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TMD Chapter 100



“Is your finger still hurting?”

“Yeah, it keeps hurting.”

After hearing that my fourth finger was hurting, Carol came over to me wearing a worried expression. I was perplexed because my fourth finger has been throbbing ever since, but there was nothing wrong with it from the outside. Carol took my hand in hers and fiddled with it carefully.

The friendly touch made me regret expressing my pain. Oh, I should have suppressed it.

“Oh, it’s all right now.”

“Miss, you don’t have to act like everything is fine.”

“No, take a look at this; I can easily bend it.”

Carol wouldn’t know if I didn’t show signs of pain because there was no visible injury. I bent and unfolded my ring finger in front of Carol several times while smiling brightly. I didn’t want Carol to worry.

I didn’t want to worry people who had been fretting about me enough since my birthday.

Grand Duke Estin will quickly send Laminaicho if they learn that my finger hurts. I took two, one for myself after getting bitten by a bug, and one for Demimore. I shouldn’t be receiving three of those priceless items.

Conler Castle is now subject to strict security measures. There are now more scouts than before. I thought I was going insane, thinking that this strangely lingering solemn atmosphere was caused by their concern about me.

I also made the decision to take action in the best way I knew how. I’ll ask Hestia to teach me how to shoot arrows. A bit more training than before. First and foremost, the intensity of the bow I shot increased slightly. If necessary, I can now shoot someone.

I can’t believe I can shoot people.

I’ve pointed my bow at Cameron before, but it was more of a threat than a real shot. I was a little…… excited when I considered shooting a person or something that is not a person for my safety.

The people who had taken me hostage thus far were all humans like zombies, even if I had shot them with a bow, they would not have reacted. But I’m not sure I’m up to dealing with the black fog that kidnapped me on my birthday or the underworld god with a bow.

What on earth is the underworld’s god?

“But what have you been looking for since earlier?”

“Ah, the dagger.”

“A dagger?”

“You are aware of the gift I received from Count Stein, right?”

I tried to find the dagger I received from Count Stein during the hunting incident with Cameron, but it was nowhere to be found. Where did this go? I tried to carry it around for self-defense, but I couldn’t find it. I definitely put it in the closet. I don’t think the dagger ran somewhere alone because it doesn’t have feet.

“Did you lose it after taking it somewhere else?”

“No, no. I’ve always kept it here out of fear of using it.”

It’s absurd that it vanished while I’m looking for it in this way because it was something I didn’t use to carry around. I doubt I’ll run into Count Stein on my own, but how am I supposed to look at his face? Although the person who gave it to me meant well, I lost it before I could use it.

“Who could have taken it?”

“No, I didn’t take good care of it.”

Even Carol volunteered to search for it, but there was no sign of the dagger. I wouldn’t mind if it were something I had purchased, but the fact that it was something that someone else had given me made me feel worse. But I didn’t want to cast doubt on others. First of all, it is impossible that the Conler people would steal anything. Where did it go?

I heard a knock on my door as I was looking for the dagger. Logan was the one who entered.

“Are you busy?”

“Is it time to study? I need to rest; I don’t feel well.”

After my birthday, I made the decision to take a break from studying, but Logan showed up and gave an insensitive response.

“Take it easy; I’m not here to study.”

“What brought you here, then?”

“Because ancient history classes are progressing so slowly,”

“Mr. Logan.”

At this point, nothing is colder than my voice; even Britina’s ice flower pales in comparison. Logan laughed, saying he was joking.

“It was a joke. Do you really detest studying so much?”

“No, that’s not it. I just hate ancient history.”

“Is everything else okay?”

“I’m sorry, I hate studying.”

“It’s nice to be honest.”

Logan gave me a thumbs up. I’m glad the tutor is such a nice person.

“So what’s your business?”

“Oh, I just wanted to ask you a few more questions about your birthday.”

Logan’s words startled me, and Carol left the room, saying she would make tea. When Carol left, I carefully opened my mouth.

“During my birthday?”

“You mentioned that day that a god of the underworld existed.”

Actually, when Lucas came to me and inquired about my day, I omitted the words “Saint” or “engagement in the underworld.” Even Logan, who was well-versed in the underworld, didn’t seem to be able to define the underworld god.

How will Grand Duke Estin respond if he learns that I was referred to as the Saint of the Underworld and that an underworld god asked me to marry him?

I felt an unexpected feeling of fear. I was already responsible for ruining the atmosphere in the house, but I didn’t think I could handle the fallout if this fact became public. Is my selfishness excessive? I had assumed that I would learn about this on my own. After discovering a clue, it won’t be too late to say it once more. But I’m aware that I can’t go it alone. I need aid. Rex? These days, Rex and Logan are too close. Astina? She is simply maturing into a nice person, and for that I am grateful. Demimore?

Demimore is.

I haven’t seen him since, but Grand Estin informed me that he wanted to postpone his engagement to me. The engagement appeared to have been dissolved unsuccessfully. Because it was the imperial family, I was unable to decline.


I find it sad just thinking about it.

What if I had been able to get in touch with Leo? Even though it’s a little self-centered of me to look for Leo only when I need him, I still miss him terribly. No, I don’t care if he can’t assist me or get in touch with me; all I want is for him to be alive.

“Oh, on my birthday, the demon’s blessing wanes.”

I agonized over it and eventually mentioned the fact that the blessing wanes on my birthday rather than the saint of the underworld.

“What do you mean?”

“How I wish I had understood what I was saying.”

In order to record what I was saying, Logan pulled out a parchment piece of paper. Other words were written all over the parchment. Logan’s defense was too strong for me to sneak up and steal a glance at what was written. That’s cheap. I gave up and returned to my seat.

“Why would the god of the underworld want to abduct Miss Mary?”

Because I’m the saint of the underworld?

“One possibility, the God is an enemy of the Conlers.”


“They might be anticipating your birthday because, as you mentioned, the blessing wanes at that time.”

Logan’s assertions made sense. I nodded.

“However, I believe the likelihood of this is low.”


Why are you changing your course after bringing up the possibility? I gave Logan a perplexing look as I observed him. Logan said with a shrug.

“Then, when they attacked the Miss’ carriage, they would have taken you hostage and demanded something from Conler.”


“In the first place, they wouldn’t have locked you up in that orphanage for nine years.”

“I suppose so……?”

“That means that what they’re after is Miss Mary herself.”


“Did they really not tell you anything?”

I seriously considered whether I should say I’m called the Saint of the Underworld here. If it’s Logan, wouldn’t it be okay to say it? Logan will be able to get closer to the truth with what I say. His eyes seemed to see through everything.

However, I soon became frightened of having to face the truth once more. What if my family rejects me and sends me to Nicor because I am a saint of the underworld? What if all of my dreams are precognitive dreams?

“.. I’m not sure.”

“It’s all right.”

Logan gave me a long look when I paused before telling me it was alright. Again, I received an unexpected response, which made me anxious. Logan, who I assumed would blame for not being honest as if he knew everything, instead consoled me.

“I’m not sure if I pushed too hard, but I think the lady was the one who was most surprised.”

When I heard his sincere voice, I bowed my head. I’d rather forget everything. Can’t we start over? Oh, please give me one more chance to regress.

“In a sense, Miss Mary would be the one who is most frustrated.”

I was unable to respond to Logan’s remarks. I thus only played around with my fourth finger. The pain persisted.

“Let’s get to know each other step by step. What is hidden under here.”

[T/N: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Wishing you health, wealth, and new blessings to count each day of 2023.]

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