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TMD Chapter 130


“This sucks.”

I was waiting for the others to emerge when Theodore muttered, so I cautiously blinked at him as if to inquire as to what he meant. Theodore smirked.

“Do you have Gil’s consent?”

I happily grinned and nodded as I considered the contents of my luggage. in case I missed anything. I didn’t have much time to pack because I only received his approval a day before our trip to Tahata.

Carol assisted me in packing my belongings and gave me amazing praise. Carol was delighted as though it were her job when I finally received permission earlier.

After placing his hand in his pocket, Theodore turned to face me.

I was so excited so I came out fast, but why is Theodore coming too?

“Did you threaten him?”

“Threaten? Do I appear to be a person to do that?”


That’s a pretty firm response, I suppose.

You’re probably right to be curious; you don’t know the whole story. I gave Nero a big hug; he’d done a great job today; and carefully tucked him into my bag.

Although I wanted to carry it in my arms, I decided against it because it would be a shame to lose him in the chaos of tomorrow.

“No, it appears that Gilbert was adamant about not taking you in any way. Just one day before we left, how did you radically change his mind overnight?”



Theodore’s eyes glistened.

“I was sincere.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

Estin deferred to Gilbert the decision.

The date to go to Tahata was set, and I needed Gilbert’s permission to go with them before then.

As Theodore said, Gilbert was really…… he was not an easy opponent. I’ve never seen Gilbert so annoyed.

Gilbert, however, was not the type of person who was easily swayed by irritation.

After Gilbert asked me to leave, I walked back into the room glumly.

“They’re leaving tomorrow. What should I do?”

I lay down on the bed, biting my nails as I felt anxious. I made a slight head turn and noticed Nero staring at me.

I grabbed Nero and placed him on my chest.

“Nero, huh? What should I do?”

I stared blankly into Nero’s eyes as if he was really talking to me.

Then an idea struck me, and I jumped up from my seat and looked outside. It was already getting dark outside.

It was almost time for Gilbert’s dessert time. I went outside after writing a note on a piece of paper.

The maids were moving around as I hurried to the kitchen. I walked up to one of them slowly.

“Are you preparing Gilbert’s dessert?”

“Oh, yes. He does have a little bit of a headache today, so he wants something sweet…”

One of the maids said, trailing off. After that, she giggled and shifted incongruously.

Yes, I’m the one who gave Gilbert a headache that made him crave sweets. So be it. I quickly removed my frown and put on a happy expression.

“Give it to me!”

At my words, the maid’s face flashed with a variety of conflicting emotions.

“Miss, I don’t believe that would be a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“I can’t let you do it; it’s my job.”

“Huh, it’s okay. I’ll apologize to my brother too.”

“I think the young master is going to be angry…”

“It’s all right. I’ll take responsibility.”

The maid rolled her eyes and giggled awkwardly.

I didn’t want to make the person in front of me uncomfortable, but I was also anxious. To be completely honest, I wanted to grab her skirt or get on my knees.

“What’s going on?”

While we were engaged in this argument, Bonita, who was an onlooker, came over and put his hand on my shoulder.

I beseeched Bonita for assistance as I gave her a pitiful look. Bonita surprisingly agreed without hesitation after hearing my request.

“Then can I ask you for a favor?”


After getting Bonita’s approval, I placed Nero holding a note on the tray.

“Don’t drop it.”

I ignored Bonita’s worries and grabbed the tray with Nero and the cake on it. Then I went to Gilbert’s study. I rapped on the large door with my foot as I stood in front of it.

“Come in.”

Despite having been given permission, I kept banging on the door with my feet. I had to get the door opened in order to get inside.

“I said come in…”

Gilbert, who had flung open the door, appeared momentarily startled when he noticed me standing in front of it. He again slammed the door shut after that. I tried to understand what was going on.

Did I just get turned away? Placing the cake tray in front of the door, I sighed deeply and spoke in the most pitiful voice I could muster.

“Brother, I’m sorry to have bothered you all day; I brought this as a token of my regret; I’ll leave it at the door; please eat it.”

I swung around as casually as I could and hid at the end of the corridor. A short while later, I heard the door opening. After a brief period of silence, Gilbert started to laugh.


He called my name. I held my breath.

“I know you’re hiding there.”

In response to Gilbert’s words, I moved cautiously forward. He motioned for me to get closer. I hesitantly walked up to him.

“Nero is requesting a favor on your behalf, huh?”

