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Evelina ended up going one more time.

“Ka, iden…”

“Yes, Lina.”

He moved his waist slowly, trapping Evelina’s limp body like bars, attaching his body to hers.

“Why are you doing this… for so long today?”

She had a hard time because he did it for so long today. She already came twice, but he wasn’t finished. Usually, it was about time he was done.

He was brisk as if he had just started running.


He pretended to be relaxed, deliberately holding back. It was rare for Evelina to react this way.

He wanted to remember her doing it on top of him for a long time. Even now, when he saw her eyes, he tried to fill her stomach. So he was holding it in. Longer, to savor the pleasure.

“Kai, den…”

Evelina called out to him with difficulty and hugged her neck. He couldn’t bear to see her up close.

“Let’s do it backward? Maybe I can finish.”



It was a lie because he seemed done whenever he looked into her eyes.

Evelina was utterly exhausted and sweaty, so she turned around quietly as he told her to. Then she let him hold her buttocks and stare at them for a while.

He held it like that as if he appreciated the shape of her buttocks, but she was embarrassed, but she didn’t have any strength left to say anything to him. It seemed like all she could do was flounder like someone in a bathtub of pleasure.

“When are you going to do it?”

“I’ll look a little bit more.”

Kaiden felt strange when she saw her buttocks. Although it was a part of her body with nothing special, Evelina’s buttocks were white and pretty. As he smoothed it with his hand, Evelina shivered.

“Work it with your hands.”

“All right.”

“Not mine! Kaiden’s!”

Evelina said because Kaiden was rarely finished. She thought it would be done quickly if he worked it with his hands and put it in.

“Since it was inside Lina, if I touch it with my hands, it will die.”

“What kind of logic is that?”

“It’s true, not logic.”

He said so and laughed as he watched her speak impatiently. Then, holding her waist, he became one with her again.


“You’ll get a cramp if you lift your calves.”

Evelina unwittingly lifted her calves and came down. She trembled all over because of the bed sheet that touched her toes, and she felt strange as if she was barely stabilizing under a bit gravity.


Evelina breathed heavily. Soon the bed creaked, and Kaiden’s weight rested on Evelina as she screamed. Kaiden touched his chest to Evelina’s back and wrapped his arms around her waist like a snake.

And with the other arm, she managed to reach out and cover it over the back of the hand she was supporting so that she would not fall.


“You’re holding your breath again. Then you choke, Lina.”

He said, digging roughly inside her and the screeching squeak of the bed. Evelina was leaving her burning body again to him because of the intense movement.

The ruthless size of the scratching inside and the beastly desire to leave a trace pushed her again and made it difficult to come to her senses. Evelina kept feeling strange because of the rough hair that touched her buttocks.

– Slap.


She held back the nasal sound, but Kaiden slapped her on the buttocks. The sound was intense, but it didn’t hurt strangely. Rather than being painful, it made her heat up more like oiling her burning body.

“It looked like a heart from the back. Now it’s going to be a pink heart.”


He slapped her hip several times, and Evelina unknowingly grasped the sheet very hard at this strange pleasure.

“Oh, above… I want to see your face…!”

She said so when he was about to go again. If he went again this time, she would faint. She didn’t know how much he would bother her for it if she came a few times and he never came.

Thinking so, she laid her hand over the back of his hand that he was pressing down. Then he paused and said.

“Yes, of course.”

Evelina’s vision swung around again. As she opened her eyes again, he was familiarly looking down at her from above.

– Slap, slap.


She watched him playfully hit her sensitive areas with his own.

“What, what are you doing… eut…”

“Lina seems to like getting hit in private places like this more than I thought.”

She tried to tell him to refrain from speaking obscenely, but she didn’t. If he couldn’t finish it like this, it seems he deliberately didn’t finish it.

Evelina said with a smile at the words.

“It’s because it’s Kaiden.”

Then, as if happy, he closed his eyes, smiled, and went inside her.

“Pl, ease… gentler, please…”

That’s what Evelina said without realizing it.

Kaiden clasped their hands together and pulled their bodies back together. Evelina no longer held back her voice.

Her shaky voice and nasal murmurs seemed to turn his mind whiter and whiter. He had to be patient to continue seeing this beautiful figure.

In his eyes, Evelina’s sweaty, winding hair was scattered all over the bed, and the hair shook as if it were alive every time he moved.

And seeing her purple eyes more beautiful than Rubellite looking at him and chewing her lips with longing eyes and breath.

“I love you. Kaiden… Rea,ll… y.”

Evelina thought she couldn’t do it, so she took the last resort.

Then he went madly fast and made her shake relentlessly. Evelina seemed deaf to the sound of his slithering as her chest throbbed. She was already focused on the sound of his heart and the deep presence that she felt every time he moved and pressed down.


She couldn’t bear what she had endured and came first.


This time, Kaiden did too.

The moment he left his mark on Evelina, he laughed, recalling that she said that on purpose.

“This is why you’re a temptress, Lina.”


Evelina didn’t even have the strength to respond anymore, so she couldn’t react to his jubilant words as if enjoying the aftertaste.

So she fell asleep as if she had fainted. Kaiden kissed her on the cheek and went to wash up.”


Unexpectedly, Kaiden fell asleep for a long time and couldn’t wake up.

Evelina was so unfamiliar with seeing him sleeping, maybe because it was the first time she woke up first. She often saw him close his eyes, but she never saw him fall asleep so defenselessly.

It was so strange to her that he slept with someone next to him like this. He usually was nervous, not knowing when he would be stabbed or shot, and reacted to the slightest sound. By the time Evelin woke up, Kaiden, who had washed up, was about to go to work.

But now he was asleep even though it was daytime.

Evelina realized that her body felt soft and felt that Kaiden’s hair, face, and sheets were pleasant. He changed the sheets and washed her and washed while she passed out.

“Your stamina is so good…”

She knew very well that he was practicing swordsmanship and shooting every day. He was so energetic that he pushed her into the bedroom every time they did it. She thought that part was unique, but she was embarrassed.

She didn’t hate it, though it was hard to go to bed. At first, she was afraid of the burden, but now she liked it because she felt they were sharing their hearts.

However, she often thought that it would be nice if she could adapt to him quickly. He was so big that she couldn’t shake the pretense just by overlapping his body as if, to be honest in extreme situations.

But maybe that’s why she became more and more honest with him. Perhaps because he had been honest and friendly to her from the beginning, she seemed to know his mind well now.

She stroked Kaiden’s eyes where the sun was staying. Then he seemed to roll his eyes and he stayed still as if he had fallen asleep again.

‘If you talk to them when they’re dreaming, it comes out as a dream.’

Recalling what she had heard somewhere before, she approached Kaiden and said.

“I love you, Kaiden. A lot.”

“I do more.”

Suddenly he opened her eyes and smiled at her. However, he fell asleep and quickly closed his eyes again.

“Oh, my god.”

When she realized he was talking in his sleep, her face burned because he was so cute.


While she was laughing like that, it suddenly occurred to her that she wanted to test if he truly fell asleep.

“If you wake up now, I will show you my breasts.”

She said so because she was wearing a negligee now.

“Let me see.”

His eyes were blank as if a sleeping person opened his eyes without realizing it.

“Are you awake?”

He blinked again when she said something else.

Evelina released the negligee’s top button after getting out of his arms.

“Are you really sleeping? Are you awake?”

Then she opened it up and showed it to Kaiden.

“You woke me up.”


Evelina unknowingly stiffened as he reached through the gap and grabbed her flesh.

“I have to do it again, thanks to Lina.”

“No, w, wait…”

She stood up to warm up his burning body so steadily again.

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