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Translator’s Note: in this story, there are still those men and women, this is not a ger story or anything. The protagonist shou really just have this extra genitalia (a kitty cat) naturally for the sake of the plot. This is a degenerate intersex story with NTR and incest. Read at your own risk

TPLOFAS 1: Daddy’s c*ck is so hard and big, the f*cked son’s p*ssy is so comfortable

Spring comes, everything recovers, it is another year of busy spring farming again.

Wu Changming, who had done farm work for a day, carried a hoe and a basket of wild vegetables, and returned home along the rugged mountain road.

As soon as he entered the yard, his frail and sickly son, Wu Ziran, came up to him and took the vegetable basket in his hand.

“Are you tired, Dad? I boiled hot water. You can go back to the house and wash to relieve fatigue. Mother is cooking. You can eat after you finish washing.”

En.” Wu Changming, who’s honest, not good at words and only knew how to work all day long, answered. He entered the house carrying a hoe on his shoulder.

People in the mountains live in poverty, and farm tools are very precious things. No one would put farm tools in the yard overnight.

After his father entered the house, Wu Ziran carried the wild vegetables into the kitchen.

“Mom, this is the wild vegetable that Dad dug from the mountain. I’ll make it into vegetable dumplings.”

Wearing coarse clothes, the beautiful woman heard her son say this, and she responded in an indifferent way: “You do it, I’ll go and see how your father’s doing.”

En.” Wu Ziran responded, and then squatted down to choose wild vegetables from the basket.

In less than a quarter of an hour, those wild vegetables turned into exquisite and beautiful rough noodle dumplings, which were neatly placed by Wu Ziran on the steaming tray in the pot.

After putting the lid on the pot and adding some firewood, Wu Ziran washed his hands and left the stove.

The vegetable dumplings are very small. If he calculated the time he enters the house and calls his father and mother back, arranging the food, bowls and chopsticks; it is estimated that the vegetable dumplings will be done, and it’s time to eat

Wu Ziran who left the kitchen went straight to the main room.

The place where his parents slept was in the east room.

The lights were on in the room, and the door was ajar.

Wu Ziran walked to the door, he was about to call his parents for dinner, but the scene in front of him made him blush and stand there dumbfounded.

He saw his mother lying naked on the bed built by his father. His father was holding his mother’s legs, and his hands were propped on the bed. His tall and strong body was pressing against his mother’s body. He was holding the stick on his crotch. A purple-red p*nis, as thick as a baby’s arm, was pounding and thrusting fiercely in the hole between his mother’s legs.

His mother’s petite body was being swayed by his father, and she kept shouting——

“Ah… ah… Husband¹ penetrated too deeply… Qingniang’s p*ssy is about to be broken by husband..”

“Husband, take it easy… take pity on Qingniang…”

His wife’s cry did not give Wu Changming the slightest pity.

Wu Changming was still swinging his waist and hips quickly, pushing his ferocious and thick p*nis into the meat hole under his wife.

“Ahhh… husband….don’t go so fast…Qingniang can’t stand it anymore…Qingniang…Qingniang…ahhh…”

“Husband… husband….”

Liu Qingniang’s delicate body trembled, her legs are shaking wildly.

Through the crack of the door, Wu Ziran clearly saw a lot of water gushing out of the meat hole between his mother’s legs, the liquid came out following the movement of his father’s giant crotch thrusting and smashing into the meat hole. There was a continuous sound of “puff, puff, puff, puff”.

Listening to this lewd sound and watching the scene of his father pounding his mother, an uncontrollable stream of heat gushed out from the seam between Wu Ziran’s legs.

At this moment, Wu Ziran wished he could replace his mother, lay under his father, spread his legs and let his father use the thick giant on his crotch to enter his small hole and be f*cked by him.

His afraid to stay any longer, but he couldn’t help reaching into his pants to dig the hole between his legs, imagining the scene of his father fucking him to comfort himself. Wu Ziran took one last look at the scene of his father fucking his mother, and went back to the room where he sleeps with weak legs.

As soon as he entered the room, Wu Ziran impatiently took off his shoes and went to bed, pulled up the quilt to cover his body, untied his belt under the quilt, then put his hands into his wet p*ssy to dig and thrust.

His body is naturally different from that of ordinary men, not only he has a man’s p*nis, but also a woman’s p*ssy, in order to cover up this secret, just after his full moon², his parents moved to a mountain far away from the village.

For more than ten years, he seldom went down the mountain. His mother told him everything he knew, and his father occasionally told him some outside knowledge.

Because of this difference, he has no playmates, no friends, but he doesn’t feel lonely at all.

Because his father gave him a lot of love.

His mother…

Even if she didn’t say it, he knew in his heart that his mother didn’t like him, but in front of his father, his mother wouldn’t show it.

For so many years, he has never told his father that his mother was the reason why he fell into the river behind the mountain and almost drowned when he was young.

It was his mother who pushed him into the river with her own hands.

He will never forget what his mother said when she pushed him down — you monster who is neither male nor female, die! As long as you die, Husband will agree to have a normal child.

It was also from that moment that he knew that his father really loves him.

Thinking of his father’s love for him all these years, and the big d*ck under his father’s crotch that he wanted day and night, Wu Ziran’s hands moved quickly under the quilt.

“Uhmm ahhh.. Daddy’s c*ck is so hard…so big… son’s p*ssy is f*cked so comfortably……”

“Ah… um… Daddy is going to f*ck son’s p*ssy hard… son is coming…”

“Ahh… dad… daddy… the son is over… son was f*cked by daddy… dad… dad…”

Wu Ziran convulsed all over, his face was flushed, and his eyes were blurred.

He murmured softly: “Father… the son you f*cked is so comfortable… the son still wants it… Daddy, please continue f*cking…”



Wu Ziran murmured and squeezed his fingers into his p*ssy.

After a while, his fingers were working in his c*nt again.


  • Husband – the term is xianggong [相公] old wives nickname for their husbands, but I decided to use husband.
  • Full moon – means the newborn is already one month old.

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