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When the status window popped up, I immediately checked the new function, ‘View People’.

On the screen, I could see about five lists, and as I scrolled down, there seemed to be more.

But apart from the top three, the other lists were grayed out and appeared to be inactive.

The top three in the list had faces I knew.

When I saw Recardo Winchester, who seemed to have come out of a cartoon, a detailed person view appeared like a pop-up.

[1. Recardo Winchester

Title: Ruler of Black Flame

Causality 0.5%]

Oh…… the ruler of Black Flame?

But what does causality mean?

I soon scrolled down below it.

[2. Jin Winchester

Title: None

Causality: 1.5%]

[3. Othello Winchester

Title: None

Causality: 1%]

Sky blue hair and pink hair villain oppas.

(E/N: Oppa = can be used for literal big brothers/elder brothers (as is the case here) or culturally as a flirty/affectionate way to call an older male friend)

Unlike the nasty real thing, the embedded photos felt like looking at pretty child models.

Also, I couldn’t figure out the meaning of ‘causality’.

But what about the story of early achievement?

It was also true that the thought of an unexpected message made me anxious.

[‘Hurry up and kill me,’ Sasha begged Evan painfully. In her empty eyes, there were afterimages of the hellish days she had been through.]

It was a phrase that showed how excruciating her pain was when she was suffering from an incurable disease.

[But Evan ignored her and passed by, and she collapsed in despair again and sobbed.]

I never want to go through that kind of pain, and I will never leave the world so miserably.

I hate endings like that! I don’t like the original!


I was staring at the character viewing window when I heard Maya’s voice, and was startled.

“Miss, you are standing again. You have to sleep now.”

The amazing thing about a baby’s body is that when it learns something, it instinctively does it day and night.

Having learned to stand up, I was standing up whenever I had a chance.


When I looked at Maya who had laid me down, she turned the music box that sounded like a lullaby about 10 times.

“You’re so cute. I’ll cover you with a blanket, Miss.”

I saw Maya’s face looking at me warmly.

“Sleep well, Miss. Have a nice dream.”

Soon she turned away from me.

It was Maya’s nightly routine of sleeping in the space next to my room and  checking on me several times throughout the night.

“Uwa! Uwa!” 

As I opened my hand and tried to hold the mobile, I suddenly became curious.

Why doesn’t information about Maya appear in the ‘View People’?

Maybe it’s because she’s not the main character in this novel.

Given that only the three men from the Winchester family appeared, it was highly likely.

If so, in the future it would be possible to check whether someone is an important person or not by reading about them in ‘View People’. 

I started to fall asleep slowly, and soon enough, I was deep asleep.


I looked around. This was still the Winchester Mansion.

But strangely enough, my hands and feet looked much bigger than before. Like an adult’s.

And I was standing alone in a dark, magnificent room bathed in moonlight.

[This is a preview video of the ending of “The Only Family – Overprotection”, a bonus for opening the character viewing.]

[※If you achieve 100% causality, you will receive a random bonus ending regardless of the progress of the story.]

[It has been re-edited for all ages in consideration of the psychological shock of the user, and the actual end of the privilege may be slightly different from the teaser video.]

There was a blue window floating in front of my eyes.

But…… a special ending……?

Suddenly, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a silver-haired woman who seemed to have descended from heaven.

I must have been around twenty years old. It was a beauty that was hard to take my eyes off. No way, could it be that I grew up to be like this?

There was a huge door in this grand but dreary room. I instinctively tried to open the door and leave, but when I heard footsteps, my feet pulled back.

Only then did I realize that I had no control over my body.

It was because only my mind was possessed in an already fixed situation, and I could not move or speak on my own.

As the door opened, my body instinctively crumpled, and I felt something inside me was afraid.

After a while, what I saw was Recardo Winchester…… Dad?

No, the hair color is different.

He was as tall as Recardo Winchester and had an unapproachable energy, but he certainly looked like a young man in his twenties.

His hair was sky blue, and his eyes were filled with darkness that seemed to come from the abyss.

As soon as our eyes met, a chill ran down my spine.

“Brother…… I want to go out. It’s been three months since I’ve been here, and I’m so tired….”

A trembling voice came out of my mouth.

He seemed to be my older brother, Jin.

Wow… … I knew he was handsome, but he’s this tall.

Just looking at his face is enough to make you admire it.

“Meeting father ….”

“He won’t be back for a while. Because the winter in Rosento is harsh.”

A low voice rang in my ears.

“Please let me go. How long are you going to keep me locked up?”

Suddenly, a cruel smile appeared on Jin’s lips.

In an instant, a dark aura of black flames seemed to circulate behind him.

“It’s for your own good. I can’t let those weak ankles step on the harsh ground.”

His low voice was monotonous enough to give goosebumps.

“I found undissolved powdered medicine in the tea you give me every evening. That…..does my brother do this on purpose? I didn’t eat it, so my body is stronger than before…..I feel like my stamina is returning.”

As I spoke, my body began to tremble.

Wait a minute…… in this timeline, Jin is drugging me?

“Tell me the truth, Brother.”

Jin didn’t answer for a long time.

The silence seemed to suffocate me.


Instead of answering, Jin took a step closer to me.

My heart was about to explode. I couldn’t breath well because I was afraid his hand would twist my neck at any moment.

Then he leaned over slightly and whispered close to my ear.

“You said you’d be a good girl in exchange for me sparing Evan Taylor’s life, Sasha.”

Goosebumps appeared around my neck. Why is the name of the main character suddenly mentioned?

“I hate seeing my only family suffering in a dangerous world. You have such a weak body and a weak heart.”

If there’s only one left….

A strong scent of blood permeated the tip of my nose.

“If you get hurt, can I endure it without killing all living things? Just thinking about it makes me feel so dirty.”

“Brother, please.”

“You’re irresponsible, Sasha. You were the one who let that power go wild. The world is already covered in darkness.”

Creepy goosebumps set in, and several scenes passed through my mind.

The devastated Winchester estate and the people who have become corpses.

“Ugh…… Brother, I can’t be locked up here forever…….”

“I have no intention of letting you go.”

A deep madness flashed in his eyes as he uttered in a voice filled with strange anger.

Jin’s lips twitched and trembled cruelly.

“Rely on me, Sasha. We are each other’s only family now.”

Then he leaned over and began putting something on my bruised ankle.

I felt like my mind was falling into a distant dark world. I heard the sound of the shackles being fastened on my ankles.

“I will protect you forever.”

I woke up with my eyes wide open.

In front of me, I saw a familiar ceiling with a mobile attached to it.

Alongside the sense of relief I felt upon returning to reality, curses came flooding back as I recalled the dream I just had that wasn’t a dream.

What is this??


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