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TMD Chapter 117


Rex started practicing his sword skills with Cheroke the next day.

Cheroke commended Rex’s sense. Even though the assessment was kind, from the way he was staring at Rex, it didn’t seem to be just talk.

Rex, however, had a fatal flaw. He doesn’t have much physical strength.

Even now, his body trembled each time he swung his sword. I feared that he might pass out, but I was unable to approach him to express my concerns out loud for fear of making him angry. Instead, I had to watch him while pacing around.

It was obvious that Rex was going through puberty no matter how you looked at it.

I’m the kind of older sister who respects his younger brother.

But aren’t you straining yourself too much?

Rex wobbled so much that he appeared to be about to fall, but he quickly regained his balance and assumed his posture. Everybody was supporting Rex. Naturally, I was supporting Rex, but. I have a basic query as I watch him work so hard.

Rex already possesses such extraordinary abilities, does he really need to put himself through such demanding sword training? Does he actually need to exert that much effort? That’s the thought that initially crossed my mind.

After such a question, I reflected on myself.

When I consider this, I realize why God did not endow me with an ability.

“I’ve heard you’re skilled with an arrow.”

I was planning my next move, swinging my sword a hundred times and then leaving with Rex, when Cheroke approached me.

Although I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, I actually had pretty good archery skills. So I just nodded my head without saying anything.

“As expected…”

Cherokee’s eyes started to tear up. I knew why he was acting that way. He was obviously feeling emotional and thinking about my mother. I patted Cherokee’s back. It served as a cue for him to stop sobbing.

Thankfully, Cheroke quickly wiped his tears away.

“By the way, Master Rex must be having a hard time at night.”


With such a weak body, it was no surprise that his muscles would be strained after pushing himself so hard. Even if I suggested that we go back, he would most likely ignore my words. I turned away from Rex as the sight of him made me feel like I was about to burst inside.

I made the decision to enter Rex’s room covertly that evening.

I requested some Dracena herbal medicine from Bonita. Although it smelled spicy, it was useful for reducing pain and inflammation, and knights frequently used it. I carefully carried the cloth that had been dipped in the herbal water to Rex’s room. The plan was to leave it in his room unnoticed while he slept. If I was fortunate enough, I might take a quick look at his health!

He must be sound asleep, I suppose.

Most likely as a result of the way he trained today, his body won’t be able to withstand it without passing out. With all my care, I carefully swung open Rex’s door. Surprised by the sudden creak, I looked at Rex’s room with only my left eye through the gap in the open door. Only silence lingered in Rex’s dark room.

He didn’t really faint, did he?

Fear overcame me. I opened the door just enough for my body to enter Rex’s room. I cautiously approached Rex’s bed while relying on the moonlight that was filtering through the window.

I also came to the conclusion that the perceived silence in Rex’s room was a mirage as I drew nearer.

It was because I could hear Rex’s moans.



Rex was probably too sick to notice my presence. When I softly called out his name, he finally realized I was in the room and stopped groaning.

I exhaled a long sigh. Rex uncovered himself with the blanket after that.

“Are you alright?”

Rex was crouching down. His hair had become seaweed-like attached to his forehead. I gently pushed it back, exposing his bulging, white forehead.

“I,I’m… o,okay.”

“You can’t even speak properly.”

I quickly used a cloth covered in herbal medicine to wipe Rex’s body. He’ll recover soon because herbal medicine has an analgesic effect. I ought to have gotten more and bathed him. Rex didn’t object as much as I had anticipated; instead, he just let me take care of him.

Do I need to call Bonita?

After tucking Rex into bed, I decided to call Bonita. Bonita standing by his side would be much better.

I was about to turn around when he grabbed my sleeve.

“Where are you going?”

“Huh? I’ll be back to get a Bonita. It’s better if Bonita is next to Rex.”



I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard Rex whine before.

In response to my question, Rex looked at me with his wet eyes and nodded his head. Feeling weak, I sat down with a chair next to Rex’s bed.

When Rex falls asleep later, I’ll go get Bonita.

“It’s good to have my sister here…….”

“Therefore, you must behave well while I am still here…”

Even though it wasn’t a kind thing to say to a sick child, the words didn’t flow naturally.

