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TMD Chapter 136


When they found out I had met the underworld god, a small uproar was created behind me.

Theodore and Aiden were incensed and demanded to know where it was while Hestia gave me a gentle pat on the back.

Gilbert quavered as he questioned Rex about the earlier incident. But I kept my attention firmly fixed on Grand Duke Estin’s face.

Grand Duke Estin’s expression remained unchanged even in this circumstance. He seemed at ease.

“What happened?”

The brow of Grand Duke Estin furrowed. Looking at his brow, I couldn’t help but wonder if there would ever be a day when it was smooth, even if only for a day.

At least, I don’t recall seeing such a day since moving to the Grand Duchy.

Unconsciously, I muttered as I stared at his brow intently.

“Does our family carry a curse of any kind?”

I wasn’t seriously inquiring about the curse. Grand Duke Estin isn’t a curious person, so if I keep my mouth shut, we’ll be able to move on peacefully this time.

“Blessing of the demon?”

“No, not like that.”

That, I assumed, was it.

“Someone will die because of me.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Grand Duke Estin’s eyes shook as he spoke to me.

Seeing that, I felt compelled to speak up. As if I had doused it with a bucket of cold water, the commotion behind me subsided.

“Because I have eyes that can see magic spells, the Lord of Conler will die…”


I was about to get into the main point when Lucas abruptly cut me off.

He put his hand on my shoulder, shook his head, and appeared to be about to pass out as he looked at me.

Looking at Lucas’ sad eyes, I realized that what I was saying was not a frivolous story.

“You’re talking nonsense again.”

Grand Duke Estin appeared to be extremely worn out as I turned to face him. I had never noticed this expression before.

I buried my face in my palms. The god of the underworld might still try to kill Grand Duke Estin even if I was unable to see magic spells.

“Did the God of the underworld tell you that?”

I nodded slowly. Grand Duke Estin wiped his face with his hands, just like me.

He lowered his hands and turned to face me once more, his eyes were wide open.

Wait, is he holding back his tears…?

“He must be insane.”

The tone was quite hostile.

I could tell Grand Duke Estin was really angry because he doesn’t typically use language like this.

His eyes were wide open not because he was holding back tears, but because he was so angry.

“Where did you meet that crazy, yes, that underworld god?”

“By the lake…….”

Grand Duke Estin stood up from his seat before my words was finished.

He must have intended to travel there with the knights based on how he approached and interacted with Cheroke. I just awkwardly stood there.

Even if they leave right away, nothing will be there.

“They say that the knights who were with them all fell asleep at the same time.”

“Including Rex?”


“Did you experience anything unusual?”

Rex shook his head. Grand Duke Estin did not ask me any further questions. I called him with caution.


“Don’t be concerned about it anymore.”

How can I not be concerned?

I wanted to yell that, but Grand Duke Estin’s gaze was fixed.

I made an attempt to complain, but I was afraid of offending anyone further. I bit my lip and looked at Astina’s letter.

Oh, that’s right. Astina.

“Then I’ll go to Astina.”

“Do you have to go?”

Gilbert instead of Grand Duke Estin asked me. I nodded firmly, mimicking Grand Duke Estin’s gaze.

Arsene must have had a good reason for going to such trouble to give me Sofia Bruno’s name.

“Why do you have to go?”

“Sophia is on her way to the Borneau mansion. I need to go there.”

“I’ll come with you.”

I’m racking my brain thinking about how I can persuade Gilbert, who is giving me a sour look, when Theodore raises his hand and volunteers to accompany me.

I was taken aback by the sudden intervention. Gilbert appeared equally surprised as he slowly scanned Theodore from head to toe.


“I’ll go with my younger sister because she insists on going,”

“Will you be alright?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll stab my thighs with a knife to prevent me from dozing off.”

The way he tried to reassure Gilbert was truly Theodore-like. Despite his initial opposition, Gilbert seemed to have nothing to say when Theodore stepped forward.

“I’ll go, too!”


“I’m a little embarrassed to say this, because I didn’t do a very good job of protecting Sister Mary earlier, but I think it’ll be fine if Brother Theodore comes with us.”


Gilbert hesitated when Rex came forward. Grand Duke Estin, who was standing behind him, then gave his consent.

It was fortunate that he gave permission directly this time rather than delegating it to Gilbert.

“Let’s go.”

Theodore threw me a robe. I rode in a carriage. The knights were split in half by Grand Duke Estin. Sending half to accompany me while the other half patrols the village.

“Let’s leave right away.”


“Promise me you won’t get involved if there’s even the slightest danger.”

Grand Duke Estin stroked my cheek. I had many more questions I wanted to ask, but I figured he wouldn’t want to talk about them.

But I knew it wouldn’t be easy for him to send me to Astina’s house now, so I just nodded.

Even if he circled the lake or the entire village, he wouldn’t find any hints about the god of the underworld. Perhaps Grand Duke Estin knows that.

“Mary, tell me more about the story from earlier.”

Theodore started talking to me as soon as we boarded the carriage. His usual playful tone was missing from his voice.


The man who barged in the door had a grim expression. After a long time, he went to the temple to replenish his depleted energy, but why is he once again in such a foul mood?

X lamented having to visit Cameron today. For a very long time, he had been anticipating being by himself.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Today I met Mary Conler,”

X inquired in a subordinate manner after reflecting once more on what was wrong with him. The response he received was just enough to send him into a panic.

“How’s that? Did you visit her again? I told you to wait.”

The man was seated in a chair, his feet on the table, and he just closed his eyes without responding to the following criticism.

“Did you go to the Grand Duchy? No way.”

“I didn’t go to see her; Mary was there.”

The unexpected response subdued X’s excitement, but after giving it some thought, he wondered why he had been in such a foul mood once more after seeing Mary Conler.

“You bumped into Mary, who you love so much, so why are you in such a bad mood?”

So he asked without holding back. The man slowly opened his closed eyes in response to X’s query.

“It’s not a coincidence.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s fate.”

X was astounded by the utterly absurd claim. Is it really that good? Well, you’ve been doing this for years because you like it so much.

The man removed the ring case from his pocket regardless of what X thought.

He then used one hand to repeatedly open and close the case lid.

“I almost got it.”

“Did you also give her a ring?”

Almost leaping to his feet, X asked the man. X’s eyes grew wider.

“Why did you act so hastily? You’ve been patient!”

“It’s just that we met without much effort on my part; it’s as if we were meant to be.”

X’s mouth dropped open as he said that because of the man’s rather sweet gaze.

‘Wow, it’s love after all, but why do I have goosebumps when I feel it?’

But I can’t believe she had a ring on her finger that had been given to her by someone else, while I had to abduct other girls and give them rings so that I could be destined to be with her.

The man’s sweet gaze did not last long. The man’s self-pitying words caused X to feel unreasonable resentment.

His mood changed twelve times per day when he thought of Mary Conler.

He occasionally misses his master’s appearance before falling in love with Mary Conlair.

The first day the saint prayed to the god of death, his master made a face that appeared to be more alive than dead for the first time.

“It was good to be in Tahata after all these years. I was able to use what little power I had there, and I was able to put everyone around Mary to sleep, even that irksome little brat next to her.”

“And Grand Duke Estin?”

“I haven’t met him, but maybe?”

Is that really the case?

X swallowed his response.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now.”

The man put the case back in his pocket.

“The curse will be fulfilled soon.”


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