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OMLFA Special Story 5


Evelina was in tears because she was exhausted. Then Kaiden panicked, grabbed her by the waist, stopped moving, and said.

“Does it hurt?”

“I, I said it was too deep!”

Evelina punched him in the back as she hugged him. But he felt guilty because her beating didn’t hurt that much. After all, she seems to be hurt only by her.

“I, want, oh my… want it to be reduced to half….”

“That is difficult. Let’s stay like this for a while. I’ll try to shrink it.”

Evelina looked at Kaiden with a resentful face as he sat with his upper body removed. He said, sweeping the tears around her eyes with his fingertips.

“Why can’t I get used to it?”

She said, trying hard to hold back her tears. He didn’t know how hard it is to have a presence that fills your stomach every time you breathed. However, it was worth holding out if she stayed still.

“That’s right. Lina’s inside doesn’t expand easily. How could a child come here… Eup…”

“I’m crying right now. Are you going to say that?”

Involuntarily, she covered his mouth and sobbed. Every time she sniffled and exhaled, her stomach seemed to vibrate. It was barely possible to breathe while holding something very burdensome.

“I’ll shorten it in half.”

“I know it hurts only now.”

“Then make it thinner.”

“It may be possible by increasing it.”

Kaiden suddenly thought it would become thinner if he grabbed and stretched it, but Evelina looked at him with a more resentful expression.

“I guess I was in too much of a hurry today. I guess that’s why Lina isn’t ready to accept it.”

He said so and patted her on the shoulder.

Evelina felt a little better when his clunky hands stroked her shoulder. And then, when she saw the burn marks on his shoulder, she thought that this man had become hers.

“We’re in the bedroom, so can I say what I want?”

“Do it.”

Evelina wondered if the pain would be tolerated if she talked to him. As time passed, she seemed to be slowly getting better. Her body seemed to calm the foreign body sensation in her stomach even as the fever rose.

“If, I, speak…”

Evelina panicked when he stroked her flesh with his hand. He soon grabbed her by the waist and held the soft flesh in his mouth.

“I wanted to try it when milk came out of here.”

“Oh, yes. Come to think of it, I couldn’t breastfeed the children… Oh…! Don’t bite me!”

Kaiden gently raised his fangs, and Evelina freaked out and hugged him around the neck. He knew she hated it in words but enjoyed the stimulus quite a bit, so he was licking her like a bully and keeping her on her toes.

“I wanted to try it, too. It’s a shame.”

“Absurd, big talk… Eut…”

Her body trembled as he gathered his flesh and bit her sensitive part again, then pretended not to bite and stroked it with his lips.

“I’m very excite…d.”

“I heard it’s delicious.”

“Who said that?”

“Who else?”

Evelina’s back was slightly relaxed, perhaps because he was holding her flesh. Her waist, which had become comfortable due to the reduced weight, became heavy due to her presence filling the inside as she trembled without realizing it.


As she trembled with his head in her arms, Kaiden said, tormenting her with his lips again.

“I wanted to try it, but I’m really sorry.”

He tormented her as if he really meant it, and Evelina wondered if her red skin would become even redder because of Kaiden or if it would fall apart if it stayed like this, but she endured it.

Even though she felt strange, she didn’t need to stop it because of the feeling, and every time he moved his lips and made her feel good with his warm skin, her insides accepted him more and more deeply.


Evelina suddenly felt that he had reached the end and involuntarily sighed.

“Lina can move now.”

She felt a sense of regret when he took his lips off her. Suddenly, she wondered where his hand was and found it, one hand on her waist and the other on the skin that touched it.


“Now Lina can move.”

Evelina lifted herself, struggling to bear the burden. And then she sat down as if she were loosening up.


The presence that penetrated the interior made her move without realizing it.

“Lina’s whole body is just soft.”

He fiddled with her sensitive spot.

“The color is so beautiful.”

