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TMD Chapter 120


Was it last year?

Sophia asked me to forgive her for being rude to her when we were kids. She claimed that the memory of that time made her face hot with embarrassment. I could relate to her because I too have a troubled past. Sophia’s apology impressed me because it takes a lot of courage to do so.

But I wondered. Why was she apologizing to me? She should be apologizing to Astina, right? Because Astina was also present at the gathering that day, I suggested that Sophia apologize to Astina instead of me, as I had also acted childishly at the time. Sophia awkwardly smiled and said that she would apologize to Astina separately.

“I was so concerned that our schedules wouldn’t coincide!”

“Haha, how are you doing?”

“I wanted to express my congratulations on your engagement. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the party. But I heard how magical you were at the party! You were really stunning!”

“I’m flattered…….”

Sophia appears to have ended her sentence with an exclamation point. She was being very approachable and friendly, but I was hesitant to talk to her because the thought “Did she apologize to Astina?” kept flashing through my head like smoke. I quickly let go of Sophia’s hand and hesitantly made my way over to the other young woman, pretending to know her.

I was aware of the look coming from behind me, but I couldn’t stop myself. I apologize, but I still feel uneasy around you. Sophia appeared to be conversing with another woman as I looked back while speaking with Lady Chester. I felt a tiny bit of relief.

About five people showed up.

Lady Chester, Lady Sophia, and one lady from each of the Viscount and Marquis families.

Astina’s absence from the meeting was regrettable, but it wasn’t a big deal since she didn’t get along with any of the young women who attended today.

The salon opened after Lausanne reappeared.

We mostly discussed and exchanged favorite poems in the salon. Today’s theme, however, was a little distinct.

“His Majesty presented me with a painting!”

The reason for this was a painting the emperor gave Lausanne. The imperial court painter was reportedly given a special commission by the emperor to present a gift for Lausanne. The painting was really colorful and dazzling, fitting for a painting to be dedicated to the Empire’s only princess. It was neatly wrapped in a frame surrounded by gold leaf that appeared to be expensive at first glance. Even those who were not familiar with art were in awe of it. A woman wearing a white dress and holding a huge flower was portrayed in the painting. When I was a child, the court painter who painted the picture almost became my painting teacher. If that person had actually been assigned as my painting instructor… What a waste of talent that would have been.

Who, however, is the woman in that portrait?

At first glance, I mistook it for a portrait of Princess Lausanne because the painting depicts a woman, but it isn’t because the woman’s hair is all brown. There seems to be one flower that stands out among the bouquets. Are those daffodils? While carefully inspecting the painting, I noticed Lausanne smiling.

Given how much Lausanne appreciates and loves art, it was the perfect present. Even an emperor who is busy day and night knows a gift that his daughter will appreciate. How could I judge it when he gave it to her as a token of his affection?

“Oh, is that Lausanne, the former Tesland princess?”

Clapping her hands together, Lady Chester uttered.

“That’s correct, my name is derived from hers as well.”

“Oh my, His Majesty gave you a really lovely gift.”

“Come to think of it, the name Lausanne suits you perfectly.”

I’m familiar with Tesland’s princess. I learned it from Logan.

When the Kingdom of Torta was the most powerful on the Kaya continent. She was the princess of Tesland, a tiny neighboring nation.

Strong power became a virtue on the continent as the momentum of Torta on the continent increased. On such a continent, Princess Lausanne rose to fame thanks to her lovely and refined appearance.

She was the daffodil of society. Along with being graceful and talented at dance, she was also skilled at singing and embroidery. After she wed the Emperor of Torta, Tesland was freed from its small-country status. That’s how Princess Lausanne became the hero of the land.

“Yes, daffodils bloom in winter.”

Knowing the history of the painting made me feel uneasy. This was because I believed that the emperor did not give that painting to his daughter merely out of love for her.

I did, however, get the impression that the emperor really loved Lausanne. I regret holding back on saying what I wanted to say on the way home. We had a short period of free time after the salon closed. Lausanne summoned me separately.

Lausanne, as expected, pushed aside all the maids and stood in front of me, tilting her head at a 45-degree angle and smiling slightly. She then spoke in a voice that sounded like a cheeky fairy.

“What is it, Mary?”


“Mary, you didn’t say everything you wanted to say earlier.”

Lausanne encouraged me to express my thoughts. I puffed my cheeks away from Lausanne’s eyes. Finally, breaking my silence, I spoke as carefully as I could to Lausanne.

“No, I just remembered my tutor…….”

“If it’s Mary’s tutor, isn’t it Logan Rayleigh? I’m getting more curious. He was a well-known talent even as an academy student, according to what I heard.”

“It was just the same story as before.”

“I can see in your pitch-black eyes that you want to say something else.”


“You’re not going to say that the Imperial Princess saw it wrong, are you?”

