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OMLFA Chapter 95


Evelina began to tremble with fear. It was now July 8th. In the original story, it was the 7th of July when she died.

There was something that could not be changed even if the original work was deflected. It would have been her life.

The fortune-teller, who read the original, was the only person in the book who guessed the future correctly about the future. How could she do this when she confirmed her death?

Evelina couldn’t believe this.

Maybe it’s because of Kaiden becoming emperor? But she met the fortune-teller after he became emperor?

Evelina had a hard time breathing. Her heart ached as if an electric current was flowing. How could she not die when her body was this bad?


At 10 p.m., Evelina called him into her bedroom to ask Hans about his condition before Kaiden returned.

“How’s my condition?”

“…why are you so…”

She was desperate. Please, because she wanted the right words to come out of her childhood friend’s mouth.

“I don’t feel very well. How can you be so suddenly…”

“What do you think? Tell me the truth.”

As Evelina spoke impatiently, Hans looked at Evelina with a worried look on his face.

“Your heart is beating weirdly. It’s like a dead man.”

“Does a dead man’s heart beat?”

“Even after they die, it runs for 30 minutes. But that’s the sound of your heart now. It’s very weak. It’s weird as if it’s about to stop.”

“I see.”

Evelina sighed with relief at the words.

“I’ll make you some medicine.”

“Yes, thank you.”

She was completely relieved by her childhood friend’s words and put her hair behind her ears.

There was a lot of change from the original, so it seemed that there was only a little disruption. But she would die sooner or later.

She was only now feeling how blessed it was to know the exact date. It was far from dying sooner or later.

“It’s serious, Lina.”

“How much longer do you think I’ll live, Hans?”

His expression changed as if she was going to cry at her words, and Hans looked at her blankly.

“Can you be honest with me?”

“You’re too cruel to me.”

“That’s what Ian said.”

She burst into a fit of laughter at Hans’s Since I’m relieved, I’m relaxed.

“Tell me quickly. That way, I can prepare my mind.”

“Do you want to die?”

“…I don’t know.”

She couldn’t bear to lie to him, so she glossed over it in moderation.

But Hans was a very old friend of hers. She had countless thoughts that she was barely holding out on this situation. Her doctor was not involved in Evelina’s engagement at all. The previous emperor urged the Marquis of Logias and her to use them to keep the Crown Prince, Kaiden, in check.

The Marquis of Logias tried to kill Kaiden repeatedly. He was even the person who directly hit the throat of the previous Empress who gave birth to Kaiden. And he was one of the two culprits who drove her crazy.

Hans thought that the anger of Emperor Kaiden was justified, but that it was wrong for the anger to be directed at Evelina. His anger had to be directed at other things but Evelina.

But Marquis Logias was someone who cared about Evelina like his own heart.

It was also like a set procedure for Evelina to become the object of revenge. That’s why Evelina knew how hard it was to endure this situation.

Hans knew she would marry Ianathas, who liked Evelina. Rather, if Kaiden ascended to the throne, Ianathas, who had a problem with his mother’s lineage, would marry Evelina, who was no different than a traitorous family. Only then will he remain a person who cannot threaten the throne.

But the emperor took her, and Evelina chose to abandon herself to save her parents.

“A week-long, or two days short.”

Perhaps that’s why Hans didn’t know and lost his words. He didn’t mean to say it.

“I see. I see.”

He rather became more anxious when he saw her calm yet slightly smiling mouth.

“Oh, Hans.”


When Hans was depressed, Evelina went back to the patient and said.

“My menstruation is late.”

At that moment, Hans’ eyes opened around without realizing it.

“It could be… it could be. If you have a hard time.”

Hans said, deliberately evasive. His family was a family of doctors who assisted the Marquis of Logias for generations. So he knew too. That Evelina’s menstrual cycle had never been different.

“Is it two days late?”


“Maybe… I think it’s because I got hurt during the hunting competition.”

She was so evasive. However, Hans seemed to have already realized it with his sense of doctor.

“Did the blood show for a while and then stop?”

“…Come to think of it, it was yesterday. But it didn’t do that in the evening.”

Even implantation blood.

“I see. It’s probably a little late.”

