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“It’s not a big deal if Taylor goes on a rampage.”

Othello, who won the boys’ hunting contest, was very excited.

However, even though they were in the same barracks, Jin’s expression didn’t look like that.


“Why don’t you say anything, Jin. He dropped out at once, that bastard. I mean he surrendered…..”

“It was on purpose.”


Othello twitched his eyebrows.

Jin licked his lips with cold eyes.

“You’re deliberately hiding your abilities, Evan Taylor.”

The Taylors of Light were one of the four most influential and powerful families in the empire – a family with the ability to illuminate the world.

In the family, the person of family lineage called ‘heir’ inherited the strongest power, such as Jin in Winchester and ‘Evan Taylor’ in the Taylors family.

“What do you mean? You mean that kid lost on purpose?”

“I couldn’t feel that clear-blue power of light.” 

Jin recalled the time when he faced Evan Taylor, who was half a hand shorter than himself.

Othello deliberately quarreled with Evan, and people gradually gathered around them.

It was common to use a hunting contest as an excuse to throw a punch at a guy you didn’t like, and it was an interesting topic to fight between the fledglings who would carry the future of the Taylors and Winchesters.

Evan drew his sword as if he couldn’t help it.

With jet black hair and blue eyes, he seemed to think everything in the world was boring….. A face that was not suitable for his age.

“I’m sure it could have been used.”

At that time, Evan Taylors’ sword did not show the slightest hint of light – not even a glow.

The power of a “human” is “human weakness”, so there had to be a limit that could not be overcome.

However, special powers such as ‘Black Flame’ and ‘Pure Light’ gave ordinary people power to the extent that they could not be matched. 

Therefore, not using “Pure Light” when dealing with the Black Flame of Winchester meant that he had no will to fight at all.

“Ha. No way…. There’s no reason the kid should be like that.”

Jin’s lips twitched.

“….. As if it was something he didn’t want to deal with.”

Evan dropped his sword at Othello’s blow. It was a confrontation that ended in an instant.

‘I lost.’

But there was not the slightest hint of embarrassment on his face.

That voice was still. The hot-tempered Othello didn’t even notice.

“You said he didn’t want to deal with me? … Wait, who are you kidding? The topic is a little boy!”

Othello gnashed his teeth.

“I won’t let you go. Cheeky Taylors.”

“Don’t get involved in things that don’t benefit you. Because the situation is already over.”


However, the hunting competition was already over and there was no reason to go to Evan.

A raucous banquet might be an opportunity, but Jin guessed that Evan Taylor would not be present at the banquet.

Because he was a child whose personality could be roughly guessed just by looking at his face.


Just then the door opened, and a servant came in and reported.

“Young masters, the Duke and Miss Sasha have arrived.”

Othello and Jin rose from their seats at the same time.

* * *

I entered the banquet hall in the arms of Duke Recardo.

The eyes of many children and dozens of adults were focused on me.

The orchestra was playing a classic song, and the atmosphere in the banquet hall was similar to the balls I had imagined in novels.

The Boys’ Hunt, like all aristocratic events, had a Midnight Ball. Luxurious and spacious ballrooms, indoor fountains, and nobles in dresses!

Since I was born, I had lived in the Winchester estate, so the scenery here was unfamiliar and miraculous.



“Did I just see something wrong?”

And even for the people, this appearance seemed very strange and bizarre.

The Duke of Black Flame, Recardo Winchester, holding a child.

As if they had seen a ghost, everyone stopped talking and looked at the duke, and the children also stopped and looked at me hesitantly.


There was no noise of conversation, only classical music playing.


I, too, couldn’t babble even once and just sat still in his arms.

‘I’m scared… … It’s scary….’

Maya regained consciousness after passing out, but was still unable to move, and I followed Recardo to the ball.

Even when he rescued me, Recardo, who was alone, came all the way here on horseback, holding me in his arms.

In fact, the way he held me was quite uncomfortable. 

