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OMLFA Chapter 92


As Kaiden looked on without answering, Evelina felt intuitive that he had hoped for this situation.

He hoped for this situation. Then the whole situation was his work.

The strange hallucinations she saw, the strange dreams, and the strange voice she kept hearing.

It was clear that he knew she grew up in a poor house when she was young. He took it as a weakness and tried to hold her leash.

“I love Kaiden so much.”

She spoke to him as if she had turned over her leash.

“So even if you don’t answer, my mind won’t change.”

Evelina saw his expression change surprisingly mildly, and she thought she was right.

Maybe that’s why he let her parents go. It was the Marquis Logias, who was always in the way. He was sent to Tenesi, so he might be able to kill him at any time. She would be more dependent on him, left alone.

However, contrary to her expectation, he hugged her and did not abandon her immediately.

If so, what is the next most miserable thing?

Evelina could easily recall the worst.

It won’t be difficult to get pregnant if she continued to have a relationship with him. There was nothing wrong with her body during the physical examination when she entered the palace. Except for a weak heart.

It would be more valuable for him to abandon her when she has a child. Maybe he wanted to try to bully the child and make her commit suicide.

Then what? She was going to die tomorrow.

She smiled bitterly at the thought.

There were walls everywhere, but soon all those walls would be useless. She won’t have to cross it.

“In fact, I have a lot to say to Lina. Like this… And I think Lina has found her memories little by little.”

“Shall we talk over drinks?”

She turned to him as he swallowed his dry saliva and looked anxiously. Then he nodded. Evelina tried to take the green bottle from him.

“Eat this first.”

“Oh, this.”

She was wondering if she needed to take a hangover cure because she was going to die anyway, but she laughed and drank it because she didn’t need to refuse the offer. Then she put down the empty bottle and took the green bottle from his arms. Then she pulled the cap.

“Why isn’t this opening?”


Then Kaiden looked at her and said with a half-moon grin.

“Turn it to open it, Lina.”


She was a little embarrassed and turned to open the cap. Then he took the green bottle from her arms and opened the cap and gave it to her.

“There’s no area where Lina isn’t really lovely. It’s so cute, to open the bottle.”

“Yes, okay. Kaiden…”

She forced herself to praise him, but when she looked him in the eye, her mouth stopped for a moment.

“Your eyes are so pretty.”

After the evasive words, he brought her open bottle to his lips and began to gulp like a sailor.

Then Kaiden opened the cap of his bottle and drank the same.


Evelina was surprised by the tremendous alcohol content and immediately opened her mouth.

“This barely… I just took a few sips.”

Evelina was surprised when she was drunk. She felt dizzy and flabbergasted as if she had poured alcohol directly into her head.

“How does it taste?”

‘It tastes like toothpaste.’

“It tastes like toothpaste.”

She said whatever came to mind. At her words, he smiled more brightly and wiped his mouth. A clear green liquid passed from the corner of her mouth to his hand. He ran his thumb through his mouth and laughed.

The sound of waves crashing on the pier. And the fishy smell of the sea. And even the shimmering sun hanging over the sea far away. Evelina watched as if she were bewitched by the setting of the sun.

The orange light from the sun seemed to melt into Kaiden’s eyes, making his impression of a vivid beast look gentle.

Evelyn’s eyes, shining like jewels, looked like pretty orange juice. Like juice poured into a clear crystal glass.

She kept looking at his shiny eyes because they contained false affection. When she was drunk, the false affection felt as if it were true.

But it couldn’t have been. Who you are. She was Evelina Logias even if he found out she was raised in a poor house.

She was the eldest daughter loved more than anyone else by the Marquis of Logias for the past 10 years or more. No one in the empire didn’t know it. She was the daughter of a hateful enemy to him.

“Lina’s memory is not intact. That’s why I told Lina… I’m giving you medicine so that your memories can be intact.”

“What kind of medicine is it?”

“It’s mixed with heart medicine. It’s an antidote.”