Kaiden was looking at her with an ecstatic expression as she continued to move in a breath. Evelina seemed to be getting hotter and hotter, perhaps because of the quick movement of his hands rather than the friction when she moved.

It was as if she had already been on fire, but every time Kaiden moved, it was like lava. Her whole body was slippery and burning like a fire on a flowing liquid. 

She shook her back in a trance, and Kaiden lifted her as if to help her sloppy movement.

“Heut, yes…! “

The nasal sound that Evelina endured while biting her lips came out easily collapsed by his actions.

She tried to shut up again, but this time Kaiden closed her lips and began to move violently.

As he moved deeper and faster than she did, Evelina was sucking his lips and exhaling like someone who had forgotten how to kiss.

Kaiden repeatedly moved and slowed her down as if pushing her to an extreme situation. She moved her back harder because she felt ashamed of him for not letting her go. But he slowed down when she moved hard, and when she slowed down, he moved quickly.

Evelina thought her stomach was weird. The burden had disappeared entirely, and she felt strange as if the stomach’s intestines had risen. Maybe that’s why she was taking it more leisurely. The pleasure sprinkled deep with every move he moved ran through her whole body, shaking her as if she had been electrocuted.

“You have to look at me. Lina.”

Kaiden said that and made Evelina, who closed her eyes, look at him. Evelina, who had closed her eyes because of the devastation in her mouth, felt her heart beat as she was reflected in his jewel-like eyes again. And then, to the sound of Kaiden’s loud heart every time, he flinched violently.

She was out of breath as if she had been running for a long time. Yet she didn’t want to miss anything he did to her.

“Stop, narrow it down. It’s already narrow, but it’s hard for me to bear it if it’s narrower.”

Evelina felt more of his excitement than usual. She couldn’t think. She swallowed his lips as if she couldn’t stand him taking them off to speak.

Maybe it was because she kissed him first, but he couldn’t control himself anymore. He forgot that he was moving as if torturing her, and he continued to touch her body quickly and forcefully.

He wanted to stroke her private places with his body.


But just as he was about to get violent, Evelina shivered, wetting his stomach.

“Lina finished.”


Evelina seemed to be drooping. She looked into Kaiden’s eyes and smiled bashfully. At that moment, the view was spinning.

She closed and opened her eyes to see a familiar look because he was often like this.

“It’s my turn now.”

As he said with an ecstatic smile, Evelina felt that such a man was so lovely that she unwittingly wrapped herself around his neck, kissed him again, and fell straight away.

“My, Kaiden.”

He laughed happily at the remark and soon became one with her again. Then he invaded Evelina and plundered the inside with unparalleled speed and intensity.


Evelina closed her eyes as if she couldn’t control herself, and he kissed her as if he wouldn’t allow her not to see him.

The hair was tangled in sweat and stuck to Evelina’s cheek. Some long strands also clung to Kaiden’s neck and fell off.

She looked down as he embraced her. What she saw below was so shocking that she raised her head and looked at the standing Kaiden.

“Next time, why don’t we do it in front of the mirror?”

“Such… bad intentions, you drunkard*…”

*TN: The raws say “흣 심, 술 쟁이….” But rather than 흣 심, I believe the author made typos and meant 흑심 and 술쟁이 instead because otherwise, it doesn’t make sense. 흑심 means bad intentions and 술쟁이 means a heavy drinker

She had a rough lip, perhaps because he kept kissing her. At the same time, she didn’t remove the arm around his neck.

Every time his sweaty body touched and fell, Evelina felt a sensuous and heart-beating sensation, as if he were kissing her ear.

Even with the subtle sensation felt in her lower abdomen, she was moving with him as if she was addicted to the pleasure he gave her.

She caught him when he tried to get away and let him go when he tried to get closer to her. 

He knew she wasn’t doing this out of consciousness, so the act was even more heartening. It’s as if he was the only one allowed to her.

So he coveted Evelina even more intensely, full of satiety.

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