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“It’s not like it’s never happened at all, right?”

“That’s true. There were a few times, but it went down quickly.”

Evelina often moved on top of Kaiden. But it was only for a short time. Eventually, an excited Kaiden would push her down.

“This time, please stay up until either Lina or I finish.”

Evelina was a little troubled by the words. Even so, she finished faster than Kaiden every time and felt it many times, so she thought it would be okay.

“What about contraceptives?”

“I take them every day.”

“You took it today, too, right?”


Evelina was strangely disappointed. Even if she climbed over him and shook her back, there would be no children.

She almost died when she gave birth to the twins. But perhaps because of her hormones, she almost forgot that she was in pain.

In addition, from her perspective, she woke up after a good night’s sleep after two years had passed. She didn’t feel like it was so strenuous or challenging. While she was carrying and giving birth, it was more painful than burning, but it was now a distant memory.


“Yes, Lina. I love you, too.”

“Oh, no. Why all of a sudden….”

As soon as Kaiden saw her eyes, he said involuntarily.

“It flows.”

When she looked into his eyes, she realized that he meant it.

“You know, Kaiden.”

“Yes, I am always by Lina’s side.”

She didn’t think he would object to having another child when he listened to her so well.

Above all, the fortune-teller said she didn’t die until she had ten children. Then two was still not enough.

It was always good to have many children in the Imperial family. And she thought it would be nice if a kid looked like her.

Wouldn’t that be okay? She had a foolish thought. Above all, she was thrilled these days, so she didn’t think that would be a problem.

“Let’s have one more…”

“No, never.”

Kaiden cut off Evelina’s words and said firmly. She was a little embarrassed that he had never cut her words like that.

“I haven’t finished talking about that…”

“It won’t work though, never. Absolutely not.”

It was amazing how many times he refused so firmly. Whenever she asked him to do something, he didn’t listen to her properly and did everything for her.



Seeing her eyes, Kaiden was relieved as if he was fortunate that he was the one taking the pill.

“If you want another baby, then I’ll cut myself*.”

*TN: Likely talking about a vasectomy 

“Are you crazy? Then what should I do?”

“Are they more important than me?”

“It’s nothing like that… but…”

As Evelina hesitated a little, Kaiden opened his eyes wide and looked at her sadly.

“Then do you like me or my chest?”

“Of course, it’s Lina.”

“Oh… yes…?”

She thought he’d be a little bit more worried. Because he genuinely liked Evelina’s chest. He used to stroke it constantly and even touch it a few times while sleeping. So she thought it would be similar.

“I really like Kaiden. That’s why I like his body, too.”

“Then what if a part of me disappears in an unfortunate accident?”

“Then we can’t spend every night happily.”

“If we’re not happy at night, am I worthless?”

Evelina stared at him because she didn’t know how to react to this conversation so he wouldn’t be hurt.



She sighed and held his cheek in both hands, and said.

“I like them because it’s Kaiden’s. Other people’s… I wouldn’t say I like that. I can’t even like it. If it’s not Kaiden’s, it’s gross, and I don’t like it…”


“So relax your expression. To say that I want to have a child…”

“I can’t.”

“Yes, I won’t ask.”

She laughed involuntarily at his reflexive refusal.

“Oh my goodness. It’s the first time I’ve seen Kaiden die.”

Evelina said with a sad expression as if she was amazed to see the blood in his lower body lower. It was lively as if it were loaded with blood every time.

“If I’m sad like that.”

Kaiden said, recalling the time when Evelina could not wake up. It was only a day for Evelina but two hellish years for Kaiden. It felt like 200 years.

He came to see Evelina every day so as not to die.

“Are you happy again?”

“No, this is because Lina is pretty.”

As Evelina swept his lower body with her knees, the dead quickly gained vitality and began to raise its head.

“Can’t you kill it again?”

“Lina has already touched it. And to kill it, Lina must not be in front of my eyes.”

“Then close your eyes. Will it die then?”

“I can feel Lina’s body scent even when I close my eyes. And your voice… And the sound of your breathing.”

“Do you remember the sound of my breathing?”

“I also remember the sound of your walking.”

