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TMD Chapter 28


“Lady, I heard you’re awake.”

As Bonita was staring blankly at me finishing the porridge, Hestia rushed in. Hestia came close to me and touched my forehead as if to check my fever.

Her hands were cold so it felt good. 

“That’s a relief. Your fever has gone down.”

“She ate more than usual, too.”

“The cure must be really effective.”

Bonita reported my condition as if to reassure the worried Hestia more. Hestia sighed with relief and moved her hand touching my forehead and gently swept my bangs.

“Please don’t do that again. Do you know how surprised I was?”


“You scared me! Don’t get hurt again.”

Hestia’s sweet and stern voice reminded me of what I had done.

I don’t know, but I feel like these two suffered a lot.

“I’ll listen to you very well.”

“I can’t even scold you when you look like that. Those pitiful cat eyes.”

“When you scolded her, one-minute feels like a year.”

Bonita’s playful words made Hestia let out a calm laugh. Seeing Hestia’s smile relieved my heavy heart. Hestia, who was laughing like that, said, “Ah,” as if she realized something.

“Grand Duke Estin and Lucas kept watching you yesterday, but they didn’t see you wake up.”


Grand Duke Estin and Lucas are away?

They are not in the mansion because they’re very busy with the construction…… It’s not a strange thing, isn’t it?

But at Hestia’s words, Bonita’s expression quickly hardened, she uttered something worrisome.

“But she still hasn’t adjusted…….”

“We can’t help it. They say that his ability has manifested.”

What’s that?

“Oh, miss. Before you see the other young masters, you’ll have a younger brother.”

Younger brother?

Did Grand Duke Estin cause any accident?

Hmm. With that kind of face and physique …… Leaving a lot of genes would be good for Britina Empire.

Bonita added as I continued to be puzzled.

“Your cousin is coming to the mansion.”


Bonita’s mention of my cousin brought me to my senses.

Rex Bluea.

I remember him as the youngest son of the Bluea family, probably a descendant of the Grand Duke of Conler. Due to his tremendous power of mana, he spent his childhood in the Grand Duchy of Conler.

Under Mary’s great harassment

And he… He turned into a villain in the novel ‘lady in the district’. 


No, how could I have forgotten Rex Bluea?

The reason why Mary bothered Rex Bluea.

It was as ridiculous as the reason Mary bullied Astina when she was at Brandon orphanage.

Mary entered the house of Conler at the age of nine and Rex at the age of eight. 

This is bad…….

Like the rain. 

I laughed when I remembered the rain in my dream that made me feel bad. 

Anyway, Rex Bluea stayed at Conler until he was sixteen and then disappeared…….

Wait, I think there was another reason why Mary bothered Rex.

What was that?

I tried to remember Rex Bluea and Mary’s narrative, but the contents of the book were vague. Since Astina is the main character of this work, Mary’s childhood narrative was only a few lines of explanation. Furthermore, Mary is a typical villain who doesn’t have any charm, so she was quickly removed in the middle.

Well, the only thing I remember is…….

Rex Bluea first appeared as a helper who provides evidence when Astina cleans up Mary.

Also, after gaining such favor, he approaches Astina and kidnaps her in order to take revenge on the Grand Duchy of Conler. Astina was greatly favored by the people of the Grand Duchy of Conler, and Mary Conler’s second brother loved her.

So, Rex Bluea, like Mary, was one of the villains who were sacrificed to meet the Heroine’s formula.

Well, of course Mary was the one who made him a monster, but…….

No, it’s funny to say he’s a sacrifice.

Then, in reverse, Rex Bluea sympathize with Astina during the kidnapping, he fell in love with her and became Astina’s guardian angel.

No, but why is Mary banished and Rex Bluea became a white flower?

This discrimination between the same villain.

No, no, no. What if I met Rex Bluea with prejudice and bothered him again?

I have to grow up well, but I also have to raise Rex Bluea well.…right?


“Don’t worry too much.”

