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OMLFA Chapter 94


Evelina felt the tickle of Kaiden’s hair brushing her chest.

When she thought that everything was over soon, she somehow felt sorry. Then, she hugged his head, realizing that everything would end well.

“How is my heart beating?”

“It’s weak.”

“Really? You can’t hear me well?”

“The running sound is strange. Like a sick man.”

Evelina thought he had a really good sense. Her chest didn’t beat like it used to. She felt her rhythm was weak.

“It must be an illusion. Now I can hear you well again.”

Her body was almost chilly as she was almost tipsy, and Evelina seemed to warm up again as his breath touched the flesh with a little heat rising on her body.

“That’s a relief.”

She stroked his hair with her hand. Then his brilliant black hair, which slipped between her hands, tickled her fingers.

“Isn’t Kaiden sick?”

At Evelina’s words, he turned his head toward her. Then she almost closed her eyes because she was ashamed of him looking up at her chest.

“How can your heart beat so loud?”

“I’m always like this when Lina touches me.”

“When touched?”

“Even when you touch it.”

“When else?”

Evelina asked because it was strange that his temperature rose every time he exhaled. Because she wanted to focus less on him.

“I can’t say it because if I say it, it will make me look like a beast.”

“It is already too late for that. Remember how we’ve been lately.”

At her words, he smiled relievedly, and soon changed his posture and said, trapping Evelina with thick arms.

“I actually…”

“I’m listening.”

“Listen and promise not to be disappointed.”

He didn’t want to speak but put a condition. Evelina knew that his behavior was fake, but she didn’t need to think so anymore.

It’s all over soon.

“I promise.”

He chuckled at her remark and said.

“Let’s make conditions. What are you going to do if you’re disappointed?”

“If I’m disappointed, should we have 20 babies?”


At her words he looked down at Evelina, smiling like an innocent boy. She thought the Kaiden right above her face was really bad. Because he had a beauty that could not be humiliated even from the bottom.

“It happens every time Lina looks at me like this.”

“How do I look at you?”

He immediately smiled and looked at Evelina’s expression. In his eyes, she was beautiful on the bed, even though she was disorganized by a lot of things today.

Her winding platinum hair was like gold sprinkled on the white bed. It was brilliant and bright, and above all, brilliant. And his most beloved eyes.

Even in this dark room, Evelina’s eyes were shining like stars. He thought her eyes were so beautiful that if there was a purple aurora, it might be in her eyes. He liked the way she looked at him like a nervous cat when he looked at her as if he were reading the subtle emotions in her eyes.

He had to admit he loved her from the moment he first saw her.

She was also beautiful when he saw her as a child, but when he saw her again, who was completely a woman, she was even more brilliant.

Every time he thought of that bloody revolutionary day, even the memory of that day was ecstatic because of Evelina, who was delicate and beautiful like a violet in bloom.

The fear in her eyes that had been reflected in his eyes seemed to have completely disappeared now. And it seemed to be feeling the same emotions as his.

She often looked puzzled as if she was unfamiliar with the emotion, but he could tell it by looking into her eyes.

It was undeniably a deep feeling.

From the day he first saw her, he felt as if his whole body felt hot and cold with a fever, which was so intense that he could not avoid it, as if his heart had been taken out.

“Lina is like a rabbit but also a cat.”

“What does it mean?”

“Timid like a rabbit, but hides your claws like a cat.”

“Shall I scratch you?”

“It would be embarrassing if you made me happy like that. I don’t want to be shameless enough to hug Lina today.”

At his warning-like words, Evelina opened her eyes a little nervous. But she thought it was still a long way to go until dawn.

“Then Kaiden makes me a shameless person.”

“Me? Let’s correct it. Just say it. I’ll fix it right away.”

At Kaiden’s serious expression, Evelina forgot her vigilance and smiled brightly.

“It was our first time when Kaiden got hurt.”

“Oh, yes.”

