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Forgot to mention it last chapter but that was the end of the main story! Now we have 10 (or 9 including this one) special stories to go.

Chloe and Aiden were five years old. The two, scheduled to celebrate their birthdays on the same day, fought as usual.

“It’s my mom!”

“My mom! You have a dad!”

“No! She’s mine!”

Chloe and Aiden looked just like Kaiden. They were fighting over who to invite, mom or dad, to each other’s birthday.

Ruskun Weimar was worried that the children were becoming more and more like Kaiden as they grew up. If they resembled the gentle Empress, raising them wouldn’t have been difficult. It was natural. They took a lot of work and were belligerent because they resembled Kaiden. 

There were dozens of mobiles that children broke and dozens of toys that were broken. He wondered if they would break the national treasures or swallow the jewels. Weren’t they staying up all night saying they would sleep with Evelina?

The problem seemed to grow as he grew older.

“Your Majesty.”

“Ruskun! You’re mine, too!”

“I picked Ruskun first!”

He knew that he and Empress Evelina were stuck together like a set. Because.

“You take daddy!”

“No! Mom and Ruskun are mine!”

“No! They’re mine!”

Chloe pushed Aiden hard, and Aiden was pushed back helplessly.

Heuk, waah!”

“They’re mine, mine! Euk, heu, ah…!”

The problem was that they both ended up like this because they were children.

“Rather, I will speak to Her Majesty the Empress. Please don’t cry.”



Ruskun Weimar held the two in his arms, who were too much to bear anymore, and soothed them.


“Did they fight again?”


Ruskun Weimar came to the Empress’ Palace’s office as a wreck. As soon as the Empress saw his condition, she laughed.

“Why did they fight about this time?”

“It’s their birthday party next week. Both of them… They said they will take the Empress to their banquet.”

“I see… This year…”

“Yes, this year as well.”

Evelina laughed at first when Kaiden said it was hard to love the children because they looked just like him. The words were funny, and she wondered if they were really children born from her stomach with only a resemblance to Kaiden.

But somehow, they really looked like Kaiden’s childhood. What was more peculiar was that Chloe, the Princess, was more belligerent and talkative than Aiden and looked more like Kaiden.

“Then… let’s do it together.”

“Then they’ll make a fuss again.”

“If they make a fuss again this time, I’ll tell them I won’t attend next time.”

“Then they’ll cry.”

“Even if they cry, we must teach what we need to teach.”

Evelina said emphatically. But Ruskun wondered if it would work. Even the birthdays until the age of four were celebrated together anyway.

“Why don’t you ask the Emperor instead of the Empress?”

“Kaiden…? Then the children… I understand.”

Come to think of it, that was the case. The children used to claim Evelina as their own. And then they’d shut up if Kaiden claimed they were his.

“I should have come up with that method from the beginning…”

“No, thanks to the Duke of Ruskun, I enjoyed myself for a while. Thank you.”

“No, Your Majesty,”

Ruskun thought Evelina, now his daughter, was a lovely person.

She was a wise woman who knew ten things when he learned one thing, and she also gave her blood for the Empire. Above all, she was also a person who did a lot of innovative work to improve the lives of imperial citizens by revising administrative laws instead of eliminating hunting competitions and reducing unnecessary spending.

If Kaiden were her answer, it would make sense to implement it without considering the context.

“Then I’ll see you later.”

“All right. See you in the evening, Duke.”

“Yes, Your Majesty the Empress.”

That’s how Ruskun Weimar was able to walk away.


“You have only two options.”

When Kaiden saw Evelina’s note, he came to Chloe and Aiden to carry it out.

“First, we have a birthday party together.”


“I’m five years old now…!”


Chloe and Aiden were all in tears at Kaiden’s firm words.

“Second, there is no birthday banquet.”.”



“There is nothing that cannot be done. In my dictionary.”


“If you want to cry, you know number two.”


Chloe and Aiden glared at each other, then spoke as if they couldn’t help it.

“Do number one.”

“I like it… Number one.”

Thus, Chloe and Aiden’s five-year-old birthday banquet was also held together.

But they wouldn’t have been Kaiden’s children if they had given up like that.


