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OMLFA Special Story 4


“I can hand over the throne whenever Lina wants.”

“I hate it.”

Evelina slowly unbuttoned Kaiden’s clothes. 

He looked at Evelina nervously. She looked prettier than usual, perhaps because she pouted her lips seductively.

“There are so many responsibilities when you become an Emperor. I’m overwhelmed with Kaiden and the kids.”

“I’m glad. You took responsibility for me.”

“Kaiden should be responsible for me, right?”

“That is different from responsibility. How can you be responsible for needing oxygen to breathe? I need you.”

At Kaiden’s words, Evelina’s cheeks were hot. She thought he was very good at saying such strange things.

“I certainly feel weak whenever I look into Kaiden’s eyes.”

Evelina unbuttoned his top and looked up into his eyes. Strangely enough, even though his chest muscles and abs were excellent, her gaze went to his eyes more.

Kaiden’s body was magnificent. It was perfect enough to make Evelina swallow dry saliva without realizing it.

“Don’t just look at it, but touch it.”

He raised Evelina’s hand and kissed her palm, saying so. He smiled lovingly, looking up at Evelina on top of him.

She honestly liked how the ends of his eyes rose in a smile.

– Muah

Unconsciously, she kissed him on the corner of his eye.

“You have a great body, but I really like your eyes.”

She smiled as she was happy because she was the only one reflected in his red eyes. Then he took her hand and put it around her neck.

Evelina ran the palm of her hand down his thick neck as he wished. Unlike her neck, his was wide and solid and was firmly established. It was amazing how it developed like that, but she thought that even the straight collarbone underneath it was beautiful.

The sound of Kaiden’s breathing was muffled as she followed along his neck, pressing her fingers against Kaiden’s collarbone.

“Take off your clothes.”


Kaiden quickly removed the clothes he had placed on his shoulders and threw them under the bed. As he undressed, Evelina pressed his chest unconsciously as the bed rattled. It felt as if the heartbeat she felt beneath it was riding through her hand and making her chest thump.

“Touch me a little more, Lina.”


She spread her finger as if possessed by his voice. Then, she touched the collarbone she was feeling earlier with both hands. Swept his long collarbone with her fingertips then he breathed out again.

She lowered her hand down a little and touched his pectoral muscle with the palm of her hand. Her warm body temperature was rising to the point of hotness, and she moved her hand slowly as she felt his body heat rise.

At the same time, she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She saw Kaiden chewing his lips and knew what was wrong with him.

He was trying not to kiss her because he wanted her to touch him more. If he kissed her, something as unusual as her feeling him could have flown away.

“Kaiden is tough all over.”

“Because Lina prefers a hard body.”

“That’s right.”

She said so, sweeping his thoracic muscle going down his forearm, and touching his abs. His chest rose when he breathed, as did his stomach. As Evelina came down, sweeping the furrows of his perfect abs with her fingertips, his skin was trembling from his disturbed breath.

“What a nice facial expression. You look like something that is going to eat me up.”

“All right.”

At her words, Kaiden smiled brightly. When he folded his eyes and laughed, he looked a little less scared, but when she touched the protruding part of the ilium with her fingertips, he opened his eyes wide enough that she was threatened again.

“Every time I see Kaiden like that, I feel like I’ve become prey.”

“I’m the prey. The one on top of me is Lina. And eating me… Eup…”

“Yes. Strictly speaking, I am, but let’s assume I am right.”

He nodded as she covered his mouth.

Evelina, who smiled happily at his appearance, said.

“Do you want to do it like this?”

“Lina is less naked.”

“Do you like it when I’m naked?”


Evelina put away her negligee at his words as if she were granting his wish.

“Again? Looking again?”

“If I don’t acknowledge it, it won’t continue.”

Evelina was afraid of his eyes, but she didn’t hate them. Instead, it seemed that the more he looked at her with those eyes, the more she realized his heart.

