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OMLFA Special Story 3


“I’ll take your clothes off.”


Kaiden looked at Evelina with an expression that could not hide his expectations. She became grumpy when she saw him, shy and yet smiling happily.

So she pressed his body down and sat on his thigh. The bed tilted slightly, and Kaiden stiffened as it moved.

She stroked his cheek and soon touched his lips with her fingertips. He kissed her fingers and looked at Evelina with a face barely holding back his lust.

“But why did you bring up a third?”

Evelina slowly lowered her hand to his lips. She said as she moved down his chin and put it on his neck as she had done before.

“The kids look so much like Kaiden. The last time I saw them, the blood really was the same.”

“Oh, yes.”

Usually, fraternal twins were like normal siblings, so there would be a difference. But whether it was Chloe or Aiden, they both looked like Kaiden alone.

“So I thought having a child who looked like me would be nice.”

Then Kaiden laughed.

“I don’t think someone similar is necessary.”

“Why? You don’t want to see someone who looks like me?”

Evelina scratched his neck with her nails, acting like a cat, and involuntarily smiled broadly.

“I don’t want Lina to take the risk of having a child. If I were in a position to give birth, I would have had 10 or 20 children.”


“But Lina is weaker than me… The same thing happened last time. I can’t go through it twice.”

In response to Kaiden’s honest answer, Evelina turned her hand, scratching his neck into a circle again, and stroked it.

“Actually, I didn’t know how Kaiden has been.”

Evelina stroked the mole on his neck with her hand. Then she kissed it as he raised his chin after meekly taking her hand. Then he sat up and chewed her lips as she trembled.

“You don’t have to know. It’s in the past anyway, and I won’t go through it again.”

She believed that his words were sincere when his crying voice trembled.

“I want to know.”

“Let’s talk after.”

“You’re going to do this until I pass out again, right?”

Evelina was now well aware of how he avoided speaking. Kaiden was a Prince to the bone who instinctively fought for everything. If there was only one thing he avoided, Evelina couldn’t help but know.

“Kaiden. We’re married.”


“I want to know everything about Kaiden. Isn’t that the case with Kaiden?”

He couldn’t answer her story because it was true. He knew how wise she was at the same time. He thought it was right to say it when asked.

“It’s because I don’t think you’ll forgive me if I tell you.”

“What do you think?”

“…if you swear to forgive me.”

“I will.”

She was a little nervous but felt a little bitter when she saw Kaiden lowering his eyes.

“If Lina hadn’t woken up, I would have…”

Evelina seemed to know what would come after him even if he didn’t finish.

“Then you wouldn’t be alive like this now.”

“And the children?”

“I hated the children so much.”

“…did you think I was like that because of the kids?”


He said in agony. At the same time, he hugged Evelina tightly and buried his head on her shoulder as if he was afraid she would let go of him.

Evelina felt sorry for him but was angry, so she patted him on the back of his head and clenched him tightly.

“You weren’t thinking of growing old… You tried to die after me?”


Kaiden was strangely relieved when she grabbed his hair.

“I’m really… angry.”


“At the same time, I can’t get angry because I feel sorry for you again.”

He looked up at Evelina at her words. Evelina sighed and stroked Kaiden’s cheek.

“If it was the other way around, I might have done the same.”

“You can’t do that. If I die, Lina should welcome a new husband.”

“No, what are you saying? You were just about to die and you want me to get a new husband?”

Evelina was dumbfounded by his words, so she pulled on the cheek she was stroking.


“How am I different? Do you think I would want to live?”

“…I don’t think so, but Lina wouldn’t give up her children.”

She couldn’t deny that. But not the former.

“I would have raised them by myself.”

“You should raise them alone and bring in a man who is young, handsome, and suitable for Lina with the right credentials.”

“I don’t like men younger than me.”

“They’re pretty when they’re young.”

“Even if they’re old, they look like a child, and how much can they handle it if they’re young?”

“…Do I look like a child?”

“At times like this.”

Evelina spoke frankly and pinched both of his cheeks.

