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TMD Chapter 121


“Nero, what do you think?”

I looked at the stack of parchments in front of me as I sat on the bed next to Nero with my arms crossed.

Obviously, letters should be written on this parchment, but why is it as clean as new parchment? I had to come up with my own ideas since Nero has no response.

Let’s assume now.

No. 1. Lausanne made a mistake. She packed it herself. Secretly avoiding other people’s eyes. She might have messed up because she was in a rush.

No. 2. It’s magic ink. Something like lemon juice. When heat is applied, tada, letters appear. Just in case, I turned on the light on my index finger and put it on the paper.

This is how I use my lighter ability. I was amazed by my deduction, but the paper just burned quickly in the fire.

My self-praise has become ashes with paper. In other words, it has only increased the number of Carol’s work.

No. 3. The letters evaporated? Someone could have played a prank. But who?

If it’s not one of the three…

Someone switched it?

But how did they know this and switch it? Cameron’s face suddenly came to mind, but I shook my head right away.

I can’t suspect Cameron after causing trouble for Lausanne by making accusations against Cameron. That is why prejudice is frightening.

“Perhaps Lausanne made a mistake.”

She might have mishandled the packaging. She didn’t write me a letter to let me know. Maybe talking to me still feels awkward. I believe meeting at the following salon is the quickest way to inquire.

When will the following salon open, though? I think she has been quite shocked. It will take a little long…….

“I don’t know!”

I leapt out of my bed. I had been thinking too much and needed sugar. I got up to leave and decided to get a cookie from Bonita.

“Oh, it’s been a while.”

“You’re here again?”

Bonita offered to bring it for me, but I declined and went to the drawing room with a plate of cookies. To clear my mind, I intended to read a book of fairy tales.

I was greeted by Aiden and Theodore, who were already seated on the sofa. I think it hasn’t been long since they went back to the academy, but they’re here again. I’m not particularly pleased to see them.

When Gilbert attended the academy, the three brothers didn’t visit the grand duchy often, so I wanted to see them even for a while.

Now I felt sorry for Lewen, who serves them both. Lewen isn’t able to visit the Grand Duchy frequently because he is trying to fill in for them at the Academy.

“Is that what you want to tell your brothers, who you haven’t seen in a while?”

I sat across from them without bothering to respond to Aiden’s words. I set down the book of fairy tales I had brought and the cookie plate Bonita had given me.

“You still love fairy tales?”

“It’s my first time reading this book.”

“Yes, ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved Nero and children’s books.”

“Oh, where has our adorable Mary gone who always wonders when her brothers will return from the academy?”


I was actually thinking about a novel and now Theodore is writing one in front of me.

“Don’t you remember?”

“How can I remember that when I’ve never done that before?”

“Oh, she’s not falling for it.”

“But is it okay for you to come back? What if you get scolded by Brother Gilbert?”

It was intended to frighten both of them, but Aiden and Theodore did nothing but smile at one another.

“Brother called us.”


Gilbert and Cheroke promptly made their way into the drawing room.

I guess it wasn’t a lie that Gilbert called them, because he only inquired about Aiden and Theodore’s arrival after spotting them.

Gilbert sat down and gave me a subtle nod to leave, as if he needed to talk to Aiden and Theodore about something, but I pretended not to notice and stubbornly chewed on my cookie.

“Is the situation on the border road particularly bad?

When Aiden brought up the subject, I pretended to be reading a picture book while concentrating on their conversation. If it’s a border road, isn’t that where Grand Duke Estin is currently trying to subdue the demons?

“No, everything is fine.”

Gilbert said, “It’s all right,” but his expression was very serious.

“However, I believe the conflict will last a while. Father called you guys because he seemed concerned about leaving the castle unoccupied for an extended period of time. Of course, it’s not necessary, but…”

“We have to return. We have to protect Mary……. Oh, finish your cookie.”

I turned to look when Aiden called my name, and he grinned and instructed me to finish my cookie.

My pride was wounded for some reason, but I refocused on the picture book because I assumed that if I made a fuss, he would ask me to leave.

“But what’s the problem? Is it a long-term battle?”

“The monsters who worked in groups were troublemakers. They weren’t very smart, but it seems like their leader, who is like a general, is pretty clever. They’ve taken care of almost all the small fry, but the general is on guard and doesn’t reveal himself easily.”

