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TMD Chapter 132


The brief dream I had while napping in Hammock had a negative impact on my mood all day.

Because I’ve had so many bizarre dreams over the past five years, I thought I was accustomed to them. I could even stand up and smile at the people of the Grand Duchy who used abusive language against me in my dream.

However, I still couldn’t develop any immunity to the dreams of the Laurel tree near the lake.

Rex was pacing nervously for no reason.

I was relaxing in a comfortable chair when Theodore came over and lifted my arm. I surrendered my arm to his hand without resistance

“Do you still feel queasy?”

I shook my head. I had already consumed the tea, which was recommended for calming the stomach.

Theodore rubbed my forehead with his. The sudden action startled me, but all I could do was blink.

“You don’t have a fever.”

“Is it because you had a nightmare when you were taking a nap?”

Rex held my hand and rubbed it like a massage. I made a slow nod.

“What kind of dream is it?”

Even Aiden came to me as if he was worried about me sitting helplessly. 

I wasn’t sure if I could say it because I had never before properly discussed my dreams with anyone. I suppose it’s acceptable to say since it has nothing to do with the original story.

Looking at the six pairs of worried eyes on me, I decided to tell them about my dream. I fidgeted with my fingers before getting the nerve to speak.

“I keep seeing… a strange man staring at me in my dream.”

“Brother Aiden, don’t bother Mary in her dreams.”

Theodore interrupted me and gave Aiden a light rebuke. Aiden confusedly slapped Theodore’s shoulder.

I believe I chose the wrong people to discuss serious issues with. I just closed my mouth and relaxed my eyes again.

“What kind of man is he?”

As expected, Rex seemed to be listening to my story seriously.

I tried to think of specific traits that would characterize the man, but I was at a loss. That man’s hobby seems to be stalking…….

“A man with purple eyes.”

Before today, I had never seen eyes that color.

“Is there a man with purple eyes around here?”

“There are a few that come to mind, should we search the academy.”

Aiden replied to Theodore’s words.

I quickly shook my hand because Aiden’s cold eyes in particular demonstrated his unwavering determination to thoroughly search the academy.

“You don’t have to; it’s just a dream.”

“Even if it’s just a dream, if you dream about the same thing repeatedly, it means there’s a really weird guy hanging around, we should catch that guy and…”

end him.

Aiden blurted out the end of his speech, but I felt I heard it.

Rex was nodding furiously next to him. Are we really going to catch some creepy person like this?

“Actually, I don’t even remember his face.”

“But how did you know he had purple eyes?”

“……I know, right?”

The emotions contained in the six pairs of eyes seemed to change from worry to a strange frustration.

I’m also frustrated. I’ve had this dream for years, and I still have no idea who he is.

Eventually, the feeling of frustration continued until the next morning.

I had lunch and breakfast but didn’t really enjoy them. It would have made Bonita, who is serious about feeding me, sad, but I couldn’t help it.

I leaned against the terrace, admiring the village’s scenery. The log cabins densely packed around the winding river were truly beautiful and peaceful.

When I’m old, I’d really like to live somewhere like this. Although the environment was different, the mountain where I grew up was also like this. It was a bit… harsh.

How can two mountains have such a different atmosphere? I continued to look at the townscape until I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Rex.

“What are you doing?”

“Um, just looking at the scenery.”

“Isn’t it beautiful? The others went to patrol in the village.”

I just nodded because I saw people walking out while looking at the scenery earlier.

I was wondering where they were going.

“Shall we leave as well?”


“There is a beautiful lake near here. I even got permission from the Grand Duke to go with my sister!”

Rex proudly pushed out his chest and said. I hesitated. The scene in my dream was also at a lake, so it bothered me.

But Rex is so concerned about me that I can’t refuse…… He even obtained Grand Duke Estin’s approval for him to take me out.

“Yes, let’s go!”

I put on a wide-brimmed hat and walked toward the lake with Rex. Two knights followed us. The mansion was a little bit away from the lake.

Rex was no longer as tired as he used to be after walking this far. It sometimes made me happy to see him grow like this. Like I had raised him.

“Wow, it’s so pretty.”

“I know, right! I can’t believe places like this exist. Tahata is really beautiful.”

It was an absolutely stunning landscape. Unnamed wildflowers swayed around the lake. I ran towards the lake shore.

The lake’s surface sparkled in the sunlight. Of course, unlike the lake in my dream, this lake wasn’t gloomy. Instead, it was vibrant and clear.

“Coming here is a good idea, right?”


Rex smiled slightly as if he was relieved by my bright answer. It was weird, because that smile felt more adult than…… me, even more adult than Theodore.

Come to think of it, when did you get so tall? I tugged on Rex’s cheek, feeling a strange sensation. Rex’s cheeks sagged like white flour.

“What’s wrong with you?”


“Why are you pinching my cheeks?”

I could see beads of sweat on Rex’s forehead. I gradually let go of his cheek, which I had been pinching, because this was the baby Rex I remembered.

As he held his cheek, Rex’s expression remained bewildered. Rex’s cheeks were red even though I didn’t pinch him too hard.

“Sorry, you’re so cute.”

“I don’t look cute…”

I wanted to tell Rex not to grow too fast. Simply put… …that I know Rex’s future.

Rex gave me a suspicious look, but I smiled and forced back a laugh.

“No, let’s head that way.”

We came across a tower-like structure made of stacked rocks as we slowly circled the lake.

Somehow, this looks familiar. Is it a tradition to make a wish and pile rocks one by one? Is this a local custom?

“What is this?”

Curious, Rex scanned the stone tower from top to bottom. If my memory serves me correctly… this the same tradition of making a wish by placing a stone atop a stone tower.

I sat down in search of a suitable rock to set on top with the intention of introducing Rex to such traditions.

Then, I noticed a writing on the large stone at the base of the stone tower.

“What’s this?”


“There’s something written here.”

At my question Rex sat down with me and began to look at the stone I pointed.

Rex followed me and began to inspect the rock I was pointing out, stooping his head low to see better. I guess Rex doesn’t see it.

“Since you’re the only one who can see it, I’m guessing it’s…….”

“A spell?”

I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, even though Logan, my tutor, has instilled in me all sorts of magic spell.

Who could have made such a spell? But why is it carved on a rock? To make wishes come true? The spell was so fascinating that I couldn’t resist touching the rock.

That’s when it happened.

The stone’s inscribed spell shone brilliantly, as though it had come to life.

I tightly closed my eyes and covered them with my arms because the sudden burst of white light had rendered me blind. Rex must have sensed it as well because he encircled me with his arms as if to shield me.

How long had it been since? I felt Rex’s arms around me loosen.


I called Rex’s name, but there was no answer. I opened my eyes, overcome with a vague feeling of uneasiness. The bright white light was no longer there.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I noticed Rex lying motionless in front of me.

“…… It’s been a while.”

Rex was lying in someone’s arms, which were as white and pale as if they had never seen the sun.

I was struggling to move as if my arms and legs were tied when I desperately wanted to free Rex from those grips.

Rather, I shot him the most ferocious glare I could muster.

He chuckled dryly and gently set Rex down. As that man let go of Rex, I felt relieved, but I started to feel uneasy once more.

Rex made no movement at all. The man stopped me when I tried to approach Rex. I quickly glanced at the knights.

I was in despair. Like Rex, they were lying down.

His mocking voice could be heard coming from behind me.

“No, not for a long time; didn’t we meet yesterday?”

I slowly turned my gaze to him. The violet eyes that looked back at me were painfully familiar.


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