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Jin’s scarf was definitely made of good material, but when I put it on my shoulder, it felt burdened.

After a 30-minute stroll that felt like a thousand years, Jin handed over the stroller to Maya.

I sat limp in my baby stroller with a look like I was ten years imprisoned.

The walk ended without any problems, so Maya looked at Jin with a warm look on her face as if she had misunderstood him and said, “I didn’t know that the young master was so fond of the young miss.”

I wanted to spit and refute.

Maya, he threatened me! He said that he would twist me like a dried flower if I cried more! 

That’s not exactly what he said, but I think that’s what he meant. It was strongly implied.

Jin’s eyes turned to me as I was looking at Maya with an unfair look.


“Oh, you’re still hiccupping.” 

Jin’s lips twisted delicately.

A man’s personality and appearance may be inversely proportional to the worldview.

If you look at the three, Duke Recardo, Jin, and Othello, that’s definitely the case.

Because if they say things like that with that face, an innocent person like Maya will think Jin is sweet.

“I’ll come to pick up the scarf next time, Sasha.”

Those words startled me. I was taken aback by that statement.

Ah…, take it now. I struggled, but Maya only checked my clothes.

“Yes, young master. Come visit again next time.”


Maya bowed her head to bid him farewell, and Jin smiled and turned around.

Looking at the sky blue hair that was moving away, I was just devastated as if I had lost the world.

Again…’re coming again? I don’t want that!

An inaudible cry echoed from within.


“I went to see Sasha.”

Jin, who entered Othello’s room where he was sharpening his dagger and wooden sword, said as much as he approached the window.

Othello’s hand paused at Jin’s words. Then a few seconds later, Othello began to sharpen the knife again.

It was an elaborate and delicate hand gesture that was hard to see for an eight-year-old.

“It’s not as bad as you’re worried about”

At those words, Othello opened his mouth in a fit of rage.

“I never worried about that kid.”

The image of Sasha sleeping in a ‘hooray’ pose without knowing the world came to Othello’s mind, but Othello tried to focus on sharpening the wooden sword again.

“By the way…….”

Jin’s voice came back. Jin smiled as he looked at Othello’s hands, which stopped again.

He was a really transparent guy. It was like that when Trisha was around, and even now.

“Are you going to participate in the Merco hunting ground boy’s hunting competition?” Jin turned away, pretending not to know.

Othello, who had been making a bitter face for a while since the words didn’t go in the direction he wanted, opened his mouth.

“I am not interested in children’s games. The only animals you can catch there are birds, rabbits, and rats, and the long protective gear is ridiculous enough to annoy you just by looking at it.”

Jin looked out the window as if he understood.

He couldn’t imagine himself hunting birds, to see black birds taking off at the sound of the guns. 

“I’m thinking of finding a suitable excuse. And you?”

The Juvenile Hunting Festival, which allowed participation between the ages of seven and thirteen, was one of the annual events of the Yanut Empire.

The Winchester brothers, who competed for the first time last year, took first and second place side by side despite being the youngest.

“I thought so too. Until I heard that Taylor was coming.”

Othello eyebrows twitched at Jin’s words.

“Taylor, is that that unlucky black-haired kid?”

Jin nodded.

Evan Taylor, the son of Duke Chenoa Taylor, the family of Taylors of Light, and the heir who will take over the title of head of the Taylors in the future.

Just as it was the fate that Ricardo Winchester and Chenoa Taylor were bound to be lifelong rivals, so will the future generations.

The two families have always been at odds.

“That would change the story.”

Othello, who had finished cutting the wooden sword, put down the dagger. The wooden sword he sharpened was sharp enough to cut things.

A sharp energy settled in Othello’s dark green eyes.


Damn it, Sasha… … You did a great job today.

It was a tough fight.

I encouraged myself up and immediately gulped down the milk Maya had given me. 

In the original story, it was not stated whether the two twin brothers bullied Sasha. 

This was because Sasha was a supporting character close to an extra, and <Taylor’s Family> was the center of the narrative about the male lead, Evan Taylor.

But through recent events, I have become convinced that at least one of her twin brothers may have hated her very much.

No, maybe both.

“I didn’t know that young master Jin would love the young miss so much.”

I almost snorted at Maya’s words.

“Young master Othello, who is keeping a low profile, must also regret a lot.”

Maya’s voice continued to be heard.

“Wouldn’t you like to see such a cute girl from the bottom of your heart?? Even the icy master Jin seems to have fallen for the lady…..and master Othello, who came to visit in the middle of the night and fell asleep because he was worried about the young lady… … .”

