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TMD Chapter 30


What am I supposed to do when you suddenly tell me I have a younger brother?….

A rebellious thought flashed past me for a moment, but I tried to relax my eyes and smile as much as I could.

I have a cat eye, so it might be scary for a child to see.

I raised my hand and waved it slightly because I thought he would be relieved if I greeted him warmly.

But his eyes that looked at me were full of vigilance that overshadowed my efforts. 

Seeing the look in his eyes, I couldn’t say hello, so I put my hand down awkwardly.

As if he sensed the awkward atmosphere between the two children, Grand Duke Estin spoke again. 

“Rex Bluea.”


“She’s your older sister.”

Again, what do you want me to do if you suddenly tell him I’m his older sister?

Rex, who was standing behind Lucas’ legs, turned his head to the left and stared at me and nodded his head lightly.

Well, Lucas is easy to be with, especially if Grand Duke of Estin is next to him.

“Since the two of you are the same age, I hope you can get along well!”

“Oh, yes….”

Lucas, who was smiling brightly without knowing what I was thinking, applauded. 

Rex didn’t answer at all, unlike me.

He was just staring at the marble floor.

Hmm……. He’s on high alert.

Even though I lived in an orphanage and have faced various children, I am not confident in approaching him. 

Well, the kids there don’t have magic abilities, and not everyone liked me.

Yeah, there were kids who didn’t like me…….

“Rex, are you feeling unwell?”

Lucas sat on his knees and looked at Rex’s face, as if he was quite bothered by Rex hiding behind him quietly.

Lucas has a very friendly personality, and he himself grew up in the Grand duchy, he must be worried about Rex coming here at a very young age. 

Rex shook his head at Lucas’ friendly voice.

However, there was still a hint of anxiety on his face.

I wonder if I can get along with him……?


On the news that all the Kaisham bugs in the garden were eradicated, Bonita and I were able to come out to the garden.

I heard that Kaisham was a very strong bug, but it was fortunate that it was eradicated faster than I thought.

Hestia smiled and told me the news about the eradication in a pretty tired voice 

“I’ve mobilized a group of knights. So, it ended quickly.” 

It seemed to be a very troublesome bug, considering that the Knights were mobilized to exterminate the bugs.

I suffered from a high fever after getting bitten by the bug, so the sooner they get rid of them, the better.

Today, Bonita laid a mat on the lawn, I laid down there and read a picture book.

I had never been properly educated, so I was learning letters little by little from Lucas.

I should learn diligently.

I’m the only young lady in the Grand duchy, I shouldn’t be ignorant.

“Miss, why don’t you eat cookies.”

I was reading a picture book when Bonita came with cookies and milk on a tray.

Bonita’s brought the cookies I wasn’t able to eat last time……

When I took a bite and held out my thumb, Bonita smiled brightly.

“Are you having fun?”

As I was absorbed in the picture book, Bonita glanced at the book I was reading and asked.

I put the last piece of cookie in my mouth and nodded.

Because it’s a picture book with ghosts, I’m purposely reading it in broad daylight with Bonita next to me…. But it wasn’t scarier than I thought. 

It was just a child who was about to get kicked out of the house. He is afraid of the light as much as he is afraid of the dark.

When I took this picture book out of the library to read it, I remembered Lucas, who said that it was a very scary book.

It’s my fault for trusting him.

I chewed the cookie carefully with my molar, thinking about Lucas.

“Oh, it’s young master Rex.”

I was chewing cookies like steel bars when Bonita muttered as she looked into the garden.

Rex Bluea?

I also took my eyes off the book and looked at him. Rex Bluea stood in the flower garden in front of the Dahlia flowers.

He was just looking at the Dahlia flowers calmly without doing anything, but it looked like a picture.

No, it’s like a painting. He’s alone there but why is he shaking his head?….

Strangely, I was upset when I thought of Rex Bluea, who kept avoiding me.

Every time we meet, I try to break the boundaries with a smile, but he avoids making eye contact with me. 

I’ve never even heard his voice properly.

