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TMD Chapter 119


I sat still in the carriage as if I were dead as I felt the jolting movement. It was the most beautiful time of year because the foliage was at its peak, but the passing scenery was obscured.

Almost a month and 15 days have passed since I last visited the Imperial Palace because of Demimore and me’s engagement banquet.

I was planning on going with a cheerful heart!

I closed my eyes and recalled Lausanne’s letter to me.

I received a message from Princess Lausanne requesting that I attend her long-anticipated salon opening. Lausanne’s salon was canceled because the royal family had been too busy planning Demimore and I’s engagement banquet. No, she had the option to open it, but she chose not to. She was being considerate. It was a much-anticipated salon.

I am aware of that.

“Oh, I don’t want to go.”

Sadly, I’m not interested in going.

I was confident that I would enjoy meeting Princess Lausanne, attending the nobles’ gathering, and interacting with the other young ladies. I occasionally ponder why it took so long for them to open a salon. However, when the meeting arrives in this manner, my timid heart abruptly declares that I do not wish to attend.

“Don’t go if you don’t want to!”

As I grumbled and put Lausanne’s invitation into the album, Rex, who was sitting next to me, reacted as if it was good to hear. He’ll get bored at the Grand Duchy by himself if I go to the Imperial Palace to attend the salon. Rex was so endearing and honest in how he expressed himself that I wanted to stroke his chin.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Rex.”

Gilbert struck Rex’s head with a book as he walked by. Rex’s lower lip protruded outward. Rex, who is undergoing puberty, is a little chattier now than when he was younger… he started being honest. At first, everyone was quite surprised by Rex’s changed behavior, but they are gradually getting used to it. The three brothers asserted that Rex’s transformation was largely the result of my influence.

“And now you are absolutely…….”

“Yes, I have to go since I’m now engaged to the second prince.”

“You know it well.”

Gilbert shook his head cheekily as I quickly cut him off.

Yes, this is my first event as Demimore’s official fiancee. That is why I don’t want to go! Tacit is different from formal. I have to watch every word I say.

“You were invited by the only princess of the Empire, and you don’t want to go, plus you’ve been acting so awkwardly with other young ladies that they greatly reduced the size of the meeting.”

Gilbert spoke absentmindedly as he opened the book in his hand. I pursed my lips this time. He always chooses his words so carefully.

Gilbert has a point. Lausanne noticed that I was acting strangely in the salon and enquired as to why. Even though everyone was polite to me, I answered truthfully that the situation wasn’t comfortable. When I spoke with many noblewomen and had a cultured conversation, I became tense and my shoulders stiffened unnecessarily. When I came home from the salon, my shoulders stiffened and I could barely fall asleep after receiving the herbal therapy Carol did.

As a result of saying this, Lausanne split the salon meeting into two days and only invited a small group of attendees, claiming that this allowed them to focus better on one another.

“There must be a reason why you want me to attend so badly!”

That’s because Lausanne’s book is only being read by me.

Lausanne became increasingly ashamed of her novel-writing as she grew older. She regretted showing me her novel in the presence of Demimore. I did want to keep reading it, though. I had to visit the palace to read the novel.

I suggested sending letters instead, but I was refused under the pretext that messengers or officials might intercept them and read them.

“Should I send a letter saying that you are not feeling well the day before the salon?”

Rex whispered in my ear to the point where Gilbert couldn’t hear him. To be honest, it was a bit of a suggestion. But I shook my head as maturely as I could.

It wouldn’t look good if I had to cancel the first meeting following the engagement by claiming to feel sick.

But once I got there, I always ended up having interesting conversations, even though I didn’t want to go. Sometimes I even got lucky and ran into Astina there.

It was a pleasure for me to read Lausanne’s book and to speak with her on our own.

“So let’s go with a happy heart.”

Yes, I did what I said I would do.

But how fickle a human heart can be.

When it was time to leave, I suddenly had the urge not to. I simply wanted to do nothing but sprawl out in the sun like a cat. However, I could only unwind inside the carriage that was being driven to the palace.

I should have played along last night and let Rex talk me into writing a letter saying I was sick and it would be difficult for me to go.

