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TMD Chapter 116


When Gilbert called Cheroke, Aiden and Theodore voiced their displeasure. It’s been a while since we’ve all gathered together like this, so the discussion ought to end here. If it had been any other day, I would have been unable to suppress my curiosity about their conversation and sympathize with them. I would have secretly supported Aiden and Theodore even if I hadn’t stated that I wanted to hear it, but I had more pressing matters to attend to.

Rex left the drawing room and was making his way down the lengthy hallway to his room. I didn’t need to hide my presence because I was going back to my room anyway, but I followed him as quietly as possible. I was afraid Rex would walk quickly to avoid me and lock the door, but he walked slowly, only looking at the floor, as if deep in thought.


As Rex attempted to open the door to his room, I grabbed his wrist. Despite the fact that I abruptly and unexpectedly surprised him, he didn’t appear surprised and seemed to have expected it. No, he appeared to be apathetic.

Before meeting Cheroke, I wouldn’t have been comfortable with Rex making this expression in front of me, but now everything was different. Additionally, I’m upset with Rex for acting erratically earlier.

“Why did you do that earlier?”


“Are you asking because you don’t know? Why do you want to join the beast subjugation team?”

In response to my query, Rex’s eyes lowered to the floor. Rex is the type to think for a long time and organize his thoughts before speaking, so you must be patient for him. I’m usually impatient, but waiting isn’t really unpleasant. But today, I was impatient. I couldn’t wait long.

“I apologize.”


“You’re right, I’m too young.”

I stumbled over my words because the response was so unexpected. I didn’t think he would acknowledge it so quickly. I even wondered if Rex was mocking me. I was totally shocked.

“It may have appeared that I was protesting.”


“I’m sorry. Now that I think about it, I really did act childish. My older brothers and sister think I’m too young, so I thought I needed something to show my willpower.”

As he moved from the drawing room to his room, it was evident that Rex was considering the words of apology. Rex, if I know him as well as I believe I do, knows better than anyone else what he was doing wrong and that it wasn’t like him to do that. So I’m sure he knows what I’m going to say to him. In order to avoid a confrontation with me, Rex quickly apologized. Yes, he was sincere, but to me, it sounded like a polished actor giving a prepared monologue. I released Rex’s wrist.

“All right, get in.”


“See you later in the evening. I’m sorry I suddenly stopped you.”

So I responded as if I were acting on stage. Laughing as tenderly as possible, Rex nodded without saying a word.

I wasn’t sure how to end this, but I wonder if this is Rex’s way of acting out as much as possible.

Cheroke followed Gilbert to his study. It was Gilbert’s workplace. As someone who admired Estin the most on this continent, Gilbert’s study was decorated so similarly to Estin’s office that it almost looked the same.

If there was any difference between Gilbert’s study and Estin’s office, it was the cute items that appeared to be Gilbert’s taste and were dispersed throughout. Little ceramic dolls, colored pencils, and ribbons.

“What is that?”

Cherokee was supposed to avoid looking at the papers on the desk out of respect, but he couldn’t help but focus on one particular document. The paper had a stamp-like design at the bottom that said, “Well done!” Cheroke couldn’t tell from this strange pattern what his young master liked. How is it possible for him to change without him noticing?


Gilbert grew up a lot. Gilbert had grown up so well, and Cheroke was proud of him. He still vividly remembered the day Gilbert was born. Cheroke couldn’t help but wonder if Gilbert was a cursed child on that particular day. He felt bad about not being able to fully celebrate Gilbert’s birth.

“I called Cheroke separately because I wanted to…”

Gilbert leaned against the door, lost in thought for a moment while Cheroke was in the room. He then quietly muttered something. Cheroke made an effort to pay close attention, but the words were new to him. Does he intend to cast a spell? A brief chill ran down Cheroke’s spine. Gilbert, he thought, was playing a ruse to get him to tell the truth.

Gilbert muttered, then abruptly knocked on the door. Then, from behind the door, he heard a crash. Gilbert entered the room after slightly opening the door.

“Still the same as always.”

Cheroke, who watched the series of processes, shook his head as if he was sick of it. It was clear that Theodore and Aiden were trying to listen in from behind the door. Realizing that Gilbert’s unfamiliar actions were a process to drive out his two younger brothers, Cheroke felt like a fool who was worried that it might be black magic. Cheroke observed Gilbert and thought that in addition to Estin, his younger brothers also had a significant impact on who Gilbert was.

“Now, I called Cheroke separately to find out your motive for returning.”

“Didn’t I already tell you everything?”

“There’s something you’re only going to tell father.”

Cheroke was visibly shaken by Gilbert’s words.

“It’s strange. Father said you didn’t have to come back, but Cheroke came to the Grand Duchy in such a hurry.”

“I, I heard the news that the beasts had appeared, so I hurriedly…….”

“If it was really urgent, you would have gone straight to where my father is; Lucas, Hestia, and the majority of the Knights are there; the fact that you came in a hurry on just one horse means that you had something so urgent that you didn’t have time to check where my father was, am I correct?”

Cheroke observed Gilbert’s resistance to concessions. He made a mistake by assuming that because Gilbert is still young, he could take care of him. Cheroke was helpless against Gilbert.

I was defeated.

“If you have something to tell father, tell me.”

“The Grand Duke…”

“When my father is away, I am his proxy as the Duke’s successor.”

Ah, was Gilbert’s eyes always like that.

Cherokee was choked up with the realization that he had not raised Gilbert, and had not seen him grow up for over five years.

“I was in the most secluded part of Conler territory.”

“Tahata, was it?”

“Yes, there are many mountains there, but despite being more remote than other areas of Conler, there are plenty of fruits to eat, so there aren’t any major problems with living.”

Tahata was the place Gilbert had also visited. Gilbert believed Cheroke had picked a location that was ideal for him when he heard Cheroke ask to rest in Tahata. It was the result of a peaceful society.

It’s a location where the mountainous terrain is so rough that enemies haven’t frequently invaded. Living was not difficult, and people weren’t particularly avaricious, as Cheroke noted. The protective barrier wasn’t as tight as it was in Conler because it was such a remote and tranquil location. But so far, there haven’t been significant issues.

Cheroke, who had fought the beasts valiantly for a long time, rested in a place where he could live comfortably.

“The area was calm while I was teaching swordsmanship to the locals, but recently, beasts appeared out of nowhere.”


Beasts would still be prevented from entering even if the barrier was weak because there is still a barrier.

“It was a high-level beast, but because I was there, I was able to handle it quickly; however, the demon’s words bothered me, so I came here quickly.”

“A high-level beast can communicate?”

Cheroke shook his head.

“The beast’s body had the words inscribed on it.”

“Body? What?”

“I’ll win back my fiance,”

“What do you mean….”

“I was trying to figure out what this meant when it suddenly occurred to me that Miss Mary had just gotten engaged to Prince Demimore.”

Gilbert, listening to Cheroke’s calm words, felt an unknown chill. No, no, no…

“So I…… Just in case… …this had something to do with Miss Mary. Oh, of course it’s speculation, but…….”

Cheroke hesitated to finish his speech. Gilbert, who listened silently to Cheroke, said as calmly as possible.

“It’s certainly speculation, but it makes sense.”


“I’ll send someone to Tahata right away to strengthen the defense. And I’m sure you’re ready, Cheroke’s rest is over now.”


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