He only speaks with his head when Lucas talks to him…….

He’s always trying to stay alone; I haven’t even seen his face properly except during mealtime.

Suddenly, I felt like the cookies were losing its taste, so I just looked at the cookies in my hand.

“Do you want to eat with him?”


“Do you want to invite young master Rex and eat this together?”

Bonita, who alternately looked at Rex and me, came up with a good suggestion.

Bonita, good idea!

“Yes, I do!”

As I nodded my head up and down, Bonita rose from her seat, carefully headed towards Rex, she touched him on the shoulder.

Rex, who was leaning against an old tree next to the Dahlia flowers, was quite surprised, he didn’t feel any sign of Bonita coming behind him.

Watching it made me laugh without realizing it.

“He can react so loudly.”

Bonita leaned back and muttered something to Rex, and Rex shook his head.

You don’t want to eat with me.

I didn’t think he would allow it, but I felt bitter to see him do his best to refuse.

But Bonita persistently persuaded Rex.

Maybe he couldn’t beat Bonita’s persuasion, Rex nodded weaker than before.

Bonita reached out to Rex, and the two held hands and walked towards me.

“Rex Bluea!”

Rex only nodded slightly again, even though I waved and greeted brightly because I was glad to see his face outside.

Embarrassed by his reaction, I lowered my hand again.

I think I’ve been through this right before. 

Still, Rex Bluea’s blonde hair, which received natural light, sparkled more and looked like an angel’s hair.

It reminds me of Astina…….

I suddenly missed Astina, I raised my hand without realizing it and touched Rex’s hair.


“Oh, sorry!”

Seeing Rex’s terrified expression made me realize what I was doing. I quickly lowered my hand.

I must be crazy.

What are you doing to someone who’s still on guard?

“Your hair is so pretty……. I did it because it was like an angel’s hair.”

Ha, what excuse am I saying?

Go and die, Mary.

“My hair is… Pretty?”

Rex’s voice asking me back was trembling pitifully.

Yes, it’s pretty….

You don’t seem to know it very well, but the main character of this novel is blonde like you. Do you know how popular she is? You should be grateful! 

But to make my playful thoughts awkward…… Rex’s eyes were full of water.

“Are you crying…?”

I was startled because I had never made anyone cry even inside the orphanage.

No, I didn’t harass you. Are you crying because I touched your hair a little bit, please stop crying.

I looked at Bonita next to me not knowing how to soothe him, she looked at me with a troubled expression and only lifted her shoulders.

It was a gesture that means ‘You made him cry, take responsibility for him.’

I need to know why you’re crying so I can calm you down…

When others cry, I cry too.

Watching him cry without making a sound, I felt like I would cry for no reason too, so I bit my lips tightly.

If I cry here too, it will become a really weird scene.

I looked at the sky and put strength into my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to calm down.

Whoo, ha, hoo, ha.

When I lowered my head again, I saw Rex Bluea, who was crying in earnest with his face buried in his hands.

This soft-hearted kid is the villain of the future!….

How much did Mary bully him for him to become a villain?

Indeed, no wonder he will become a hero later in the novel because he was such a kind and gentle kid.

Bonita gave milk to Rex, who wiped his tears with his fist.

Watching him drink milk slowly, I saw Rex’s breathing calmed down a little, so I asked him again secretly.

“Why did you cry……?”

“Is my..heuk..pretty.….”

Is your hair your trigger button?

For the second time, tears began to gather in his turquoise eyes again. 

If this was a cartoon, it was clear that there would be a visual question mark on my head and Bonita.

Rex, who was crying with his face buried in his hands, looked up at me and asked again and began to cry again.

Bonita’s suggestion to eat cookies with Rex…… I shouldn’t have accepted it.

When I glanced at Bonita, Bonita looked regretful.

Rex’, after crying a little more calmed down. His face was wet with tears but still looks pretty. 

Tears on his face glistened, making him look like the protagonist of a tragedy novel.

For a moment a thought crossed my mind. The angels had nothing to do in heaven so they came down. 



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