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Hello, Readers! I am celebrating my birthday with extra chapter updates, so please enjoy this special chapter release of two bonus chapters! 🥳

(Lurelia’s Birthday Bonus – Update 1/2 🎉)

“Miss, why do you have such a bad appetite today?” Maya muttered worriedly after I ate two spoonfuls of puree and then shut my mouth tightly.

As soon as I remembered the dream from earlier, I felt sick to my stomach. As a result, I was unable to eat anything. 

Damn it, damn it, damn it!

One of the biggest shocks I had in this life so far was in response to the fact that there are actual bad endings.

And when the causality rating goes up incorrectly and reaches 100%… … A future like the dream I had earlier…

“I should call the doctor. Your lips are also blue.”

Crazy, overprotective.

I knew from the novel that the men of the Winchester family were half insane.

They’re the world’s worst villain family, so there can’t be a way for them to think normally.

You just have to look at the complete collection of children’s books, which is a must-read for our family.

But even so, the confinement ending is too much.

Besides, if it’s a scene edited for all ages, it might be more brutal in reality….

Imagining it, I shuddered.

“My God, I think you have chills too.”

Maya made a fuss about me, and after a while the doctor came to see me.

In his examination, the doctor determined I was probably scared of something, so he prescribed lavender scent as a means of calming the body and mind of the child.

After the doctor left, I checked the ‘View People’ feature again.

I probably had the privilege of watching Jin’s bad ending because his causality rating was higher than Dad’s and Othello’s.

If so, how about the special endings for Dad or Othello?

Honestly, they were not likely to be less, but at least as bad as Jin’s.

Judging by the line that referred to the world being covered with darkness, it seems that a more serious situation could come than the original novel’s story that I knew.

‘First of all, let’s reduce the situation where the causality rating will increase by avoiding encounters with my father or older brothers. I need to find the elixir anyway, but…. I need to run away as quickly as possible.’

I gradually relaxed my anxious mind with the fragrances prescribed by the doctor.

But it wasn’t long before I heard someone opening my door.

Maya is outside talking to the doctor, so who is it?

However, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

I heard the sound of footsteps approaching me, and I felt that some gaze was staring at me for a long time.

I didn’t open my eyes, waiting for that someone to turn around.

After a while, the sound of feet moving again was heard.

Only after the door closed did I let out a sigh of relief.

And I checked ‘View People’ right away.

[1. Recardo Winchester

Title: Ruler of Black Flame

Causality: 0.5%]

[2. Jin Winchester

Title: none

Causality: 1.5%]

[3. Othello Winchester

title: none

Causality: 2%]

After seeing Othello’s causality rating, I became flabbergasted.

Even after rubbing my eyes and looking at it again, the number 2 percent was clearly visible.

Was it Othello, the person that just visited?

No…. Just yesterday, it was just 1 percent. I glared at the number with a shocked face.

This is an error…. What have I done for it to suddenly rise like this!

But the numbers remained inconsistent.

* * *

As Othello opened his door and entered, he saw Jin’s face and frowned.

Jin sat down with a very bored expression and spoke to Othello.

“Did you go to see Sasha again?”

As spring came and the intensity of education and training increased, he became very busy, but after making an excuse for his first visit the other day, Othello’s nerves often turned to Sasha.


Othello didn’t answer, which meant yes.

A few days ago, the troublesome baby was sick again and the doctor came.

Her lips were blue.

Being born with the surname Winchester and yet being so weak.

Looking at her earlier, she seemed to be fine.


Suddenly, he remembered what happened a few months ago, the night he shot a water gun.

He closed his eyes with a slightly distressed face, not knowing that he was looking down.

Her chubby face was pure white, and her small fists were clenched tightly. She squeezed his fingers in her little fist.

As he watched the baby sleep, it seemed that the smell he had smelled before drifted to the tip of his nose.

Trisha. It was a smell that reminded him of the child’s mother.

As soon as some emotions were about to rise, Othello turned around and left Sasha’s room.

“Sasha is pretty cute.”

He heard Jin’s voice. The name ‘Sasha’ offended Othello.

Othello did not call the baby by name.