“Isn’t it better if it doesn’t come out?”

I couldn’t take it any longer and asked.

“The problem is that it isn’t coming out; it can’t be called’subjugation’ if it doesn’t reveal itself and simply turns back.”

“Yes, Mary. Did you like the cookie? Do you want more?”

Theodore’s tone was clearly teasing me. I pretended to focus on the picture book and made a hmm sound.

That being the case, it makes sense why he said he would be away from the castle for a while.

“Well, that place is on very difficult terrain… The beasts are making excellent use of the terrain in this area of dense trees where it is simple to hide.”

“So why don’t you just chop down all the trees and locate their hiding places?”

“The imperial family owns the forest.”

“Since it belongs to the imperial family, we have to do more. Father is out there because the imperial family made him do it.”

“I will give you permission to make furniture for the imperial family with the trees grown there.”

The discussion among the three brothers was serious. Aidan sneered at Theodore’s bold opinion.

“Should I go?”

“No, they won’t want you to come. Cheroke is to guard this place at Father’s request.”

Perhaps it’s because of me.

Therefore, Aiden and Theodore must have called because of me. When I thought back to the question I had asked them earlier, I felt a little bad.

“So you said they were searching in groups, but……. It’s going to be a long term war because they won’t come out easily.”

“Why not engage in a one-on-one battle?”


Everyone was frozen by my words.

“Once they’re done with the small fry, why don’t they pretend to withdraw and leave only father behind. After letting his guard down, won’t he emerge? If it’s father’s skill, it’s enough….”

“Goodness, the only child who would dare to gamble their father away would be you, Mary.”

At Theodore’s words, I quickly lowered my head again.

I brought it up because I recalled how my father had battled and defeated a huge monster, but it seemed unreasonable to say.

“It’s a simple idea, but it seems so simple that it feels refreshing.”

“Won’t that person let their guard down if it’s a small group, even if it’s not just the Grand Duke?”

Gilbert and Cheroke, however, started to form that opinion. I just chewed on my cookie absent-mindedly.


Lausanne has been dwelling on Mary’s words ever since the salon. Feeling uneasy for no apparent reason, she had even put away the painting she always kept nearby.

“Does His Majesty really know?”

Lausanne was certain that her father loved her. But before he was her father, he was an Emperor. However, she could only imagine the intimidation that came with the position of an Emperor.

Perhaps the weight she carried as a princess would seem insignificant in comparison.

“Princess, the first prince is here.”

Lausanne gently ordered them to let the first Prince in after hearing the maid’s words. With something in his hand, Cameron entered the room.

Lausanne tried her best to smile while looking at Cameron, but it wasn’t as simple as she had imagined.

“You said you weren’t feeling well. Your complexion really doesn’t look good.”

“You’re here.”

What Mary said in the salon lingered in Lausanne’s mind even after Cameron expressed concern for her.

As a result, she found herself unintentionally treating Cameron passively.

“I heard his Majesty presented you with a painting, but I don’t see it.”

“……Did His Majesty tell you?”

“Oh? Yes.”

Lausanne’s mouth slightly hardened as she sensed that Cameron’s response was questionable. However, Lausanne quickly recovered her smile.

“I loved it so much that I couldn’t do anything else because I kept looking at it. I hid it because I was afraid it would get worn out from being looked at too much.”

“His Majesty would be pleased to know how much you appreciate it.”

Cameron’s face showed a proud expression, even though he didn’t give the gift himself. And then he handed what he had been holding to Lausanne.

“It’s a gift.”

“Did you come by on purpose to give me this?”

“It is both the newest and most widely read romance book.

Cameron gave her a book as a gift.

“Get some rest while reading.”

“Big brother……. Thank you very much.”

“Yes, I’m going now.”

‘Yeah, there’s no way my brother would have said that. He is supporting me in this way.’

Lausanne was embarrassed by her momentary suspicion of Cameron. She also vowed to tell Mary this story and persuade her to change her mind if they later cross paths.

Although she is aware that she cannot change Cameron’s image, she must nonetheless make the necessary corrections.

Lausanne let the maids go and picked up the most prominent book. Flipping through the pages, she quickly skimmed through the middle part. She found it hard to believe.

How did the novel she gave to Mary become a book?


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