I gave it some thought. Lausanne needs to know if my assumptions are accurate.

“Well, this is just my guess, so please take it into account…”

“Yeah. Whatever your opinion is, the princess would blindly believe it.”

This type of joke is typical of Lausanne. She deliberately said that to calm my nerves. It took quite a while to get used to Lausanne’s way of speaking. I inhaled deeply before getting to the point.

“Princess, did you get caught writing by his Majesty?”

Lausanne squinted.

“Well, besides me, there are only three other people who are aware.”

“Three? I thought Demimore and I were the only ones who knew.”

“Oh. Cameron, my big brother, is also aware. I was very young when I got caught. He occasionally brings me books and instructs me to use them as references.”

“I know it’s presumptuous of me to say, but… Perhaps the first Prince told His Majesty about it.”

“What do you mean? Why would my brother….? Mary, why do you think His Majesty knows?”

Lausanne’s voice rose slightly.

“The artwork His Majesty presented to you. Princess Lausanne, who married the Torta king, doesn’t know how to read or write in Torta. The king of Torta did not teach her on purpose.”

“Mary……. Why do you say that?”

“It’s just a guess, but…….”

“Mary’s opinion at the salon is always entertaining and unique. But I don’t know how to accept this opinion.”

Her Majesty wants to raise her like Queen Lausanne. Embroidery prowess, dancing, singing, and beauty are all meant to honor Princess Lausanne’s dignity.

The winter flower of high society.

Lausanne, a daffodil that blooms even in a barren land.

But I couldn’t bring myself to say it. Lausanne was already badly hurt. Her smile began to crack. Water began to fill Lausanne’s eyes, just as the surface of the water was shaking under the cracked ice. For the most part, Lausanne didn’t put a smile on her face.

“I’m just…. Just in case…….”

Lausanne stumbled slightly. I was taken aback and assisted her right away. The lady-in-waiting, who had been keeping an eye on the princess from a distance away from us, tried to come running. However, Lausanne motioned for her to stay away. Liberated from my protection, Lausanne spoke to me sternly.

“Mary, I know you’re standing opposite Cameron as Demimore’s fiancée. Please don’t speak like that. The first prince is my older brother, and I love him just as much as I love Demimore and Mary.”

“I’m sorry, but I…… I thought you should know this story…….”

“I’m sorry for telling you to speak up and then showing you this side of me.”

“No, I shouldn’t have said…….”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to see you off today. Mary, I’m so sorry. I’ll see you later.”

After a cordial greeting from Lausanne, she moved on and went to find her lady-in-waiting.

And really, Lausanne didn’t come to see me off. I stood in the carriage, feeling a little sad, holding the package Lausanne had given me. Cheroke offered to take the package, but I politely refused.



“Oh, I thought you were gone.”

Demimore ran towards me as I was about to board the carriage after confirming that Lausanne would not arrive; he must have rushed here as there was sweat on his brow. Demimore panted heavily and wiped his brow.

“Where’s my sister?”

Demimore inquired about Lausanne’s whereabouts while he was scanning the area around me. Lausanne always sends her lady-in-waiting away so she can spend some more time with me. So, it was even more disappointing. Although I was the one who caused it…

“What happened?”


“What’s wrong?”

Demimore was puzzled when I stood there without saying anything. He was in the same position as Lausanne earlier. Wow, they really are siblings. Thinking about it again made me feel sad.


I was reluctant to discuss it with Demimore. Demimore continued to follow me intently, keeping my eyes in line as I spoke, trying to keep away from his eyes as much as possible. When our eyes met, he had a serious expression.

“It’s nothing, but why do you look like that?”

“It’s really nothing.”

“Well, I’m happy to see you off alone.”


“My fiance is a little honest, but she doesn’t mean any harm, so should I speak to my sister? I’m sure it was all for her.”

“No, then she’ll be more angry……. Wait, how did you know? Did you hear that? “

“It’s obvious.”

Demimore’s bright smile was a little cheeky, so I let it go. He delicately handled the end of my hair while speaking softly.

“I don’t want to get involved because this is your business with Lausanne, but feel free to use me if anything goes wrong.”

“What if I ask you a really difficult favor?”

“Oh, please. I go to the temple to ask for a favor, but they give me.”

Demimore’s words made me laugh. Then he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s a relief.”

“Why suddenly?”

“I’m hoping that when you get back from the palace, you’ll be smiling. Anyway, this is where I live.”

I felt a little uneasy as I sat down in a carriage. Is that how I came off to Demimore? I felt like I did a good job of maintaining my composure. Oh, right? I should have apologized to Demimore, but I forgot. Fool.

Ah, why are there so many things to apologize for? I should read Lausanne’s book right away and then send a review as soon as I get home.

With that in mind, I opened the package.

Huh, that’s strange.

“Why is it blank……?”


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