Maybe that’s why even his voice, which was not mixed with any special emotion, seemed unwelcome.

“If you’re worried, don’t go out alone like that, and we’ll be going together starting tomorrow….”

“I won’t go any more. And I’ve never been worried,” Othello said sharply, cutting off Jin’s words.


“I won’t waste any more time on a weakling kid. Unlike us, who were born with black flames……”

The black flame formed and wrapped around Othello’s right hand.

However, its concentration was weaker than that of Jin.

“Since I don’t have much, I thought I should work hard.”

At Othello’s words, Jin smiled.

The twins, Jin and Othello, have different strengths and weaknesses.

Their father, Duke Recardo Winchester, thought of Jin as his successor, and Othello must be feeling even more out of sight after being put on probation.

The reason why the villain, who was full of destructive instincts for everything in the world, was obsessed with Sasha is probably because he was looking for a replacement for Trisha, the only one who opened his heart.

The little baby may stimulate Othello’s despair and hope at the same time.


Jin approached Othello.

“The Winchesters are always a team.”

Two eyes of the same color looked at each other.

Unlike Othello, who revealed his insides, Jin instinctively knew how to hide his feelings.

So, even though they were twins born from the same womb, Othello did not fully know Jin’s heart.

However, Jin’s voice calmed Othello’s complicated mind a little.

“Yes. A team.”

Othello’s lips twitched.

A cool voice leaked out, not just copying or affirming.

Soon, Othello looked out the green window.

The black flame on Othello’s hand flickered for an instant and became thicker before returning to its original glow.

* * *

“Mmhh! Dad! Da!” 

One day, I began to mumble.

I succeeded in grabbing and standing up, and now I was walking quite a bit, and each of the maids who saw me toddling around made cute and crazy faces.

“Thi…. thi!” 

When I squeaked while holding the pacifier with fruit inside, Maya replaced the chai berry with a new one.

I was sucking on it deliciously, and suddenly I was taken aback.

“Oh my, the rubber burst. I guess it’s because she has a lot of teeth.”

Maya, who hugged me when I was coughing and patted me on the back to soothe me, sounded like a thunderbolt when she said that I would not be able to use the chai berry in the pacifier in the future.

I started to get ready to cry, with tears automatically forming. Having lived as a baby for nearly a year, the baby’s behavior had become familiar to the body.

Maya comforted me and put a small chai berry into my mouth.

“Now eat it this way, miss.”

It’s less fun than putting it in a pacifier and eating it, but I embraced the new method.

Now, following the doctor’s advice, I was eating soup with quite a bit of ingredients.

Although I do drip so much that it dampens the bib.

“We have to go to the Merco Boys’ Hunting Festival tomorrow, but I’m glad that Merco’s estate is close. It takes five days from Akada, but it takes less than half a day for us.”


“This time, public attention is focused on the participation of Evan Taylor, who is expected to be the successor of the Taylors. Even so, compared to the young masters, he would be new blood.”

I paid attention to Maya’s whining as she fed me chopped chaiberries.

Evan Taylor was the name of the main character in this novel.

And I had heard of the Merco Boys’ Hunt.

In the Empire, the difference between nobles and commoners could be classified as the presence or absence of ‘supernatural ability’.

Aristocrats have their own ‘supernatural abilities’, but since their abilities usually fade after a few generations, in fact, there was no big difference between nobles and commoners in terms of physical ability itself.

Most nobles could only prove that they were special by displaying their supernatural powers, not really use them for anything useful.

However, the 4 major families were different, and even if the ability was transferred to the ‘direct line’ descendants, the size of the power did not decrease in the slightest.

In particular, the children of each family belonging to the direct line had such powerful power that even five- or six-year-old children could simultaneously kill three or four adult men only with their “ability.”

Jin’s black flame was like that, and though Othello’s black flame was weaker than Jin’s, it was still not something an ordinary human would dare to deal with.

So even if it was a boys’ hunting competition, if the direct descendants of the four dukes participated, it was like their own league.

“If such a cute young lady cheers them on, the young masters will be even more happy.”

Seeing Maya’s expression filled with anticipation, my expression immediately contorted.


I don’t think so.


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