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OMLFA Special Story 10


“There is no more birthday party for you.”

Evelina, who was curious about Kaiden’s way, had followed him. But now she was regretting it a little bit.



Chloe and Aiden began to cry bitterly at the words.

“Come to think of it, the birthday parties are all hosted by father, so you shouldn’t bother mother like that.”

“Oh, mom!”

“Mom! Daddy!”

“Mom is on Dad’s side.”

Evelina quickly sided with Kaiden and stood beside him. Then, Kaiden looked at his children with a triumphant smile as if he had won the world.


Perhaps because Kaiden laughed so happily, Evelina was too embarrassed to punish him. So as she looked at him with her eyes as if talking, Kaiden smiled ecstatically at her.

He understood what she meant just by looking at her eyes, but now she was confused because she couldn’t tell if he was ignoring it.

“W, We deserve i, it…!”

“Wah! Dady!”

Chloe grabbed Kaiden’s leg and cried.

“Your wish was to monopolize your mom on your birthday, so you can’t.”




Both sobbed and held their breath at Kaiden’s words.

“If you both give up on your mother, I’ll give you a party.”

Evelina was a little worried by Kaiden’s wise and dogmatic remarks. But every time he stepped in, she remembered something solved quickly, so she just kept looking at him.

“Heuk… uk… I…I…”

“I don’t want to! If there’s no mom, then I don’t need a birthday party!”

Chloe was a daughter who indeed resembled her father.


“Me, Me too! Without mom, I don’t need it!”

After Aiden said that, he ran to Chloe’s side and grabbed her arm.

“I don’t need a dad!”

“Dad, I hate you!”

“I hate you, too. Get out of my way.”

He was caught after taking Evelina away from the children.

“Put mother down!”


The belligerent Chloe and Aiden were also the children of Kaiden.

“Then beat me.”

“Heueong! Ruscun!”

“Ruskun, help me!”

“I have no power.”

Ruskun stood in the back as if he had already been liberated, then sighed and separated Chloe and Aiden. The children’s cheeks were already wet with tears. But they were stomping as if they did not want to compromise.

“Mom doesn’t like you guys arguing like this.”

When Evelina broke her long silence and spoke, the room became quiet. The children looked at Evelina with calm expressions.

“Well, if we don’t fight…”

“Mom, I won’t fight!”

“If you promise not to fight and decide to be polite to your dad.”

Then Kaiden frowned unknowingly. But it turned into a smile again the moment Evelina looked.

“Yeah, I will.”

“I’ll never fight again!”

Chloe slowly escaped Ruskun’s arm, and Aiden also escaped. Then they stood by Kaiden’s leg and said,

“Put mother down, please.”


Kaiden did not drop Evelina and said.

“That’s up to me.”

He hugged Evelina tightly as if he wouldn’t let her down, and she hugged Kaiden’s neck and said,

“Yes, it’s up to your dad.”

On the contrary, Kaiden’s expression softened. Then, looking at Evelina’s face, he slowly lowered her.

As soon as Evelina came down to the ground, the children said, holding her hands individually.

“I’ll be obedient.”

“I’ll listen to my mom well.”

Thus, the matter of the birthday party ended with no more claiming ownership of Evelina.


“What are you doing?”

In the Emperor Palace’s bedroom, Kaiden asked because Evelina was sitting in bed touching something. Looking closely, she was embroidered on a white cloth. It was the same embroidery, and one was already completed.

“Birthday gifts for the children.”

Kaiden had been quite generous these days. Originally, he felt sad whenever Evelina cared for the children before him, but now he was not that sad even if she cared for them first.

No matter how hard the children tried anyway, he was already Evelina’s, and they didn’t know she cared about him the most. However, he realized she cared so much because she was very attached to the children.

Until now, he had only thought of it and couldn’t accept it in his heart. But since Evelina relieved him with her actions, he gradually accepted it.

Kaiden felt his heart pounding again when he saw Evelina embroidering. His voice trembled when he saw her poking the embroidery needle into the cloth with a careful and soft touch.

“Why are you so pretty?”

“Oh, no.”

As he spoke admiringly, Evelina immediately said emphatically.

“What do you mean?”

“You always say that, and you make me tired. Today, never! No!”


“Well, tomorrow is the birthday party! I must finish it by tomorrow, but I’m in trouble if I faint!”

