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Hello, Readers! I am celebrating my birthday with extra chapter updates, so please enjoy this special chapter release of two bonus chapters! 🥳

(Lurelia’s Birthday Bonus – Update 2/2 🎉)

The Winchester estate was half a day’s drive from the Merco Boys’ Hunting Competition grounds.

To explain the geography of Janus for a moment, Rosento, the center of the empire and the Rogentia River running through it, could be said to be the capital.

Rosento is the gathering place of the four families and the most prosperous city.

The decision-making organization called “Berus”, where the heads of the four families gather every month, was also located in Rosento.

And the shape and relationship between Rosento and our territory can be considered like Seoul and Gyeonggi Province. 

(T/N: this means their territory is like a province surrounding the capital city.) 

The four lands surrounding the capital are ruled by Akada of Earth, Halo of Water, Winchester of Darkness, and Taylor of Light.

The Taylors’ land is to the southwest, the Winchesters’ land is to the northeast, the land belonging to Halo of Water is to the southeast, and the land of the Akadas is to the northwest.

Anyway, the place where the hunting competition was held today was the Merco estate under the influence of Halo, and we set off early in the morning in a wagon.


“His Highness the Duke seems to be busy today. It’s a pity.”

I was just shouting at the bird flying outside the window, but Maya understood it wrong and explained for my convenience.

“Maybe it’s because he believes in the young masters. Even if he is the successor of the Taylor family, he will not be an opponent to our young masters.”

Maya’s words suddenly reminded me of the main character I had forgotten.

Come to think of it, it seems that Evan’s name came up in that dog dream as well.

‘You were supposed to listen to me for sparing Evan’s life.’

What kind of relationship did I have with him in my dream to say that?

In any case, Evan is a person I shouldn’t get close to.

The Winchester estate will be destroyed in the future, making me even more miserable…by the protagonist of this story.

“The young masters should have arrived by now, right?”

I heard Maya’s voice.

The carriage we were riding in was running smoothly along a well-paved road.

The contestants, Jin and Othello, started early in the morning, so they already must have arrived.

We were on our way there to cheer for them and take a walk.


“Yes, Miss. You must be hungry now. I’ve prepared some warm soup, so come on….”

It was when Maya lowered her head to pick up something.


An arrow flew in through the window of the carriage and hit the side wall across from Maya, who had her head down.

I was so surprised that I widened my eyes.

Maya raised her head and was startled when the nape of her neck touched an arrow.

“Huh? Uh?”

Realizing that it was an arrow flying in from outside, Maya hurriedly hugged me.

“It’s an attack!”

“Ugh! Ahh!”

Whoosh, whoosh. 

Outside, I heard the sound of wind and the whistle of arrows being shot.

And something clearly appeared in front of my eyes.

[An unexpected event has occurred.]

[The event level is being measured.]

[This event was measured as a ‘rare level’ event.]

[※ This event does not match the user’s level.]

This…. What is a rare event? ….Is this the right event?

About 10 people were out there as my escort, but the situation quickly became a mess.

“It’s a Winchester! It’s a Winchester carriage, you damn bastards!”

The captain of the escort drew his sword and shouted at the enemies.

However, those who appeared wearing black masks did not waver, as if they already knew.

“I don’t know what kind of liver the guy who instigated this has, but you guys will regret being born.” 

The Winchesters’ vengeance was fierce and relentless, and the Winchesters were the Empire’s greatest villainous family.

Nevertheless, when I saw them stepping out, it seemed that they were determined.

“Even if I die here, bloody revenge…. Ugh!”

I was watching the situation outside the window in Maya’s arms.

Those wearing black masks swung their swords at the captain and the few soldiers who remained.

At first glance, they were well-trained, and the number of them was high, so our side was inferior.

I could feel the sweat in my tightly held hands.

“It will be alright, Miss. It will be fine….”

No Maya.

I think we’re both X’s.

Watching the captain of the escort fall, I thought.

[※ This event does not match the user’s level.]

[The proper level for ‘rare’ events is 15 or higher.]

[Forcing the system to adjust.]

[System readjustment failed.]

Is it an error? Do something about this!

I stared at the window in front of me with an anxious heart.

Soon the masked men, who had knocked down all my escorts, came close to the carriage.

Dark red ferocious eyes flashed under the mask.


Maya hugged me and took out something sharp from her bosom.

“This body, even if I die, I will take them with me. Please, only the young miss must be safe!”

Maya was determined as personnel of the perfect Winchester dukedom.

As soon as the masked man grabbed the carriage doorknob and opened it, Maya jumped at him.


However, the man kicked Maya as if he had already guessed that Maya would attack.

The wall of the carriage was pierced by impact. Maya fell outward, and I, who was in Maya’s arms, was not shocked, but fell on my buttocks on the floor.

