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TMD Chapter 104


“Isn’t this Grand Princess Mary’s dagger?”

Marquis Borneau’s gaze finally reached me, and I didn’t avert my gaze, instead I nodded cautiously.

I could feel Lucas holding my hand tightly.

How could the dagger I had lost be in the possession of Marquis Borneau?

“According to Brian, he received this from the Grand Princess”

“Oh, as collateral?”

“I know this dagger. It’s a dagger similar to the one you received as a gift from Count Stein. They say it’s very valuable because there’s only one of them in the world. When I heard that, I took it to Count Stein and checked it myself, and it was true. He said there’s probably only one dagger like this under the sky. So, this dagger is probably an imitation of the one the Grand Princess owns. Do you happen to have yours now? Do you have any proof that what I have now is an imitation?”

“… I lost it.”

I thought it was a stupid thing to say.

When Marquis Borneau heard me, he sighed quietly.

Lucas, who was listening to the conversation, let go of my hand and talked.

“Marquis, the children at the Texton orphanage where Brian stayed are literally receiving the best education; I am confident that it will be higher than the level of a commoner school, even if it is less than the level of an academy attended by aristocratic children, and it also provides tremendous support for children to become independent when they become adults. I’m sure Brian knows much better about this. But even if there is only one in the world, does it make sense to do such a dangerous thing at the expense of only one dagger?”

“That was a question I had as well.”

The Marquis of Bourne continued to speak calmly.

“I know that. So I asked. Why did he do this when he was given sufficient support?”

“And what did he say exactly?”

“He said she promised to bring him great wealth and fame because she is the Grand Duke’s daughter and soon will be engaged to the second prince.”

Eh, why would I give him wealth and fame……?

Even if I am engaged to a God, not the second prince, I do not have the heart to bestow wealth and fame on Brian.

That person must be very eager to disparage me.

“The Second Prince and Grand Princess Mary’s engagement appears to be making the rounds among the nobility, but Brian couldn’t have known that.”


Because Demimore is unwilling to become engaged to me, it hasn’t been formally acknowledged yet.

These rumors are bound to circulate among nobles who enjoy good gossip. However, since they concern the Grand Duke and the Imperial Family, they cannot be discussed in public.

Brian, who lived in the orphanage, cannot therefore be familiar with the events. Until someone tells him otherwise.

‘I think it’s me……?’

After some thought, I realized why Marquis Borneau had come here.

He came all the way here with the intention of antagonizing the Grand Duchy of Conler. To uncover the entire truth for Astina.

Grand Duke Estin listened to him quietly, as if he knew his determination was sincere.

Lucas tapped his knee nervously with his finger. Then he said in an urgent voice.

“There is no reason for Miss Mary to kidnap Lady Astina. As you know, aren’t the two really good friends? Lady Astina was the first person Miss Mary wanted to invite to her birthday. And why would she order the person with whom she was not on good terms to kidnap the person she was closest to?”

“They claim that Astina is to blame.”

For the first time, Marquis Borneau’s voice, which had been speaking calmly up until that point, began to tremble.

“Because he loved Astina, the second prince refused to marry the Grand Princess; the Grand Princess was upset that she was rejected on her birthday, so Astina…….”


Marquis Borneau was unable to complete his speech and blurted the final words.

Even Lucas’ voice echoed confusion.

I didn’t say anything, just sat there with a lot on my mind.

‘That’s ridiculous!’

Demimore and Astina will eventually fall in love, I’m certain of it.

But there hasn’t been any indication yet that Demimore has developed feelings for Astina.

In the original, Demimore refused to be engaged with Mary by saying, “Do you want to marry an empty shell because I am in love with Astina…”.

When he declined to become engaged to me, Demimore didn’t say that to me. Perhaps it’s a courtesy owed to a “friend.”

Demimore may have had feelings for Astina, but I don’t know for sure.

So, I can’t be envious just yet.

No, isn’t jealousy something I ought to experience if I like Demimore?

As of right now.

Someone is familiar with the original’s content.

I’m being impersonated by someone who knows the original and is engaging in these actions.

Doing things like the original Mary would.

“We sent the girls back as you said.”

“Did you completely wipe out their memories?

“Yes, they won’t remember anything about this place.”

At X’s words, the man nodded. He appeared to be listening to X, but in reality, he was playing with the doll in his hand.

The doll, which appeared to be a girl, had black hair.

The man, who was tinkering with the doll’s black hair, had a red thread tied to his left hand’s ring finger.

“God, are you listening to me?”

It didn’t appear to have much of an impact.

They selected young girls from the orphanage and fastened red thread to their fourth finger.

The left hand’s ring finger symbolizes eternal love. Additionally, the red thread is said to represent a bond in Mary’s previous life.

Although it appears to be linked to a different place there. However, you wear your wedding ring on your ring finger.

With this thought came the beginning of a playful prank.

It appears that the impact of similarities was insufficient; it had little effect.

Although he didn’t have high hopes, he felt bad.

The man grinned and released the doll he was playing with after noticing X’s glum expression as he stared at him.

He then cut the red thread that was attached to his hand. His purple eyes shone coolly.

“It was fun, right?”


However, X, whose main concern is entertainment, did not comprehend everything.

No matter how hopelessly in love you are, it wasn’t simple to tie a red thread to the ring fingers of the girls they had abducted.

The ridiculous and childish magic, which he had never heard or seen before, made him feel bad.

“Why not just let the demonic beast loose?”

Mary was getting along well with Grand Duke Conler.

Estin Conler was purposely interfering in Mary’s dreams in an effort to sour her relationship with the people of the Grand Duchy. However, he seemed to care more about Mary than he realized.

The man declared with assurance, “My love will triumph.”

It’s not that he wasn’t concerned.

Despite purposely limiting his power, Estin Conler, the family’s patriarch, was a great man.

“Don’t you remember how organized it was last time?”

Seeing that he easily handled the trick he sent on purpose.

He understood the foolish emperor’s fear of him, but couldn’t let him go.

Only then did X make a sound, possibly because Estin’s brutality came to mind.

“I was told by Bruno that he was a horrible and cruel man.”

“Is that what the person who murdered his sister would say?”

Is that what the person who taught him how to do it will say?

He simply laughed at X’s unwavering assertions. Then he began tinkering with the doll once more.

When will he finally get her, considering how desperate he is? X started to feel somewhat sorry for his god.

X then mentioned a story that would cheer the man up. But the chances were slim.

“You were the happiest back then, right?”


“You know.”

Oh, yes.

The period in which Mary was his lone source of support.

The expression on the man’s face as he reflects on those times……

He looked so happy.

If Mary had been born as the stupid daughter, she might have spent more time in the orphanage. The man’s expression once more dimmed.

The man then began to dress the doll. A short skirt and a white shirt. There was no way this was a costume.

The man gave X the doll after he had finished dressing it.

In the future, we’re going to need more Mary-like girls.

“I’ll be ready.”

“It will take more time than I thought.”

When God handed X the doll, he smiled as if saying there’s nothing to worry about.

“Go at your own pace. I am currently working on something.”

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