His face was filled with guilt as she remembered that she had done things so urgently on the floor, with wounds on her back and shoulders.

“It’s… it’s totally my fault, but it’s also Lina’s fault.”


“For me, Lina liking me… Temptation is hard to bear.”

He frowned unconsciously because he could not tell whether what he was saying was an excuse or a confession.

“I guess it’s because I’ve liked you for too long. I’ll be careful next time.”

She felt strange when he apologized. She was saying in her mind that he was acting. However, the mind continued to be obsessed with the dual idea that it would end soon anyway, so it didn’t think so. It was as if the head and body were playing separately.

“Don’t be careful, do it again now.”

“… I can’t now.”


“I don’t think I can.”

At his words, she knelt. Then she quickly knew that he was lying because of the firmness that touched her knee.


“I’m sorry. You’re so pretty even when I look at you like this.”

He was ashamed that she recognized his condition. Then he sighed as soon as she began to touch him provocatively.

“I really can’t today.”

“Then bear it. I want to do it.”

When she thought that this would all end after today, she wished the time would go faster. Sleeping with him was the best way to do it. If she was too busy, she would faint.

She felt strange, perhaps because of the shock of seeing him cry. If today was the last day, she shared her body every day anyway, so she didn’t have any qualms.

“Why do you want to do it?”

“I am anxious too.”

She said so and grabbed him by the arm. He removed his arm as if he were collapsing at her touch. Then Evelina sat him down and climbed on.

“I’ll try it today. So hang in there, Kaiden.”

That’s how it started.

However, even if Evelina started at the top, she would soon go down. As she had hoped, she spent the rest of the night bonding with him. By the time his bodily fluids filled her stomach and her bodily fluids soaked his whole body, she passed out and fell asleep.



Evelina remembered that she had been so harassed that she had passed out and fallen asleep.

In the original work, it was she who died lonely at dawn. But now it was broad daylight, eyes wide open, and there was no pain anywhere.

“Eh, since when have you been watching?”

Evelina put her head on Kaiden’s arm and looked at him. He was looking at her with a big smile.

“Why is my body so dry? Did you wash it again?”

“Yes, you slept even after washing up.”

She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t dead. It was strange as she raised herself in embarrassment. The calendar she saw said July 7.

Did she die differently from the original?

But the good fortune-teller said she would die on July 7. She was a person who even guessed that Kaiden was not supposed to be alive. In addition, the heart became weaker and weaker, so it was so broken that it would not be strange to stop at any time.

What was it? Why wasn’t she dead yet? Will the original work change and she would die at another time?

She was able to allay her anxiety a little because she still had time until tonight. She had thought that she could die less lonely than the original, but now she was worried that she could not die because of it.

“Aren’t you going to work, Kaiden?”

“I’m going to eat with you.”

He pulled her arm back into bed. Then he put his ear to her chest and said.

“The meal will be here soon.”

He pulled the rope and held her tighter. Evelina asked Kaiden, who heard the sound of her heart, anxiously.

“How is my heart beating?”

“Maybe it’s because it’s morning, but it’s fast.”

The beating of her ears made her heart not calm.

Much of the original work has changed. But yes, her death was not going to change.

The possibility, which she would not think about because she was desperate, began to come to mind and became increasingly fearful.


As she shivered with fear, Kaiden looked at her in surprise. Evelina burst into tears when she saw his perfect figure.

It can’t be.

She wanted to believe that she would die after today.

“No, I had a scary dream…”

Evelina felt stuffy every time she breathed because of the anxiety she might have. Soon, Kaiden, who was staring at her and couldn’t take his eyes off her as if he was worried, opened his mouth.

“What kind of dream is it?”

“…No. Did you happen to see Elsius last time…”

She felt uncomfortable mentioning the name of Princess Elsius. But it was necessary.

“The fortune teller. Can you bring her here?”

“All right.”

She begged so.


But even after that night, on July 8, at midnight.

“That’s ridiculous.

Evelina was not dead.

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