“I’ve taken care of it…”

Kaiden glared at the servants around him, seemingly wanting to be praised by Evelina. Seeing him like that, Evelina laughed as she sent all the servants out of her office.

“You did a great job, my dear.”

As Evelina tried to get up, Kaiden quickly approached her and sat her down again. Then he turned her chair around and sat on the floor.

“The floor is dirty.”

“It’s okay because I’m not dirty.”

He hoped that Evelina would not be afraid of him. 

She was no longer afraid of Kaiden. But sometimes, seeing his large stature and sturdy physique, she cringed as a human being.

Kaiden was big and strong, like a knight.

Even that was not what Kaiden wanted. And yet, in the bedroom, he knew it was her favorite body so he couldn’t change it.

He often wanted to prove that he was harmless to her.

Just like now, in a way, she’s used to and loves.

He sat familiarly beside Evelina’s legs and leaned his head against her thigh. Then Evelina smiled broadly at him.

“Please pat me.”

“You’re gonna be nice, right?”

“If I misbehave, please punish me.”

“I don’t punish people who deserve a punishment like a reward.”

“Even that word is fascinating.”

Evelina’s heart fluttered as he looked up with an unmistakable smile.

She reached out slowly and touched Kaiden’s hair. As the soft touch remained, she felt that the scent had changed strangely.

“You used my shampoo, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I thought it would be nice if we smelled the same.”

“Are you expressing that you want to take a shower together?”


He laughed ecstatically because he was happy that Evelina noticed, even though he was only a little different than usual.

Evelina’s heart leaped even more after seeing his ecstatic red eyes. Her reflection in his eyes was too similar to his expression. She felt like she was reading his emotions whenever she looked into his eyes.


Maybe that’s why Kaiden looked more handsome today.

She bent down impulsively, hugged him around the neck, and kissed him. Then, without missing it, Kaiden sucked Evelina’s lips. She could never get used to his teasing of her.

It was a kiss that must have happened dozens, hundreds of times. It was different every time. There were times when he was relaxed, and sometimes he seemed so impatient that he took her breath away.

He acted impatient even though he was in a relaxed situation now.

“Ha, eu…”

When Evelina tried to take her lips off, he pulled her and wouldn’t let her. She had a hard time breathing as he pushed her.

But she liked this act of him dominatingly coveting her. She was afraid and overwhelmed in the past, but soon she liked it when she could feel his heart.

It was like that even now. He stroked slowly as if to remember everything in her mouth, but when she loosened, he devoured violently. She even liked it when the breath of drinking became the same.

Then, when he opened his eyes softly because he was suffocating, he opened his eyes and looked at her. His eyes met, and he let her breathe. The long saliva stuck to each other’s lips and then fell.

“You can have fun in the office, Lina.”

Evelina realized what he was saying. Come to think of it, they always did it in the bedroom.

“If we do it here, you can hear it outside.”

“Even if we do it in the bedroom, you can hear it outside. Because there are guards.”

He took her legs as if he had already made up his mind, and her head went blank as he spread them apart.

“I still like the bed…”

“Then let’s go to the bedroom right now.”

“Shall we?”


So he smiled and wiped his saliva off Evelina’s lips.


“I’ll move quickly. So hold on tight, Lina.”


He hugged Evelina and went out of the room.

Evelina hugged him by the neck. It was fun that the scenery around her changed so quickly at his fast pace. It was rare for him to be in such a hurry, even though she often moved around hugging him.

“Your Majesty! Something urgent…!”

“Go away. Follow, and I’ll punch you.”

As Kaiden picked up Evelina and quickly headed across the hall to the Emperor’s Palace, the ministers who tried to report something fell away from him.

If it were really urgent, Ruskun would have come anyway. Kaiden knew that, too.

He arrived at the Emperor’s Palace’s bedroom like an angry bull and closed the door firmly.


He said as he forcefully put Evellina down on the bed,

“My wife still hasn’t fulfilled her promise yet.”

“Oh, what kind of promise?”

Evelina looked at him in bewilderment because she couldn’t think of the promise he had mentioned.

“Didn’t you say you’d do it for me?”

“Oh, that one.”

She nodded as if she remembered. Then Kaiden smiled happily and looked at her.

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