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OMLFA Prologue


“It’s not your child.”

If I could live my life as planned, my plan was to die on time.

The lifespan originally set for me meant for me to have died before I could conceive a child.

If that’s the case.


How nice it would have been if I had.

The man in front of me was looking at my tummy, and his eyes flashed red like rubies.

“Stand back, Evelina!”

The name of the person who stood in the way of Kaiden was Usher Fronen. He was a strong benefactor who helped me settle in this village. He used to be my escort knight.

“Then whose child is it?”

The sharp, long sword that Kaiden was holding threatened Usher’s neck, which was blocking me as if protecting me. The skin of Usher’s neck, which had already touched the tip of his sword, was peeled off and the blood flowing was bright red.

“Are you this child’s father?”

“Kaiden… me, I…”

I tried to tell him the truth, but I was speechless. Because before I could finish my answer, Kaiden’s sword was lifted into the air. I tried to shout no, but to no avail.


Usher’s body collapsed with a terrifying scream.

The blood that splattered heartlessly from Usher’s body wet my eyes and cheeks, and darkened my vision.


“It doesn’t matter who the father is. He’ll be my child anyways.”

Even Kaiden’s cold voice couldn’t help me.

It was so dark.

“Didn’t I tell you? Every single strand of my hair is yours.”

Just before I fainted, the low-pitched voice in my ear was coldly entangled in my chest, like chains that tightened my heart.

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