[Gilbert, it’s Nero. Mary needs to go to Tahata no matter what. Please trust her. This is my request. Mary says you’re her favorite brother.]

With a satisfied expression, Gilbert waved the note in the air. He seemed flattered.

“Do you really want to go to Tahata that badly?”


“It would be dangerous.”

“Did you forget that I lived in the mountains when I was young? I might adjust better to Tahata than my brothers. And I’m not young anymore. I’m going to take my bow and arrow. I’ll never fall away from you or anyone else. It’s my family’s first trip since I came to the Grand Duchy, and I don’t want to be left out. Please. I’ll beg you on my knees.”

Gilbert freaked out and stopped me just as I tried to get on my knees.

He gently rubbed my cheeks with both of his hands as he grinned.

“Okay, let’s go.”


Even Nero is asking this, so I’m at a loss for words. As you said, this is our family’s first trip, and we can’t have you missing out.

That’s what happened.

Theodore gave me a strange look and moved away from me as I was beaming because I remembered yesterday. Again, I felt bad.

Before I knew it, the group of individuals traveling to Tahata started to assemble one by one by one. Rex came running over and joined me.

His stern expression indicated that he would not leave my side for the duration of the journey. Let’s not be bothered, let’s not be bothered. I chanted the mantra I used to brainwash myself.

Lucas grabbed my shoulder and looked me in the eyes as I was about to board the carriage.

“Never leave Master Rex or Hestia’s side. Never act alone. I’m sure everyone in Tahata village is nice, but don’t talk to anyone. Don’t eat anything you’re offered. And never go near the barrier stones.”

It was almost like the Ten Commandments that Mary Conler should follow.

Like a good child, I nodded obediently. Rex had already agreed to accompany me as I explored the village so that I wouldn’t be alone. I cast a silent glance at Rex. If we were together, no one would suspect us. This is why having friends who are good students is useful.

Two carriages depart. Lucas, Rex, and I all sat in the same carriage as Grand Duke Estin.

After Gilbert reluctantly agreed to let me come, I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited. I kept yawning.

When he saw me in that position, Grand Duke Estin grabbed my head and allowed me to lean against him. Without hesitation, I dozed off.

How long has it been?

Someone shook my shoulder slightly. I opened my eyes wide.

I could see Lucas grinning broadly in front of me. Unconsciously, I wiped my mouth. Thankfully, I didn’t drool……

“We’re almost there.”

With excitement, I peered out the window. Lucas motioned towards a mountain. Against the blue sky, a mountain with lush greenery stood tall.

On that mountain, there is a village called Tahata. As if guarding the village, clouds hung over the mountain.

In front of the forest’s entrance, the carriage came to a stop. We stood in front of a large yew tree. I looked at the yew and was pleasantly surprised.

“There’s a magic spell on it!”

“Yes, the village is at such a high altitude that we need a magic spell to travel, and this kind of magic requires a high level of mental strength, so it’s hard to draw, but there’s someone in the village who’s good at making spells.”

Cheroke’s explanation made my eyes sparkle; shouldn’t I meet this person?

All the flattery I showered on Gilbert was worth it.

When I put my hand on the tree, I arrived at what seemed to be the entrance to the village. It seemed to be the same tree as the one below.

Before entering the village, I noticed a strange cave-like thing. As I stood in front of it, unable to enter, Cheroke came to my side.

“Oh, it’s a temple.”

“A temple?”

“It’s a place where ancient gods who are no longer worshiped in the Britina empire are enshrined, and because Tahata hasn’t been invaded much, there are many relics like this.”

Cheroke spoke with an overflowing sense of pride. I had the impression that Cheroke truly treasured Tahata.

The temple contained a variety of stones, and in front of each one were unidentified wild flowers.

I went in there unconsciously, fell to my knees, and swept my right hand across my forehead and chest once.

“Miss Mary, do you know how to greet the gods?”

“…… is this how you greet them?”

“That’s fascinating; even the elderly who have lived here for a long time have no idea how to do it.”

“Have you seen it in a book?”

I was perplexed by how I was acting. Why did I just start praying in this way? I scratched my cheek.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a religion.…. Cheroke didn’t seem to care much either.

As I was about to leave, I noticed a particularly rough stone monument with no flowers in front of it.

“Why didn’t anyone put flowers there?”

“Oh, it’s the god of death.”

“God of death?”

“No one worships death.”

Then don’t make a headstone. Cheroke gestured for me to follow him to the town. I followed him, but somehow I felt uneasy about this place.

Especially that headstone…….


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