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Hello, Readers! I am celebrating my birthday with extra chapter updates, so please enjoy this special chapter release of two bonus chapters! 🥳

(Lurelia’s Birthday Bonus – Update 1/2 🎉)


The next day, Vincent’s classes with Livia began.

After a brief lunch, she packed her class materials and headed to Vincent’s room.

Badump, badump, badump…

Her heart pounded with worry; she couldn’t sleep last night due to a series of incidents.

She was actually feeling so nervous right before the class began that she couldn’t think of anything. 

Truthfully, this wasn’t her first time teaching.

When Livia was attending the academy, she took advantage of vacations to teach classes for young children of aristocratic families.

They were exactly the same age as Vincent. So she technically had experience with this job.

Even so, she didn’t think she was this nervous back then.

Unlike back then when she was not very inspired, she was now so nervous that her palms were sweaty.

Additionally, Vincent hadn’t had class with Anna yet.

According to Winston, Vincent’s rejection was so severe that Anna had not yet been able to give a proper class.

This was good news for Livia, but…….

It was fortunate that Anna and Vincent haven’t formed a bond yet, but Livia still felt uneasy because she couldn’t guarantee that she would be an exception.


Livia was also worried because she knew Anna’s tendencies better than anyone else.

Regardless, she would try her best. 

Standing in front of Vincent’s room, Livia took a deep breath and went inside.

And the moment she checked the room.

She was speechless.


There was no one in the room. 


A leisurely afternoon.

Anna, who finished her morning class, was leaning back in her armchair, leisurely shaking her wine glass.


She sipped at the whine and hummed.

Since entering the residence of the Duke of Mercedes, she was having the most satisfying day.

Anna recalled the morning class.

Since she hadn’t been able to give classes due to Vincent’s refusal, Anna was dubious.

Anna didn’t trust Vincent one bit.

She was going to protest properly if he refused the class again this time.

However, contrary to Anna’s expectations, Vincent was sitting in front of the desk waiting for Anna.

He looked very nervous and stiff, but throughout the class, Vincent tried to keep up with the class.


To Anna, Vincent looked strange for acting like that.

Anna was also an aristocrat, so she knew from rumors how uncooperative Vincent Mercedes was in class.


So what?

It didn’t matter whether the young master was crazy or not.

Anna’s purpose was not to become a tutor for the young master; her objective was the father, Duke Cardien Mercedes.

Classes with Vincent were only a means to have Cardien.

However, she was curious about Vincent’s attitude that changed overnight.

Anna asked while organizing the class materials after class.

“You are paying attention in class today, which is surprising. What’s going on?”

Vincent, startled by Anna’s question, hesitated, twisting his fingers.

She was curious about the reason Vincent changed, but the moment Anna, who had no intention of waiting for a long time, was about to leave the room.

“Because we decided to be friends……”

A faint voice caught Anna’s footsteps.

Anna turned her head.

Vincent, with flushed cheeks, looked lovely and was at a loss for what to do.

The moment she saw that, Anna’s expression hardened.

She intuitively recognized it.

Vincent’s change–


The boy nodded. 

“Are you talking about Livia?”

It must have something to do with Livia Pellington.

When the name “Livia” was mentioned, Vincent’s eyes widened.

It was as if his eyes were asking her ‘how did you know?’ 

In an instant, Anna gnawed on her molars.

‘Livia again.’

Livia, Livia, damn Livia!

Livia has always been like that.

An arrogant and hateful being who always made her feel miserable despite being nothing special compared to her.

Anna was compared to Livia wherever she went. Every time, Anna was rated lower than Livia.

That fact made Anna miserable and furious.

However, as their father’s relationship changed, so did Anna’s relationship with Livia.

Anna had separated her thoroughly, isolated her.

Seeing Livia become a loner gave Anna a great sense of satisfaction.

Yes, Livia Pellington.

‘No matter how hard you try, you’ll never even reach my toes for the rest of your life.’

…….and so…….

Vincent nodded again.

“Friends, we decided to… I’m going to try too…..”

Two cheeks, stained red. Red eyes filled with a strange anticipation. Even the fingers interlocking shyly.