However, it was unfortunate for me that Duke Recardo’s energy was so bad that no one could interfere.


Duke Recardo stopped and turned his head with a frown as if looking for something.

The sound of people who had been frozen for a moment at his unconventional appearance started talking little by little.

“I heard that his daughter was born…..that…. Is that the princess?”

“But why did the duke himself…”

“Maybe he killed the nanny? Everything, even the maids.”

“Then it makes sense.”

What do you understand….

‘Dads can give their babies a hug!’ I wanted to argue, but….. 

Looking up slightly and looking at Recardo’s bloody eyes, I seemed to understand their thoughts.

“You are fidgeting.”

I heard his low voice.

Tears welled up without my knowledge, but today I decided to hold them in. Because he was wearing an incredibly long sword.

And today I came to know how great Black Flame is.


And when he stopped, a familiar voice was heard.

I turned my head slightly and saw Othello and Jin.

Jin twitched his eyebrows, slightly surprised to see me being held by Duke Recardo.

Othello was clearing his throat, and his ears looked a little red.

I think he just greeted me with a “Sa!” ….. Huh? Why are you avoiding my eyes?

Jin bowed to Duke Recardo.

My neck hurt, so I buried my face in Recardo’s shoulder again. Aah, it’s hard as a rock….

“Father, we won….”

Othello reported to Recardo in a bright voice.

But another voice mingled in from behind.

“You are late. I almost forgot about today.”

With a murmur, the eyes of the nobles turned toward the ballroom door.

What is it, a famous nobleman…? … I couldn’t see it, but I could see the look on people’s faces.


I’m also curious, who is it?


And then a voice was heard.

“Chenoa…. His Excellency, Duke Chenoa Taylor.”

I could hear people’s murmurs in my ears.

My heart started beating at the word Taylor.

Evan Taylor was the main character of the original novel <Taylor’s Home>, and the name of his father, the present Taylors family head, was Chenoa Taylor.


An unusual atmosphere touched my skin, and I could barely turn around a little to see ahead.

Then, I found a man with strong momentum coming this way.

‘The Master of Pure Light’…. He was a man with black hair and blue eyes.

As soon as Chenoa Taylor appeared, the knights immediately rushed to our side and prepared for defense.

Our Winchester family, the villainous family of the novel, has been at odds with the Taylors for a long time.

Just as light and darkness do not mix, these are such beings.

Jin and Othello’s malice was also clearly felt.

Behind Jin, in particular, the black aura that Duke Recardo showed earlier was overflowing.

Suddenly, Chenoa’s voice was heard.

“I didn’t intend to come to see the children’s play.”

He threw a red bag through the nobles, and like the miracle on the red sea, he divided them.

“But since the invitation came, there was no way to avoid it.”

Red liquid flowing on the floor while rolling …… I felt like I knew what it was without even opening the bag.

Before coming here, Dad stopped by somewhere for a while, but no way….

Despite Chenoa’s provocation, there was no change in Recardo’s movements.

A sigh escaped Chenoa’s lips as the music stopped and the atmosphere cooled down.

“After killing my soldiers… … You’re holding the baby in an unbecoming manner, Recardo.”

I felt my heart shrink when those blue eyes filled with murderous intent were directed at me.

And….There are people who are strong enough to be similar to my dad.

Recardo’s lips twitched, and a strong dark aura formed in his hands.

A strong eerie feeling was felt, as seen in the forest.

Then, Taylor’s knights drew their swords, and at the same time, Winchester’s knights also drew their swords. It was an immediate situation.

A blue aura was overflowing from Chenoa Taylor’s body as well.

A war between the Taylors and the Winchesters would destroy many cities in Janut.

There was a saying that if two families with superhuman strength fight, even the capital, Rosento, will be destroyed.

The ladies screamed and the children hid behind their fathers.

And… … What a fun party this is!

“I think you should have sent the invitation first.”

Recardo Winchester’s lips parted, and a cool voice came out.

“….. How dare you? To my daughter.”

All eyes were on me.


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