I thought I could relax for a while since the brothers are still at the academy, but what a sudden task called Rex Bluea came.

As soon as I sighed, Hestia suddenly spoke of hope to me in her unique sweet voice.

What, can you hear my thoughts?

I was wary of Hestia and tried to empty my mind as much as I could and looked at her.

“But the true descendant is Miss Mary.”

“I’m sure the Grand Duke thinks so, too.” 

What are you talking about?

I listened to their stories with blank faces.

I’m a true descendant……. He’s Bluea and I’m Conler anyway.

“Your cousin, who’s coming today, has a dangerous ability…….”


“Miss Mary should know.”

“Yes, but…….”

Bonita faltered and stepped back as if she had found nothing to refute Hestia’s firm words.

Right, they said Grand Duke Estin rushed to him because his power manifested.

What kind of dangerous ability does he have that made Grand Duke Estin and Lucas go?

I don’t know what Rex Bluea is capable of.… Was it written in the book?

“Rex Bluea, Lady Mary’s cousin’s power is necromancy.”


“Well, how can I explain it to you? I mean, it’s something that can move the dead.”

“…… Resurrection?”

Woah, isn’t it possible for him to become the emperor of the empire instead of the Grand of Conler if he can do resurrection?


It’s not resurrection.

She bit her lower lip slightly and explained to me in a casual voice as much as possible.

“He can just make the body move.”

I remembered why ‘Mary’ bullied Rex Bluea so much at Hestia’s words.

Yes, he had the power that she didn’t have.

And it was also because of his power that Rex Bluea became a troublesome villain 

“Don’t worry, Grand Duke Estin will protect you.”

When I was stunned by the memories that suddenly came to me, Bonita ran to me and comforted me, thinking I was scared by Rex Bluea’s ability.

I remembered Rex Bluea in the novel.

The Duke of Bluea, Grand Duke Estin’s younger brother, might have been able to beat his brother, who he tried so hard to beat all his life, thanks to the manifestation of his youngest son’s ability.

However, as soon as the Duke of Bluea learns of his son’s ability, he contacts his brother, who he thought would never see in his life after abandoning the name Conler.

His son’s ability is…… It was obvious that the Demon gave it to him.

Yes, Rex Bluea’s ability was necromancy.

The child had the ability to control the body of the dead at his disposal.

It’s like a gift from the demon, a blessing from the demon……

Controlling the dead, an ability that went beyond the doctrine of the Britina Empire, which believed in welfare, was so rare and so powerful.

What a life… 

“Are you okay, miss?”

“Huh? Yes, I’m fine.”

But now that I think about it, it’s really strange.

I stepped out of Bonita’s arms and looked at my hands that were holding the quilt.

Why doesn’t Mary have magic?

I don’t need much magic power, so I don’t really think about it. 

But if I have the magic, it would have been worth a fight with the director, the gang I met on the streets of Giefroy and when I was in the orphanage, right?

I remember my three older brothers, not to mention Grand Duke Estin, had quite a lot of power, but why is Mary so pitifully powerless?

……Mary, who must have thought like me, bothered Rex Bluea so much because of her inferiority complex.

“I don’t know, Hestia. Is it really okay to bring him here?”

“If you look at the bright side, he might be someone who can help the Grand Duke of Conler in the future…….”

“No matter how much…….”

“Lucas was also like that.”

“He’s worried since the Grand Duke is always away and the miss is always alone.”

Bonita seems to be worried that a being with such a dangerous ability would enter the mansion, even if he is a child.

It was so self-evident that I was the biggest reason for the concern.

I grabbed Bonita’s hand and rubbed my cheek on the back of her hand, meaning she shouldn’t worry about me.

I made a lot of mistakes in the past that I can’t bear to say don’t worry.….

“I know you’re worried, Bonita, but… this is another sad story.”

Hestia hesitated and spoke cautiously, and Bonita exhaled calmly.

Bonita smiled as if she couldn’t help it as she looked at me rubbing my cheeks on the back of her hand.

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