Anyone can see that Vincent’s appearance was that of a child trying to be liked by someone.

It that someone hadn’t been Livia, Anna could have let it go.

Anna felt like her stomach turned upside down, seeing Vincent speaking shyly with a red face.

As it was, Anna couldn’t let Livia and Vincent get any closer. So, Anna turned around and went back to Vincent.

She leaned over, looked into his eyes, and smiled like an angel.

“I see. But what to do? No matter how hard you try, the young master and Livia won’t be friends.”


Vincent looked at Anna as if he were wondering what that meant.

At that moment, the corners of Anna’s lips curled up. Her eyes, which tried to send as much pity as possible, and her lips which burst into an unbearable laughter, created a bizarre expression.

“Livia doesn’t like stupid things.”


“I know Livia well. I’ve known her since childhood. Livia has been called gifted since childhood. Since she was young, she’s been judged as a gifted child and people around her had high expectations. Was it only when she was young? Even during our academy days, she never missed the top spot.”


“Maybe that’s why, as a friend, I’m not going to say anything about it, but Livia is very, very arrogant and double-minded. In particular, she hates stupid people very much. Even when she was in the academy, she said she didn’t want to hang out with stupid people, and because of that she was alone.”

As Anna continued to speak, Vincent’s expression gradually turned pale.

Anna, who was looking at Vincent with a sidelong glance, put a wedge in Vincent’s heart with a smile of satisfaction.

“But after today’s class, the level of the young master is not enough compared to your peers……to be honest, it’s the worst I’ve seen.”

This was a lie.

Of course, it was true that he lagged behind his peers due to the absence of studies for a long time, but he had excellent understanding and application skills, so with a little effort, he would be able to catch up quickly.

Rather, it was surprising that he followed the class better than she thought.

But Anna whispered in a soft voice to plant despair and frustration in Vincent’s heart.

“If you take Livia’s classes with such skills, Livia will most likely leave this place disappointed by the young master.”

Vincent’s face grew paler and paler, and his large eyes were filled with tears.

His mind was filled with only the image of Livia leaving in disappointment with himself.

“I’ll help you, Young Master, no– My Lord.”

Vincent looked at Anna with shaky eyes at those words.

Anna was smiling so brightly, in contrast to Vincent’s desperate expression.

“Run away. First of all, you should refuse Livia’s classes. And after you improve your academic level through classes with me, you can enter Livia’s classes. Then I’m sure Livia will like you too.”

“Ha…, but if I refuse class with Tutor Livia……”

Anna’s eyes froze coldly at the sight of Vincent, who was worried about the comfort of Livia while refusing her class like a plague.

But soon she said with a smile as bright as spring, “I will tell the butler. Then I’m sure the butler will understand.”

Vincent recalled Winston being kind to Anna.

Not only Anna, but Winston had been kind to all the tutors.

Anna really seemed to be able to convince Winston.

Anna got up, approached the door and opened the tightly closed door.

“Come on. Hide where no one can find you.”

Vincent’s eyes shook violently at Anna’s whisper. Before long, Vincent ran out of the room as if being chased by something.

Anna smiled contentedly when she confirmed that Vincent had fled.

“After all, you can’t beat me, Livia.”

Just like in the academy, she was confident that this time it would be her victory again.


Livia stared quietly into the empty room.

Vincent was nowhere to be found.

Was he refusing to take classes?

It could be. This was the same Vincent who has been refusing classes so far. There was nothing different about her class.


Livia was sure that he took Anna’s class properly. It was a report delivered through Chelsea.

‘You take Anna’s class but refuse my class?’

Did he feel too betrayed that Livia was a tutor? Perhaps she was too hasty.

A feeling of regret came over her for a moment, but she clenched her fists and shook her head.

It was too early to get discouraged. Really, things hadn’t even started yet. This much was already expected.

First things first, she had to find Vincent.

Livia could have told Winston about this and begged for his pardon, but she didn’t want to.

Not only because of the fact that it could get into Cardien’s ears, it was also because she wanted to hear Vincent’s story first.

After leaving the room, Livia headed straight to the western hill.


(E/N: Anyone else ready to murder Anna? Just me? 😡)


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