“Lift your waist.”


As Evelina hugged his neck and raised her back, he soon pulled out what had been trapped in his pants.

“Kaiden’s thighs are really like stone.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled at each other. As Evellina tried to move slowly, he said.

“If you do this, you’ll get hurt. You have to get ready, Lina.”

“If I just do it… Well, that’s why Kaiden is so ruthless.”

She said so, feeling him moan under her.

“It would be great if it was reduced to half what it is now.”


Kaiden laughed, thinking her words were not sincere, stroking her hair and biting her neck.


Evelina knew that Kaiden loved her neck. He bit her neck with his lips and tormented her earlobe with his fangs. Then he grabbed her flesh with his big hand. Evelina’s back trembled as he pretended to hold it gently and soon excitedly gripped it hard.

He touched her tender skin with his rough, callous hand. As the most sensitive part felt his palm, Evelina sighed involuntarily. Then he pressed her neck from behind and kissed her.

Strangely, it was Evelina on top, but she also felt he was leading her.

His mouth-wandering behavior was skillful. He seemed to know where and how to make her react, to follow him, forgetting to breathe.

She bit his lip as the weight on her chest pressed down so heavily that she couldn’t breathe even as her mouth closed.

Soon his hand went down to her waist.

She shivered as he stroked her hip. Holding her waist, he pressed his fingers between the hip bones, and without realizing it, she made a nasal sound.n She removed her lips and hugged him around his neck as his hand slid down naturally.

“Raise your waist for a moment.”

“Hmm… yes…”

As Evelina raised her waist, his hand turned to her back to covet her. She felt nervous as he hugged her so tightly, went to her waist with one hand and between her legs in the other.


“Oh… yes…”

Evelina involuntarily shrank as he tried to covet after her.

“I want to kiss you.”


Evelina raised her waist to his words and pressed their lips together. However, moving in her mouth was too much for her. But being trampled on in other places was just as difficult as being trampled on in her mouth.

She liked his big hands. Even though she was still crying, the thoughtful touch made her feel strange. She often forgot that she was breathing, and each time she remembered it, her deep pleasure slowly spread from the depths of her body.


She managed to straighten her back and stand on her knees. However, as he became more enthusiastic about her, she felt like she was losing her strength.

Perhaps because she had never prepared in this way, she unconsciously expected his touch. He could reach deep but was only bothering shallow places.

She didn’t know when she was ready. However, she thought it would be nice if he would end the act of giving her free reign and hug her as usual.


After this Bellina couldn’t hold her breath and parted her lips, Kaiden pushing her harder.


He caressed her inside, and as she let go of things, her body trembled involuntarily.


“Now you’re ready.”

Seeing the damp sheets and his thighs, Evelina realized that this was the preparation he was talking about and leaned over in shame and said.

“Are you… doing it now?”


She said as if she was nervous. Strangely, her body was limp and tired, but she wanted to do more.

He grabbed her by the waist and raised her, and said.

“You can come down slowly.”

“Will it work?”


As he said with a smile, Evelina believed him and slowly tried to settle the hip on his thigh.

“It’s slipping.”

“It’s because Lina made me wet, too.”


“Stand on your knees.”


Evelina stood on her knees, embarrassed, as she was told. Then he grabbed her and sat her down.


Evelina shouted unconsciously at the sudden sensation of foreignness. She was suffocating, perhaps because of his presence filling her stomach.

“Ah… I, I can’t…!”

“You can. Let’s try it today.”

She felt like her intestines were being pushed up, so she couldn’t move. Embracing him around his neck with a much more vital force than ever, she sobbed without realizing it.

“I, I can’t… Heuk…!

“You do. You’ve done it in this position a few times before.”

“That, every time I couldn’t, so… I quit…!”

She was barely able to speak. Her stomach got tense every time she said.

“You can do it, Lina.”

With that word, he grabbed her by the waist and moved.

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