A black shadow soon fell in front of me.

[System readjustment failed.]

[System readjustment failed.]

I felt like I was stuck in a shitty computer and had a lag.

It was when I was so frustrated that I hit myself on the forehead.

Suddenly, something popped into my mind.

[‘Skill’ has been activated.]


[The system is scanning the skill tree for a rare event.]

[This skill cannot be used.]

[This skill cannot be used.]

[Find a skill matching the Legendary Fate <Key of Mechius> and forcibly manifest it.]

Do something quickly, damn it.

[Acquisition of the SS-class skill, ‘Black Dominion (LV.1)’.]

[This skill does not match the user’s level.]

[Skill criticality is readjusted for balance.(0)]

[Restrictions remain until skill level 10.]

The man slowly pointed the blood-stained sword he was holding at me.

What…..what is it?

What kind of skill is this?

I was still in the body of a helpless baby. No matter what skill I have, I can’t deal with an adult man with a sword.

Nothing but staring….

[Use Black Dominion (LV.1).]

It was when the man tried to stab me with his sword.


The blade came right up to my nose, but it couldn’t advance on me any further.

I saw the man flinch.

“Why….. this is not….”

As if he was taken aback by the fact that he couldn’t stab me, he gripped the handle of his sword with both hands and tried again.

But the man’s hand did not move forward at all.

“This…. Shit….”

The man looked at me like I was a monster and said in bewilderment.

“Winchester… … child of darkness… … A devilish child….”

I noticed that the man couldn’t attack me while I was looking, so I kept looking at him.

I was so nervous as I thought that the baby’s mental strength would not last long, and I kept holding back the cry that was about to burst out.

If I cry and close my eyes, I will die. Me, and Maya too.

“If I don’t break the key, he…..”

The moment the man glared at me and the hand holding the sword trembled.

A frightening and evil energy rushed to my skin, and I felt goosebumps.

The man let his sword fall down, no longer holding it.

I immediately guessed that the reason the man dropped his sword wasn’t because of my skill.

“Ugh…. ugh….”


The masked men who watched as the man tried to kill me grabbed their necks instantly and began to suffer.

Strangely enough, it happened simultaneously.

The dark red-eyed man was startled when he saw someone slowly approaching from the forest rather than the road.


The clatter of hooves rang out. A white horse galloped gracefully.

And on that horse, a tall man appeared. When the halo of the sun behind him faded, his face came into view.


I looked at him in amazement.


The one who appeared was none other than Recardo Winchester.

Dazzling silver hair and cool turquoise eyes that seemed to freeze the world. And the dark energy behind him was vividly visible.

The vivid Winchester pattern and black cape on the black uniform mixed with gray created an intimidating atmosphere as if revealing the notoriety of Recardo, who was called the Reaper of Death.

“Ah….. the Dark King…..”

The dark red-eyed man backed away as if surprised and grabbed me by the throat.

The sound of the white horse stepping on the hard ground thundered closer.

And I could see the dark aura getting stronger. Black aura emanated from all over the ground, entangling the men’s necks.

It was an astonishing scene, as if the end had come, or as if the devil had descended.

It was the moment when I realized how great the power of the Black Flame was, to be able to neutralize enemies numbering over twenty so easily by himself.

To the degree that the memory of Jin eroding the flowers was just a taste of its power.

Black Flame…..It was an incomprehensibly powerful ability.

I felt like my stomach was stuffy because the aura I felt was so thick that it was difficult to breathe.

Unexpectedly, the masked man, who had risen halfway from the ground, looked up at Recardo and bit his teeth.

Recardo’s lips parted and a low voice came out.

“There are many ways to end one’s own life.”

Soon, one of the black and dark auras that bloomed from Recardo’s body reached toward the man’s face like a hand.

“Attacking Winchester’s carriage is the most foolish way.”

“… Please…..please…..”

The man’s dark red eyes shimmered as if he was afraid of something.

“Anything related to you won’t be able to grow even a single blade of grass for you to step on,” the duke continued cruelly.

“Ikaer Azir!” 

Just as the darkness was about to grab the mask, the man shouted something, and his face magically turned black.

And in an instant, his whole body began to crumble into ashes.

It was a terrifying, bizarre scene.

Recardo twitched his eyebrows with cold eyes.

When he looked back, all the masked men had turned to ashes and disappeared, leaving only their clothes and masks on the floor.

“It’s the curse of Kaisa.”

Recardo’s red lips opened.

With a low voice mixed with regretful anger, he dismounted.

Maya was passed out on the ground, and I looked up at Recardo with round eyes.

Recardo’s eyebrows stiffened as he looked at me.

“That’s new.”


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