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[Acquired Characteristic! Rattle master!]

[We praise you for your indomitable will to become a rattle master through persistent efforts.]

[Pave your path without wavering in the future to acquire various attributes.]

[※ You can check the application of the attribute in your profile.]

It must be my misunderstanding that it seems to be mocking me somehow, right?

Anyway, shaking the rattle hard must have worked, so I became a rattle master.

I checked the profile.

[Name: Sasha Winchester (LV.1)]

[Occupation: Unemployed]

[Attribute: Rattle Master (Strength +3)]

Strength plus 3? I looked at the profile window with grim eyes and listened to the rattle again.

Oddly enough, it seemed a little lighter, but there was no big difference.

And at that moment, something went through my head.

No way…….

I mustered up my courage and reached for the bed guard.

Then, grabbing it, I tried to lift myself up vigorously.


The moment I finally stood up after overcoming several moments when my legs almost gave up, I was overwhelmed with extraordinary emotions.

Baby Sasha! I finally got hold of it and stood up!

Oh! Yeah, this is how it feels to be standing.

And Maya, who was organizing my toys, looked back at me and widened her eyes.

Yeah, Maya, this is who I am originally. Look how cool I am.

I held myself dignifiedly and showed a standing posture and stood firm until Maya approached me.

“Oh my God, Miss! My Miss…….”

Maya’s eyes were shaking.

I smirked with pride.

“Wait, this is not the time to be just staring at the Miss! What luck!” Then Maya opened the door straight away and started screaming excitedly, “Everyone! Miss Sasha is standing! Miss Sasha grabbed onto the bed guard and stood up!”

At Maya’s words, maids rushed in front of my door.

“Oh my gosh. To hear that the young miss is already standing.”

“The look on your face! It’s so cute. Oh, gosh.”

They were all amazed to see me standing upright.

Huhu, I’m a little bit cool. This was all the result of intense rattle training.

“Who is standing?”

I was also very proud until I heard the voice.

And the maids who were making a fuss fell silent as if water was poured directly on their voices.

Maybe it was because they knew the owner of the voice very well.

The maids split to both sides, and Othello, who was about the size of their chests, entered my room with a haughty expression.

“What? Are you making a fuss that she can hold onto something? “

“………Young Master…….”

Maya bowed her head to Othello with a bewildered expression.

Since Othello had been under probation, I rarely had seen his face.

“How come you look fatter than last time. Have your cheeks doubled in size too?”

The unwelcome guest approached me, already trying to start a quarrel. 

Villain prospect. This pink hair.

I put up with the critical gaze and turned my eyes away.

And at the same time, the strength in my hands was loosening, so I fell on my buttocks.

Ouch… … I reflexively closed my eyes, but when my butt touched the bed, I opened them again.

And at that moment, Othello’s eyebrows twitched.


Somehow Othello’s expression seemed to have hardened.

Then suddenly, he uttered in an annoyed tone, as if he didn’t like something, “Ha……really, you.”

Maya looked at Othello and me alternately and smiled.

“It’s ridiculous,” Othello scoffed. “You’re so weak that you can’t even stand properly.”

“This is how fast she grows.”

“Oh, Jin said he left his scarf behind.”

Maya nodded at Othello’s words. “Yes, because the miss hiccuped……..”

“Give that to me. I’ll give it to him.”

“Ah……, you’re here to get Master Jin’s scarf?”

After such a long time, the owner seemed to have forgotten about the scarf.

At Maya’s question, Othello immediately grumbled and became annoyed.

“Then would I just have come to see the little kid in my spare time?!”

The maids at the door seemed to be holding back their laughter. When Othello looked at them with fierce eyes, they scattered.

Maya hid her smile and nodded.

“Yes, I’ll look for it. By the way, Young Master, why don’t you have a tea time with the miss while you’re here? It seems that the young miss is lonely.”

Now……wait, Maya?

My eyes widened, but Maya suggested  tea time, regardless of my will.

I wanted to avoid it, but I was sure Othello wouldn’t accept the offer…….

“Well, yes, fine,” Othello said while sitting on a chair in the room with a pouty expression. “Quenne’s black tea is quite fragrant. The same goes for snacks.”

Maya, who hailed from Quenne, brewed black tea quite well.

“Yes, Young Master. I’ll prepare it. In the meantime you also should sit down.”

She reached under my armpits and lifted me up.

I thought you wanted to put me in the high chair……


Othello raised his eyebrows and made a surprised expression.


I, who was about to be hugged by Othello, loudly expressed my will with my arms and legs.

“Babies love to be hugged, Young Master.”

Ma……Maya? I’ve been so nice to you! How could you do this to me!

“If you don’t hug her, the miss may cry loudly, and the young master doesn’t like the sound of a baby crying.”


I wanted to argue with this suddenly agreeable Othello.

“So, while I prepare the tea, it would be nice if the young master could hold the young miss for a while.”

Othello, who blushed against his own will, held out both hands to me with an annoyed expression.


“You’re really bothering me.”

And my shoulder was buried in Othello’s shoulder within seconds.

I could see his earlobes vividly in front of me, and they were quite red.

Am I right now…….in Othello’s arms?

No matter how young he may be, he is the mad Othello Winchester, who will later become a dog psycho villain, so to be in his arms…..

I should avoid my brother’s arms even if I die.

“If you cry, I will spank you.”

I heard Othello’s voice in my ears.

Maya began to prepare tea while humming.

I couldn’t see Othello’s face, but I could tell he was holding a baby for the first time.

After all, when else would an eight-year-old boy have a chance to hug a baby.

The way Othello held me was very uncomfortable, and I wanted to push him away hard, but if I did, I would have just inflicted a concussion on myself, so I had no choice but to freeze and to be held in his arms.

Maya! Why on earth do you believe Othello and let him hug me!

“It’s annoying…”

After a while, I heard Othello’s voice in my ears.

Hey, I’m more annoyed.

“You stink.”

I was furious at Othello’s words. I had a fresh change not even half an hour ago, and I also bathed THIS MORNING. What the hell do you mean I smell?! 

“…..the smell of a baby. Just keeps coming out.”

Huh? I think Othello just whispered something.

“It smells like Trisha too…..”

When Maya brought the brewed tea and put it on the table, Othello handed me to Maya.

Then he got up from his chair and turned around.

“Young Master, you should have some tea.”

“Come to think of it, I have something to do, so I have to go.”

Maya blinked at Othello’s words.

“I also prepared snacks that the young master likes…..”

“Give it to Sasha.”

“The miss has only six teeth yet…….”

“Anyway, I’ll go first.”

Othello’s expression was not visible, but his earlobes still looked red.

After Othello left, Maya smiled while hugging me.

“He has a cute side.”

And after a while, she screamed as if she had forgotten something.

“That’s right, scarf.”

Damn it! Shit! Even if I forgot everything, I should have taken care of it!

The fact that he still had an excuse to come back was driving me crazy.

And then the status window flashed in front of my eyes.

[Meet Jin Winchester seven times]

[Accomplish three encounters with Othello Winchester]

But that wasn’t the end.

These red letters…..what?

[You have achieved the attention of the Duke of Winchester.]

[Due to the early completion of the achievement, the “View People” function will be activated.]


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