Evelina burst into a fit of laughter at his nonsense. That’s impossible, isn’t it?

“Then does the medicine bring back all my memories?”

“…Yes. I know that you have trusted me and taken the medicine. So thank you so much. You believed in me even when you had no choice but to doubt me.”


As she stroked him, he even opened his mouth as if to confess.

“If the detoxification is over, you will only take heart medicine. And Lina’s health will be as good as before.”

She was sad that she wasn’t stupid enough to fall for what he said. However, her death would soon end everything, so she could keep a smile on her face.

“I believe in Kaiden. I love you more than anyone else… Also, I like you more than anyone else.”

As soon as she finished drinking her drink, he clamped their lips together, and soon more than half of the green liquor flowed into his mouth.

The green wine, which drifted heavily down her chin, dripped down onto Evelina’s black robe.

She held him by the shoulder with one hand and moved as if in response to his coveted mouth. Soon he fell and she flinched as if she was about to breathe.

“I think we should stop drinking and go back.”

“Hahaha. Let’s drink until the sun sets and go, then.”

She seemed to know what he meant by looking at his pants. Maybe it’s because sleeping with her was unexpectedly enjoyable, so he hasn’t thrown her away yet. 

She laughed, trying to pretend that nothing was wrong with her miserable feelings. Sleeping with him was not pleasant. In her mind, she knew that he was holding her as if he loved her even though he didn’t love her, but maybe because she had shared her body with him a few times, she was responding to him naturally.

What a bad taste, he would always push her until she let herself go. As if it was his pleasure to have her fully pleasured.

She pretended to be in a good mood and couldn’t pass it up. Above all, his presence was so great that it was overwhelming just to put their flesh together.

She tried to endure the pain by pretending to be good, but it seemed to make her stupid with pleasure to the point that it would be better to be painful.

She resented that part of her. There was a time when she thought it would be better if she felt it and he felt it too. However, when she tried it, sleeping together wasn’t that easy. He used to act as if he knew her all along.

“I love hugging Lina.”

He smiled awkwardly as if he had said something shameful. Then he gulped down half the bottle.

She also had a hard time maintaining her sanity about what he said, so she drank more enthusiastically than before. She drank so much that the floor trembled like a sailor on the sea.

Because she was drunk, she was able to drink faster. It was rum that was bitter enough to burn your throat, but it also tasted like toothpaste. It was strangely sweet and bitter, and bitter even when drunk.

When she came to her senses, half the bottle had gone down her throat.

“Why do you like hugging me?”

When a drunk Evelina asked, he finished drinking and put down the empty bottle.

“It feels good to be making love.”

His words made him seem like an innocent boy, and she found the gap funny and drank.

By the time she couldn’t drink anymore, she put the bottle down.



“Drink some more.”

When she handed him the bottle that was about a third left, he accepted it with a bright smile.

She gazed at his picturesque beauty. He was looking at her while drinking, and as the sunset set, his clear eyes flashed red again like an animal, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

And under the robe, that solid body that she often saw in the bedroom.

She had hoped that he would be slovenly like his father, and often unable to pleasure a woman. However, he had a radiant exterior that made one question whether he was really the son of the emperor.

And how sleeping together was.

“I don’t hate doing it with Kaiden either.”

She began to talk because she thought it would be her last time with him anyway.

The boundaries became blurred as drunkenness rose. It’s starting to get mixed up and hard to think about what’s bad and what’s right.

Perhaps because she was sad that she couldn’t leave a will, she wanted to be honest with him like a will.

“Every time I had a relationship, I liked the way I saw myself. I get nervous every time Kaiden sees me.”

“Is it because my eyes are gross?”

Before he knew it, he emptied the bottle and put it down. She said with a big smile at it.

“Kaiden’s eyes, they’re my favorite part.”

Then she felt her heart drop.


For a moment, Evelina felt her heart beat strangely even though the sun was not completely set. She couldn’t feel her left hand. Like she was having a heart attack.

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