Hans decided to put off talking to Evelina a little. Her life seemed to have been short, but it seemed cruel to put the burden of being a child on top of that.

“You have to take your medicine well.”


However, Evelina did not take a single pill that Hans gave her. She just took the red medicine that Kaiden gave her and folic acid mixed in it.


After another two days, Evelina became uneasy.

“Hug me, Kaiden.”

“I’ve been doing it too often lately.”

Kaiden said, gently hugging Evelina, who is digging into his arms while hugging his neck in his bedroom.

“Does that kind of person make me faint every time we do it?”

“…I am very vulnerable to temptation.”

He looked at Evelina as he confessed, and she just wanted time to pass quickly.

Evelina was feeling it, too. That her heart was getting weaker. And it was getting harder and harder to wake up, and her chest felt stuffy. And the pain she felt in her heart was considerable because of the fear and guilt she felt every time she saw Kaiden.

“I’m going to bite you.”

“…then… Beware.”

Kaiden replied with a smile as if he had already lost.

Evelina put her mouth on his neck and tried to chew softly. But she didn’t leave much of a mark on him, perhaps because his neck was also densely packed with muscles.

She bit him on the shoulder as if she had bitten a rubber boat full of wind. The neck was weaker than that but similar. Like biting rubber.

“There’s no weak spot in Kaiden.”

“I’ll try to be weak.

At his words, Evelina burst into laughter. And at that moment she realized that she had been so relaxed lately. When he looked at her, Evelina hugged him tightly because she didn’t want him to see the serious expression on her face.

“I want to fall asleep.”

“I’ll lay you down.”

Perhaps because she couldn’t fall asleep with sleeping pills, she was more used to falling asleep while sharing her body with him.

“Are you not going to do it?”

She said so and immediately bit his lips. Then she went into his mouth the way he did. But she could no longer move freely because he was caught up in teasing her.

“I’ll refrain from doing it.”

“You can’t do it.”

At Evelina’s scolding, he laid her down, wiping his saliva off her lips.

Then it was the beginning of a long night again.


That’s another week.

Evelina was dreaming. How fiercely they shared their bodies that she didn’t even know when she fell asleep.

“Help me!”

It was her adoptive parents in her dream.

“My wife is innocent! Just kill me!”

Her adoptive father was begging someone as he stepped forward to her adoptive mother.

“You don’t know how long you’ve been waiting for this day.”

Evelina realized that the man with the sword was Kaiden. He pulled out the sword he was wearing with a sound.

“Please…please save my wife and Lina.”

The Marquis of Logias bowed to the ground.

“I don’t want to”.


At that moment her adoptive father died.

“Why! Why are you doing this? Why!”

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

Kaiden roughly shook off the bloody sword and aimed it at the Marchioness of Logias’ neck.

“Hugh… please… Only my daughter….”

“Oh, that. Puh….”

Kaiden raised his knife with an ecstatic smile.

“It was your baby.”


“So when she has a baby, I’ll kill him in front of her eyes. And the bitch will kill herself.”

“Your Highness…!

“I won’t kill your daughter. I’ll let her die on her own instead.”

“Oh my god!”

Then the sword went down.


At that moment, Evelina woke up.



Evelina was freaked out as soon as she opened her eyes and saw him because of the bloody figure she had seen in her dreams.

“Let go! Let go!”

As she struggled to escape him, he held her tightly.

“It’s a nightmare, Lina.”


She tried to calm down her trembling body at his voice. But the dream was vivid as if it were real.

“It’s a dream. Dreams are not reality, Lina.”


It took her a long time to come to her senses in his arms.

Half an hour had passed by the time she calmed down.

“What… Why the hell…”.”

Evelina couldn’t be relaxed because she didn’t die even after a week.



It was morning, and woke up with Kaiden, as usual, holding her.

A week later, Evelina couldn’t take it anymore.

“Kaiden, that fortune teller!”


“I told you to bring the fortune-teller!”

Evelina said, recalling her barely subdued feelings. Then Kaiden looked at her with a surprised look on his face.

As soon as she saw his expression, she realized her situation and was afraid, but she tried to calm down.

“The fortune-teller went quite far. I think I can bring them tonight.”

She was so still as Kaiden hugged her, hopeful of his words.

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