“Why did I act like that towards my older sister who always thinks of me?”

Despite his frustration, Rex smiled. It was a weak smile, but he still had his characteristic warmth. How wonderful it would have been if he had smiled like this sooner.

I remembered how I would only call Grand Duke Estin dad when I felt weak.

Maybe he felt like this……. I’m going to be nice to my dad too…….

“I need to be good to you while you’re still here….”


“I almost thought of you as my mom because I was sick.”

My head sank blank listening to Rex.

“I can’t call my mom…….”

“Sorry, I reminded you of her.”


“I should have been by your side to prevent you from feeling guilty like this.”

If only you hadn’t avoided me, I could have stayed by your side. I swallowed the words that followed. But I sincerely meant the apology. Rex smiled with a troubled face.

“I can be Rex’s mother, sister, and brother. I’ll be whatever you want me to be. Just…be my little brother, Rex.”

“I also wanted to be someone who could protect you, sister….”

“I’ll become stronger. So strong that I won’t need your protection anymore.”


“Of course, you should become stronger as well; you need to become stronger to protect the stronger me; let us become those kinds of beings for each other; I want to become stronger for you, and you for me.”

Rex remained silent. He gently stroked my hair.

Rex’s hand that was gently stroking my hair stopped, and his breathing became calm.

Thankfully, the painkiller seemed to have taken effect, allowing him to nod off. It would have been better if he cried instead. He typically sobs a lot when he is in pain but not when he really needs to.

I knew I needed to call Bonita, but my body felt sluggish. I kept staring at Rex as he slept for a while.

“Oh, Miss Mary! Why are you sleeping here?”


“Oh, the smell of Dracena is overwhelming. You asked me to give it to you yesterday. So you gave it to Master Rex.”

I must have fallen asleep in Rex’s room.

Bonita patted me on the back with a soft touch. I jumped up when she said that Carol was probably surprised by my absence.

“Come out slowly. I’ll tell Carol.”

Bonita, who knew a little about me and Rex’s cold war, went outside with a wink. When I peeked at Rex, he turned his head to the opposite side of me.

“Are you awake?”

There’s no way he’s not awake.

He had a flush in his ear. It was obvious that he felt embarrassed. Rex flinched when I sighed.

I buried my face in my hands and let out a deep sigh.



“Are you crying?”

Rex scrambled to his feet and grabbed my wrist. His voice was filled with confusion.

Despite my attempt to pretend to cry in front of Gilbert to avoid a crisis, Rex didn’t seem completely convinced that I was in real distress. He had seen through my act before.

So, I removed my hand covering my face and looked at Rex. His pale face became even more distressed when he saw my tear-stained face.

“I’m sorry, Rex. I’m… just so upset… that you keep ignoring me and keep urging to join the knights.”

“I’m the one who’s sorry!”

I sucked in a breath and covered my mouth with my hand again.

“Sorry, I won’t do that again. I didn’t know you would be so upset that you would cry like this. I won’t protest from now on.”

“And you’re not going to overdo your training……?”


“And apologize to Demimore properly……?”

“I will!”

The herb I brought yesterday is very spicy. I placed a small amount of the herbal water in my palm and gently rubbed it over my eyes. I can’t cry without it. The room was full of the scent anyway, so he wouldn’t have noticed.

While Rex wasn’t looking, I wiped away my tears with frustration. Oh, it’s really hot. Seriously.

“I didn’t know you were going to cry…….”

On the way to breakfast with Rex, he spoke in a voice filled with concern.

“You always said that crying doesn’t change anything, and you don’t cry much unless you cry as a joke..….”

He was probably upset that I actually started crying because of him.

I went to Rex, who was following me a step away, took his hand and pulled him to my side.

“Yeah, crying doesn’t change anything.”


“Nothing will change by crying, but if I can make up with Rex by crying, I can turn Gieffroy into a sea of tears.”

“……but you didn’t pretend to cry, did you?”

At Rex’s sharp point, I hurriedly left my seat under the excuse that Bonita told me to come down quickly. I could feel Rex’s persistent gaze from behind.

Anyway, I was able to end Rex’s first adolescent rebellion with Gieffroy as collateral.

At that time… I didn’t know that this was just the beginning. Rex was not an easy opponent as I had thought.


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