Because Evelina spoke stubbornly, Kaiden nodded and said yes.

“Did you even wash up?”

“I washed up.”

He frowned at the fact that Evelina washed up earlier than he did on purpose.

“I’m sorry, I wanted to wash up with you.”

“You’re going to do it again if we wash up together, right?”


“You didn’t deny it.”

“I can’t deny it.”

He didn’t deny it because he had overlapped with her in the bathroom several times under the pretext of washing together. His children’s birthdays weren’t very welcoming to him either.

“Kaiden, did you prepare a present already?”

“My presence is a gift.”

“…Oh, my god.”

“I hate their birthday the most. It’s also the day Lina slept for a long time.”

Evelina involuntarily stopped acting when he spoke frankly. So she put down the embroidery she held for a while and hugged Kaiden’s head. He slipped into her arms and heard the sound of Evelina’s heart.

“I’ll never leave Kaiden like that again.”

“I’ll be careful.”

Evelina patted him on the back and pulled his hand. When he came to the seat next to her, she leaned on him and began to embroider again. Kaiden, who was appreciating her, smiled happily again as if relieved.

“It’s a peony.”

“That’s because it’s the flower that Kaiden gave me when we first met. It’s good if children like it.”

When he saw Evelina embroidering peonies, his heart pounded again.

“Turn down the volume of your heart rate. It’s so intimidating that my body keeps losing confidence.”

“How long does it take to finish?”

“I think I’ll have to do another hour or so.”

“Then I’ll wash up.”

“Go ahead.”

As soon as Evelina said so, he headed straight to the bathroom.

Kaiden could now wash in a large bathroom. In the past, he couldn’t wash alone unless he could see the space at a glance. However, the habit of being wary has improved little by little since he washed up with Evelina.

He continued to wash without an attendant. Evelina was the only person allowed where he was exposed defensively.

Evelina was still sewing.

So by the time she had finished her embroidery, Kaiden came into the room looking clean after filling up the hour, he said.

“Are you done?”


“Yes, Lina.”

He was walking near her, smelling the same soapy scent as Evelina.

“Did you do it alone inside?”

“… Can you smell it?”


Evelina knew his body scent well, so she seemed to know what this scent was mixed with the soap. It was a fishy yet familiar scent that warmed her body.

“Kaiden. Go ahead and do it again.”

“…how come?”

“I’m so focused that my eyes are stiff and tired. I just want to sleep today.”

Kaiden seemed visibly disappointed by the remark but soon approached her with a smile.

“All right.”

So Evelina let her guard down and took Kaiden to bed.

“Then sweet dreams, Lina. I think I can sleep without it.”

“Yes, have a good dream, too, Kaiden.”

She closed her eyes as she leaned against Kaiden’s arms as she used to. Even in bed, she smelled his familiar scent, gradually calming her heart.

But the dullness that poked her thigh continued to bother her.

She tried to ignore it and sleep. But the presence that kept poking her thigh was making her body hotter and hotter.


“Yes, Lina.”

As expected, he was not sleeping.

“I’ll do it for you. Can you calm it down?”

“I don’t like doing it with your mouth. Mine is dirty.”

“Kaiden always does it with your mouth.”

“Because it’s delicious.”

“I’ll try to see if it’s good.”

“It’s fishy and tasteless.”

He said so, but he was nervous unconsciously as Evelina slowly climbed over his body and pressed the flesh.

Soon, his body, which bounced like a spring, stood tall like a tail welcoming his owner through the open gown.

“I hope half will reduce this.”

She said so, then grabbed Kaiden’s and tried to kiss him.

– Bang bang bang!



Children’s voices were heard from outside.


When Kaiden sighed without realizing it, Evelina laughed.

“What’s the matter?”

“We want to sleep here!”

“Because it’s our birthday!”

That’s how Kaiden and Evelina had to go back in their pajamas. The four slept together in the same bed.

By late dawn, Kaiden woke up without realizing it. In the first place, he could sleep deeply when only Evelina was present, so he couldn’t sleep because the children joined.

Suddenly, the moonlight comes in at dawn.

Seeing the children between Evelina and him fall asleep with a wheezing breathing sound, his heart somehow warmed.

With the feeling of fullness that his beloved wife has really owned him forever.

Annnd that is the end of OMLFA, everyone! Thank you for reading!

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