“That’s too much.”

She tugged at his cheek, but it didn’t stretch long, perhaps because it was too hard. She couldn’t believe he was handsome even though he looked like this.

“What’s too much, Lina? I’ll fix it. What do you mean by a child? I’ll fix that, too. But when did I look like a child?”

“When you don’t know how I feel.”

“…I’ll fix it.”

He stared at Evelina in bewilderment as her eyes were wet with grief.

“I like Kaiden, too. I don’t need a man other than Kaiden in my life.”

“Me too. I don’t need anyone in my life other than Lina.”

“I don’t think that matters.”

“Which part?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

Kaiden rolled his eyes because he really didn’t know. When Evelina saw him like that, she smiled and hugged him.

“It’s okay to be like a child. Because you’re like my husband usually.”

“You can’t be like a child in the bedroom. I always want to be like a husband.”

“Do I always seem like a woman to you, Kaiden? Don’t I feel like a mother?”

“Lina is always a woman to me.”

She felt good because he answered without hesitation.

“Have you seen the mark on my chest?”

“I’m glad there’s a trace of me left on Lina’s. That, too, is a kind of trace of me.”

“Are you crazy?”

“I’m crazy about Lina. It’s already been a long time.”

He felt like a giant beast when he rubbed the back of his nose against her nose. He was like a big dog and looked like a hawk with his eyes.

“So you’ve been dying for two whole years?”


“No… You have to pretend to be worried.”


Then he pretended to be worried and rolled his eyes before answering.


Evelina smiled at the sight and stroked his head again.

“What if we had married as mercenaries? Instead of seeing each other in the imperial family, we’re just a normal couple that way.”

“Changing the environment wouldn’t have changed us.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes. I wanted to be Emperor because I want to share my heart with Lina again.”

“What if I had married another man?”

“I would have killed him.”

“You’re repeating on saying bad things.”

“…I would have waited until he died. He probably died early.”

“Is that what you’re saying?”

“I metaphorically said I killed him.”

She laughed again and again because his words were fascinating. Seeing her smile, Kaiden couldn’t hide the thumping heartbeat as usual.

Evelina could hear the sound of his heart over their touching chests. His heartbeat was loud enough to feel it, even if he wore clothes.

“What if I married Prince Ashes and Kaiden became Emperor?”

“Then Ashes would be slaughtered from head to toe on the first day I became Emperor… Eup…”

“I’m not curious about this anymore.”

Evelina covered his lips with her palm and then took them off.

“Well, then… what if Kaiden had continued to be a mercenary, and I had become a noble lady?”

“Then there’s nothing I can do. You can go to war to get a title.”

Evelina shook her head involuntarily and said, thinking that he overlooked was not easy because he said it so quickly.

“Then what if Kaiden became Emperor, and I was a commoner all along?”

“Then Lina would have been captured by me on the day she came of age. And she would be Ruskun’s daughter. Just like now.”

“What happens when I get caught?”

“I’ll do what I’m doing now.”


Evelina trembled unconsciously as he bit her neck with his lips.

“Today, I promised to do it on the top!”


He forgot for a moment and fell with a chuckle. Evelina’s lips sank, and her hot breath burned her throat.

“I have one last question.”


He felt itchy inside his chest whenever Evelina said so much. He felt alive every time she looked at him, eyes wide open. But he knew she made him confirm his feelings whenever she asked this cute question.

He had known this feeling for a long time, and everything about Evelina was so lovely that he couldn’t help but know it was love. He especially liked this look.

“What if I was the Empress and Kaiden was a mercenary?”

“Then I would have taken control of Tenesi, became king, and proposed.”

“At that time, I might already have three lovers.”

“War and battle are similar. Perhaps one of those bureaucrats is alive… Eup…”

Evelina shut him up again.

“I should stop asking questions now.”

He chuckled at her embarrassed expression.

“Do you want to be Emperor, Lina?”


When Evelina refused, he said, peeling off her clothes.

“It’s because you’re already above the Emperor.”

She laughed at his words and held them in her hand to undress him equally.

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