But when did Rex become so cunning? How did he know it was a good idea to send the letter the day before? Is this also part of his development?

Rex’s words before boarding the carriage came to mind.

“If the first prince bothers you again, you have to tell me.”

“All right.”

Rex’s request would normally have elicited an evasive response from me, but I had recently sinned and wanted to demonstrate my resolve by looking him in the eye. I made sure to clench my fists in front of him as well.

Before I could react, the carriage started to sag. We appeared to have reached our destination. I adjusted my skirt and mentally geared up. Someone knocked on the carriage door from the outside, and it creaked open.

“We’re here.”

Cheroke was my escort for the day. Cheroke, who was visiting the palace for the first time in a long while, was already impressed with its splendor, but was even more surprised by how much more splendid it had become as he looked around.

“His Majesty must be on official duty, right?”

“I believe so. Demimore said he was up there.”

When I gestured to where Demimore had told me last time, Cheroke made a gesture with his hand and looked in that direction. Then he whispered something.

“Our Grand Duke is suffering in the field…….”

Well, I agree.

“So, His Highness can easily concentrate on his official duties.”

When Lausanne’s maid appeared to guide us, I quickly looked at Cheroke and placed my index finger on my lips to indicate silence. Cheroke also adopted a reassuring escort knight demeanor from one of concern for his superior.

We were led by a Lausanne’s maid to a small garden where a salon was always held. The stunning flowers were in full bloom, as anticipated. I suddenly thought of the greenhouse the emperor loved the most. Demimore had never been there either, but I had heard that it was brimming with various exotic flowers. It was rumored that entering would leave one speechless due to its beauty. If this place is so splendid and beautiful, how would that place be?


Lausanne was standing there, outshining all other flowers in color and beauty. Seeing that Lausanne was alone, it was undoubtedly that she had called me first to have a brief meeting before the formal salon gathering. I was reluctant to come, but as soon as I saw Lausanne, it made me ecstatic.

“I’m so glad you showed up; I was so afraid you might find an excuse not to.”

Lausanne gave me a tight grip and said, her eyes glistening. I grinned shamelessly even though Lausanne’s words pricked my conscience like a needle. Lausanne, who kept smiling, gestured to the maids beside her. They moved discreetly away from us. Then a brown paper-wrapped package was placed on my hand.

“I couldn’t wait to hear Mary’s review, so I went overboard.”

“It’s… quite big?”

“I made an effort to make it appear like a wedding gift.”

It didn’t seem like a paper package at first glance. She gives her reputation a great deal of thought. Most likely, she packed it herself. I caressed the package in my arms like a newborn.

“It would be nice if you could read it now…….”

“Should I open it a little bit? We can rewrap it later.”

The entrance to the garden began to commotion while we were discussing that.

“Princess! Oh my God, Lady Mary is here, too!”

A flustered maid followed behind Sophia as she appeared with joy. Lausanne and I briefly exchanged perplexed looks in response to her unexpected appearance. Lausanne once more grinned elegantly.

“You arrived before our scheduled time, Sophia.”

“Yes, I left early thinking I’d see everyone after a long time, and what’s this? Lady Mary must have done the same,”

“Of course… Long time no see, Sophia.”

“Were you two talking? Oh, am I not supposed to be here? I came early and wanted to leisurely stroll through Princess Lausanne’s garden, but someone kept blocking me.”

The maid who greeted me at the door attempted to stop Sophia from entering so Lausanne could have some privacy, but she forced her way in. Sofia’s eyes moved to the package in my arms as Lausanne turned to smile and say that it wasn’t like that.

“Oh, is it because of that?”

“Yes. I wanted to give Lady Mary an engagement present, so I called her early. We’re family now.”

“I want to receive one too, later! Your Highness’s intentions are more brilliant than any flashy jewels!”

Why did Sophia have to ask for this…

Lausanne and I laughed awkwardly at her ambition, which anyone could feel. Since other guests would be arriving soon, Lausanne said she would check if everything was ready and stood up.

Sophia still couldn’t take her eyes off my package even after Lausanne disappeared. Was she envious? Her gaze made me uncomfortable, so I subtly shifted the package behind my back.


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