She thought he was great, but it was amazing that he remembered the useless parts. She couldn’t remember the sound of his breathing or his walking. If it’s his voice, it’s just low enough not to be confused.

“What else do you remember?”

Evelina’s heart beat strangely whenever she saw how he looked at her. It was time for her to get used to her children, now five years old, but he seemed contagious to her too, perhaps because of the loud beating of Kaiden’s heart every time.

“I remember all the dots on Lina’s body.”

“Where is it?”

She never really paid close attention to the moles on her body. It wasn’t on her face at all, and all she knew were two little dots on the inside of her fingers.

“There is one inside the thigh.”


“Yes, there’s a small one on the butt.”


“And down here.”

Evelina said in embarrassment as Kaiden lifted my chest carefully.

“I don’t have it on my chest…”

“It’s below the chest. Under the fold.”

She had no idea because it appeared after her chest got more extensive. However, there were two pretty dots under the big chest.

“No way. That’s why you always….”

“Yes, I’d like to leave a trace of myself.”

Her face flamed as she recalled him lifting her chest rather than the top of his chest every time he did it and moving his lips under it.

“It’s crafty.”

“I’m good at being crafty.”

“Oh my goodness. Who knew my husband was so brazen in the bedroom?”

“No one knows but Lina. Probably for the rest of my life.”

Evelina laughed involuntarily at Kaiden’s words, and as he stared at her chest and opened his mouth, he looked expectantly.

“I have one on my back. But it’s tiny. It’s near the wing bone.”

“I’m also curious about the mole of Kaiden.”

“I don’t have many so it won’t be fun.”

A few spots on Kaiden’s upper body were left because the flesh was cut off when he was cut or shot. All that was left was a scar.

“Kaiden’s is here. There is.”

Evelina touched Kaiden’s chin with her hand. Then she kissed there.

“Did you find out for the first time?”

“…Yes, I’ve never hurt my neck.”


“That’s a slip of the tongue.”

He had never hurt his neck, so he didn’t even know he had it.

“They say that if you pierce a hole with an awl and add ink, it will become a dot.”

“All of a sudden?”

“If Lina wants to leave a mark on my body later, let’s do it.”

“Why don’t you get your ears pierced? I’ll pierce your ears.”

“All right. I feel like I got a birthday present.”

Kaiden, fearing she would cancel, quickly responded that he was okay with that, and Evelina laughed because his attitude was cute.

“When should I pierce it for you?”

“Can I ask you to pierce ten?”

“One. It’s not good to pierce ten.”

“One is a lot less.”

“I was very, very scared when I pierced two.”

“Who pierced it for you?”

“A maid I used to know.”

Kaiden was troubled by Evelina’s words. However, if he was greedy for no reason, she could withdraw even the decision to pierce one.

“One. All right.”

“That’s a relief.”

She said that and messed up Kaiden’s hair. Evelina laughed as she saw his hair swept around her hand become scattered.

“Why aren’t you resisting?”

“Lina is touching it, so how can you resist? You can also pull it out. If you don’t mind me being bald.”

Kaiden was proud of his dense hair. He had a lot of hair, unlike the former Emperor. Moreover, he cared for his hair because he was aware of rumors that bald men had been abandoned by their wives.

Because he was more afraid of being abandoned by Evelina than war.

“Even a bald head would be handsome if it were Kaiden. And there are wigs.”

“The wig won’t move violently. But it’s always intense when we’re together.”

“I can’t say anything about it because it’s in the bedroom.”

Evelina touched her head as she watched him repeat something shameful. Then he returned to his neat and beautiful expression and looked at her.

“What will Kaiden do if I become bald?”

“A woman doesn’t get bald.”

“Still, you never know.”

“Then I’ll be bald, too.”

At his words, Evelina laughed as if she had gained confidence in his love.

“The third one is no longer needed.”

“Are you suddenly talking about kids?”

At Evelina’s words, his lower body was loosened again, and soon after she stroked it with her hand, he regained his vitality.

“I’ll do it on top today. Sit down, my love.”

When she spoke seductively, Kaiden swallowed his dry saliva.

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