Filter… … Ear filter activated!

Anyway, ignoring Maya’s fussy words, I emptied another bottle.

Now that I’m a little bigger, I can burp in a low-butt high chair without Maya hugging me.

Since I burped on my own, I less frequently vomited up milk and my clothes got less wet. Anyway, the quality of my life was getting better little by little with my growth.

Maya smiled and hugged me when she heard my burp.

“Oh my, you are so pretty.”

Then she sat me on her lap and opened a book.

“Since my lady drank well and burped well, I will read you an interesting book today.”

The book Maya opened was a fairy tale filled with pictures, and it was one of the books designed for people who were responsible for raising children, and was made for infants and toddlers for a long time.

It was said that the 9th family head personally inspected and revised it. They said that the original was written by talented fairy tale writers.

“Once upon a time there lived a rabbit and a tiger. The rabbit and the tiger, who were baby animals, were very close friends.”

Maya, who opened the fairy tale book, began to read the book realistically and vigorously.

Cute rabbits and tigers appeared in the colorful children’s books loved by babies.

“Then one day, the tiger started to get teeth. A sharp pointed tooth.”


Can’t we stop here. This book……the content is not good for a baby to read.

“Yes, that’s right. And the tiger’s claws also started to grow longer. But the baby rabbit did not leave the tiger.”

I don’t know why the hell she said “Yes, that’s right”, but Maya continued to read the fairy tale.

“Until the eyes of the tiger, who had been his best friend, turned very frightening. The rabbit believed the tiger. Because the tiger was the only friend of the rabbit. He thought the two of them would stay close forever.”

Speaking of the characteristics of this story collection for infants and toddlers… … .

“In the end, the grown tiger got hungry and ate the rabbit in one bite. The Rabbit was very meaty and delicious. That’s why you shouldn’t live a comfortable life like the rabbit.”

It was extremely realistic and pessimistic, and there was a lot of grotesque content – in short, it was very suitable for the ‘villain family’.

And Maya, who was said to be from Quenne, seemed completely influenced by the Winchester family, and was reciting scary content with an innocent face.

“If you turn a blind eye to the approaching threat and ignore it, you will face a miserable end. Especially when dealing with the Taylors, who are hiding their beast-like claws under the guise of light. You have to be alert.”

It was a bitterly realistic lesson to learn through animals.

“If you can step on it, you should be willing to step on it and crush it.”

Anyway, a fairy tale book that feels like I threw all my childhood innocence away!

Growing up reading these things made Duke Recardo such a scary person! The same goes for Jin and Othello.

“It’s really fun and touching, isn’t it, Miss? I think so.”


Responding to Maya’s words in an alien language, I mumbled as if I didn’t want to read more books.

“I wanted to read “The Werewolf’s Weakness” next, but you’re sleepy.”

Maya moved me to bed and laid me down.

“Don’t be disappointed. I’ll make sure to read that book next time.”


While waving my arms and legs to decline, Maya stroked my forehead lovely several times.

A light breeze was blowing through the window.


Months passed.

Recardo Winchester, my dad, hadn’t been looking for me for a while.

But I couldn’t be relieved just because I was away from his interest.

Because there was an ambush.

I was wondering if Jin was having fun by bothering me.

Every time he saw me, he would say something snarky, observe my reaction, and then smile strangely.

I couldn’t avoid it, even if I wanted to.

There have been several times when I pretended to be asleep when I saw Jin while taking a walk in the baby carriage.

‘That’s an interesting reaction today, Sasha.’

I worry a lot about how to get out of his sight.

Time passed and the cold wind outside died down.

Dangle, dangle, dangle. (Baby rattle sounds)

As soon as I woke up, I exercised hard with the rattle in my inventory.

When I first took it out, Maya said, “Oh, I’ve never seen this rattle before,” but after seeing that I liked it so much, she said “ I guess I don’t remember…” and gave it back to me.

[Occupation: Unemployed]

[Characteristic: A lazy person who likes to hang around]

[Ability: 1 (View overall ability has not been released)]

After that, I would shake the rattle whenever I had a chance, but my ability level remained the same.

Jobs and characteristics were still the same.

‘I have to grow up quickly to run away.’

I heard that you gain 0.01 muscle strength per minute…….was that a lie?

Eventually, when I got tired of shaking it, I put the rattle down.

[Acquiring Characteristics!] 

Oh, it seems that something has finally happened.


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