion.

Well, it could be because you’re still young.

He is a child of a precious family, so he wouldn’t have thought about doing business.

From now on, I’ll be good to you and then coax you into working for me.

Leo, I’m sorry. You’re behind in your seat.

Having impure thoughts like that, I smiled more affectionately than before.

“Anyways, I don’t think it’s a bad skill”

“When you’re in business?”

“No, there’s more….”


Rex came a little closer to me, sparkling his eyes at the word more.

I was proud that the walls between us had been lifted.

I have to tell him another good reason.

I thought for a moment with my eyes closed and my index finger on my chin.

What else?

Oh, my

“After killing someone you really hate!”

“After killing?”

“You can save him and kill him again!” 


Bonita’s cry filled the garden.


The Grand Duchy of Conler sometimes gave birth to a disparate child. 

Born with a distinctive color.

It was a natural family to have eyes containing the night sky and black hair.

However, there were children born with blonde hair that resembled dawn, breaking the implicit rule. but calling them a mutant or heresy is absurd indeed. Because Conner’s first head was blonde. However, the Grand Duke of Conler, who had been blessed by demons, did not recognize these children.

He couldn’t accept them. Children with bright hair also had weak mana power. So those kids couldn’t receive the name Conler.

The day Estin went to pick up Rex Bluea, he had a lot of things in his mind.

The child’s beautiful blonde hair reminded him of his younger brother, who was sobbing in front of him the day before he left Conler.

He is his only younger brother, but due to their conflicting fate, friendship between the two was superficial.

On the day that he received the news and went to Bluea’s mansion to pick up the child, his brother was stuck in his room and did not come out.

He just let his aide hand over the child. 

The child’s shoulder was drooping as if he had given up everything.

‘Half successful, Morgan.’

If you can name that ability a success.

If it wasn’t for the child’s ability, there was no reason to bring him to the mansion.

Mary, her daughter, was still unfamiliar with the mansion so he could not afford to accept a new child.

But Mary became brighter since that child came, so it was a good choice.

Think of Mary in the past who couldn’t erase all her unique awkwardness, even though she was good at talking in front of him.

Estin, who was sitting upright on a black sofa, relaxed and looked up at the ceiling.

Estin himself couldn’t organize urgent things. 

He closed his eyes and thought of the tasks he had to do from now on, when he heard a knock.

“Come on in.”

He could tell who it was by the bright and cheerful knocks. 

Lucas strode in and stood next to Estin, lying leaning against a black sofa.

“Master Gilbert replied that he would come as soon as possible.”

“That’s great.”

“We’re also looking for Miss Mary’s tutor.”


These days, Mary has a variety of interests such as the culture and language of the empire, so he was planning to attach a tutor that fits her interests.

It was natural that the child would lack knowledge because she never had a proper education.

Still, Lucas said that when Grand Duke Estin was wiping out the beast, Lucas taught her how to write and read a little, she is now able to read picture books to a certain extent. 

She is quite clever, like a Conler, she can learn things quickly. Grand Duke Estin thought.

Grand Duke Estin hesitated a bit then added.

“Turn her into a decent lady.”

“Well… At this rate he won’t let me near her.”

“If that’s what she wants.”

Lucas answered jokingly, but Estin’s answer was quite sincere.

Lucas, who caught it wisely, coughed a couple of times.

“I’m glad Lady Mary has gotten a lot brighter.”

“……I know.”

“Do you know what I heard most recently in the mansion?”

Estin looked as if he knew what Lucas was saying.

He beckoned with his eyebrows at Lucas as if to say it quickly without hesitation.

Lucas said with a bright smile.

“The answer is ‘Bonita’s Miss Mary!’“

“Bonita must be tired.”

“She looked quite happy, though.”

“You look the happiest.”

Lucas nodded positively at Estin’s sensible point.

Because Mary, who responds quickly with just a few taps and pokes, was so cute and fun to tease.

It was also very fun to see her pout her lips and not speak and have a dissatisfied expression on her face. 

I think Hestia likes Mary quite a lot, too. If only she didn’t cause any more troubles…… How nice would it be? But if she doesn’t cause any more troubles, I think it will be pretty boring…….

Perhaps Estin had noticed Lucas’ thoughts, he said he could go out if he had finished what he had to say.

Lucas bowed his head and was about to leave, but suddenly Grand Duke Estin called him up.

“Oh, Lucas.”

“Huh? Do you have anything to say?”

“Let me make this one thing clear.”


“I was the first one to pet Mary’s head.”

All of a sudden…?

Lucas tilted his head at the unexpected words.

It was clear that he was finally saying what he couldn’t say.

Lucas smiled awkwardly, he didn’t know how to respond to his boss’s words, so his boss ordered him to leave again.

Lucas came out of the office and stood in the hallway laughing quietly.

You have completely fallen, aren’t you?



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