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TMD Chapter 124


The strategy worked.

After the knights left, the pitch-black forest, which had prevented even a tiny bit of moonlight, was once more quiet. However, they were meticulous and didn’t make themselves known right away.

Estin and Hestia took the lead and were followed by three other members. They made their way silently through the forest.

At last he appeared before Estin. He may have let his guard down because he hadn’t felt the enemies nearby for a while.

He must have been in a hurry as well, having lost his subordinates who had become his limbs. He opened his mouth in surprise and believed he had triumphed when he saw the tiny knight’s brigade of only five individuals.

His enormous fangs gleamed coolly. Estin lightly grasped the sword’s handle. There was no need to startle him by brandishing his sword.

A movement was felt from the side during the altercation between him and Estin. It appeared that there was still one more foe.

Overlooking the trees, an individual rushed in. Hestia was quick, though. Hestia’s gray hair fluttered in the dim light.

Hestia dashed forward, her sword piercing the space between the monster’s eyes.

The beast’s agonizing, terrifying roar echoed through the dense forest of trees.

In response to the scene, the leader grew uncertain. In an effort to defend his life, he once more attempted to blend into the shadows.

However, the monster was forced to confront a gloomier abyss than the one he had been trying to hide in at that precise moment.

Perhaps in all his years, the monster had never before seen a person with eyes that dark.

The monster jumped backwards as Estin’s sword barely missed striking the monster’s body.

Once more keeping a safe distance from Estin, the monster started to scream indignantly. It’s possible that his pride was wounded.

“It’s loud.”

Estin creased his brow and put his index finger over his ear. He was large and had a voice that matched his size, as would be expected of a leader.

Given that he escaped Estin’s attack, he was even quite agile.

Hestia, who had left the cleanup of the slain monster to the care of other group members, came up behind Estin and yelled in response to the monster’s roar.

“Will you be okay on your own?”

“Oh, Hestia. Come over here.”

At Estin’s call, Hestia’s eyes widened. In fact, Hestia asked out of courtesy.

She was taken aback when Estin called her because she was certain he could handle it on his own.

Hestia approached the monster without letting her guard down. The enemy might be troublesome for Estin too.

Hestia, whose face was covered in the blood of the monster she had earlier stabbed with her sword, pondered how she could assist Estin in this predicament.

“You see. He’s quite strong.”

“Yes, he is.”

When we last encountered a high-ranking monster, he claimed that it lacked strength. How robust is this one, then?

Hestia was ashamed of her laxity. She thought Estin could handle it alone. She quickly regained her composure and took hold of her sword.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Yes, say anything,”

Being the Captain of the Conler Knights and a high ranking aristocrat, Grand Duke Estin could be used as bait for the enemy.

“You must tell Mary how strong the guy I defeated was when you returned to the Grand Duchy.”


“You are the witness.”

Before Hestia could assess the situation after Estin had finished speaking, the most agonizing sound had yet to fill the forest.

Estin returned to Hestia, wiping the blood from his cheek; the event had occurred in the blink of an eye.

“Well done, Hestia. It’s finally over.”

“………you were able to do it alone?”

Estin made a face as if to inquire what kind of a query that was.

“You said he was strong…”

Did you not? Do you realize how frightened I was? In this forest, I was prepared to die! Hestia wanted to say that, but she trailed off.

“Yeah, so go tell Mary how I took care of the strong guy alone.”

In order to live up to the expectations a daughter has for her strong father, Hestia has become a witness rather than merely a ruse.

Hestia was relieved, but she couldn’t help but think of Estin’s boasting and the adorable kitten who would listen to her tale with gleaming eyes.

“Really, the captain of the Knights is amazing…”

“Did you see the other guy running away the moment he stepped outside? For genuine reflexes, it would be the best on the continent.”Ws

Estin had carved a saga for other knights without realizing it.

“We just sent a search party!”

Estin nodded at Lucas’ report and sat down. Despite the fact that the leader was killed, a search party was sent to keep an eye on the scene until the end just to make sure there was no one left.

“Now I can finally go back.”

Lucas couldn’t help but smile as he realized he could finally return to the Grand Duchy.

He yearned to return to the grand duchy right away, clean himself with hot water, and then fall asleep in a comfortable bed.

And after loosening up his stiff body a bit, Lucas had to enjoy the pleasure of teasing Mary…

“No, not yet.”


But with one word, Estin took the smile off Lucas’ face.

“I need to search this forest more.”

“Oh, you should have told me in advance. When we send the search party…….”

“I believe it would be better if I verified it myself.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m still bothered that it was here.”

Estin’s words caused Lucas to adopt a serious expression.

“Was it him who broke the curse?”

“I don’t know…I’m just bothered by the curse I saw here. And the fact that Mary’s orphanage is at the top of this mountain.”

“But it might be difficult to confirm since there are only residues left.”

“Let’s try to eliminate everything, just in case.”

Lucas hurriedly left the barracks to convey Estin’s decision. There was no room for complaints.


Will this work?

I had to go to the salon four times in a row.

Attending the salon once was already a difficult task, but the awkward situation with Lausanne made it even more difficult. I had to repeat it four times. I applaud myself for being brave.

Nevertheless, Lausanne gave me a cheerful welcome. In response, I displayed a more upbeat side of myself.

Lausanne and I then turned around like actors at the conclusion of a play once all the young ladies had left.

I also got four manuscripts from Lausanne during the four salons. I also gave the culprit enough time to steal the manuscript by leaving it unattended.

My plan was simple. Lausanne would prepare four different novels.

Then, on various days, she would invite the young ladies present at the salon that day and give the novels to me.

The person who wants to drive a wedge between me and Lausanne probably doesn’t understand the situation where Lausanne still keeps calling me and giving me novels. The culprit would want to be more certain about their plan.

“I’m not sure if it will work.”

I wanted to quickly find the culprit for Lausanne. I wished Lausanne would get over the notion that I had betrayed her and rediscover her love of writing.

Even though I wasn’t the culprit, Lausanne’s cold gaze on me felt a little unfair.

I was worried that Demimore might be harmed, so I told him not to take my side in front of Lausanne.

Demimore nodded like an obedient dog, but it was not so believable.

I asked Carol to buy all the romance novels in the bookstore after that day.

The thought that the criminal’s tail could soon be caught gave me a shudder.

Demimore asked me who the killer was…….

I admitted that I had no idea who the perpetrator might be when Demimore questioned me about it.

But even so, images of Sofia’s face persisted. She didn’t have a good first impression for a number of reasons, and the other three young ladies weren’t the kind to act in this manner.

I can’t rule out all the possibilities, but the fact that Sofia’s face keeps coming to mind…….

I believe there is a cause for it.

“Miss, I’m here!”

Carol, who had just returned from an outing, placed the books I had requested in front of me. Even though the thought of going through them all made my head spin, I couldn’t care less.

However, it appears that there are only five brand-new releases today. Since I already knew the main points of their contents, I began reading them quickly.

“If you’re going to read, do you want me to bring you a cup of tea?”

Carol inquired as I buried my face in a book. I waved my hand. I couldn’t afford a cup of tea. I eventually came across a piece of content I was familiar with after reading the third volume.

“I found it!”

“What? What’s up?”

“Carol, I caught him! I caught the culprit!”

I was itching to stand up and dance. Finally, I caught the culprit! It is the love story of Dragon, Lausanne’s preferred leading man, and an enigmatic woman with a lot of secrets.

If it’s about this, who’s the culprit? I dropped the book while I was looking back at my memory with excitement.

“Wait a minute…”

Is it really that person?


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