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OMLFA Chapter 88


“All right.”

Evelina was relieved to see Kaiden’s expression soften. Wth the corners of his eyes lowered, his expression seemed gentler than the beast-like appearance he usually sees.

“So, get some rest.”

As for Evelina, the only thing she could trust right now was Kaiden. Even though the sun was up in the middle of the sky, she decided to listen to his words.

It was three days anyway, and it’s a rest of her days.

“Oh, Lina.”


“When you woke up a while ago, I gave you medicine.”


“It was when you woke up a little while ago.”

She couldn’t remember her waking up for a moment.

“Haha. As expected, you were sleeping.”

His smile was unfamiliar. Evelina looked at him, dazed for a moment. His expression was too strange from the last time. He somehow seemed like a boy, and he seemed innocent.

“You’re so… Lovely, Lina.”

Evelina’s cheeks burned at his words.

“I’ll sleep.”


When he hugged her, she hugged him tightly as if she reciprocated.

It’s three days anyway. Evelina thought so and decided to treat him as best she could. She didn’t know if she had to look good for him to save her adoptive parents.


“I’ll give you some advice.”

This place was Kaiden’s office. There were only three people inside, and Kaiden looked disheveled.

“If you’re going to ask me if I’m crazy, I’m sure I’m crazy, so don’t give me advice.”

Duke Ruskun of Weimar sighed and looked at Kaiden. Standing next to him was David Charlene, who was chief aide to Evelina.

“I heard you were with Her Majesty all day yesterday.”

At David’s words, Ruskun had so much to say that he kept his mouth shut.

“Do as you planned.”

“The original plan to kick out Marquis Logias.”

The words of patience burst out of Duke Ruskun’s mouth.

“I originally thought Your Majesty was right. After all, I was trying to understand that the woman Your Majesty was looking for, is the Marquis of Logias’ daughter.”

David bowed his head, and Kaiden looked up and waited as if he were listening to what he was saying.

“Even though I hated the Marquis of Logias, I thought the Queen did nothing wrong. What is your daughter guilty of? But.”

When Duke Ruskun seemed to speak as a mercenary, Kaiden looked at him with one eyebrow raised.

“Yes, I tried to understand that Your Majesty pretended to be deceived by Her Majesty. I tried to understand even when he was allotted such a huge amount of money at once to maintain her dignity. Well, yes. Love is irrational.”

The Duke of Ruskun was speaking, but his voice was getting thicker. As if to hold down deep anger.

He really did. A lump sum of money was given to Queen Evelina for a ridiculous reason, enough money to buy the island under the pretext of maintaining dignity. It was because the money was given without posting a statement on how to spend the budget.

It was clear that a slush fund was given to the Queen. Very publicly.

In addition, it was impossible not to know that she was secretly communicating with the Kingdom of Tenesi after buying Maineber Island to steal it as slush funds.

Kaiden knew everything that she was sending her adoptive parents to Tenesi.

He knew everything because it was his ruse.

He knew, so he put David, the most capable aide, on her to help her act quickly. She was given a lot of money in name, and the documents she needed to spend it on were for David to make.

He was going to let her have her way.

“Why didn’t you deport him to the Kingdom of Tenesi?”

“Then Lina will get nervous. If she thought I did it, she’d never be relieved.”

“What does that have to do with anything? Don’t they just need to live?”

Duke Ruskun clenched his fist. But Kaiden thought he was lucky that he was angry. He knew he would be more troublesome if he weren’t angry.

“Then Lina will be anxious even after giving birth. I don’t want to create such an unstable home for Lina.”

“…why did you become such a fool?”

“How can you be wise about this?”

At Kaiden’s words, Duke Ruskun sighed and calmed his anger. It was also true that he followed his lord after seeing his humane self.

“I really hate Marquis Logias. I want to kill him.”


“But I think it’s more important that Your Majesty saved me and allowed me to live like a human being.”

“I get it. You’ll follow me anyway.”

“Yes, I will. But don’t forget how hard I try.”

Duke Ruskun sighed deeply, closed his eyes tightly, and opened them.

“I’m sorry, but I think it’s a good thing. And if he goes into exile for this, he’s going to be able to deepen his public relations with the Kingdom of Tenesi.”

David Charlene said so while looking at Kaiden because he had no interest in the Marquis of Logias. David felt like he had heard the Emperor’s reason for attaching him to Evelina.

He thought he was demoted. In fact, when he found out it was a promotion, he didn’t even hate it.

And Kaiden looked at his witty remarks with one corner of his mouth up in delight.

“I’d like to ask if it’s okay to ask what I’m thinking, Your Majesty.”

“Do it.”

David Charlene said at Kaiden’s words that he wanted to confirm what he thought.

“Your Majesty did not bring in Her Imperial Majesty because of the Marquis of Logias. Is it correct that the Emperor allowed the Queen to help the Marquis of Logias in exile with slush funds made from Maineber Island?”

“Yeah. Didn’t you know that?”

How would he know? David was crazy by the idea, but he shut up and laughed.

“My thoughts are short due to the lack of children. I apologize.”

“Tell me.”

David thought he was trying to avenge the Queen, but he only did what he was told to do because he seemed sincere in affection. He hoped he wouldn’t go out of his way to do things wrong, how well he had done until now.

He thought it was perfect he didn’t frame Queen Evelina to prove loyalty to the Emperor especially when it was the Dowager Empress.

“Are you trying to exile them to the Kingdom of Tenesi like this? As originally planned by the Queen.”


“By the way, Your Majesty. If Queen Evelina becomes empress, then the entrustment is gone. Then she will have a hard time doing her job as Empress.”

“When we have a child, I will let another family adopt her in the name of it.”*

*TN: Evelina will be adopted not their kid

“Which family?”

“Duke Ruskun.”

Duke Ruskun kept his mouth shut because the emperor had to know that the age between him and the Queen was only four years apart. And he was even single.

“Your parents died because of the Marquis of Logias.”

“Your parents tried to sell you to mercenaries and prostitute you. Didn’t you say you’d rip out your parents’ throats if you found freedom?”

“Ha. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to become the influential figure of this palace.”

Kaiden wanted to leave Evelina to the person he trusted the most. That’s why he let him speak sarcastically.

“Lina doesn’t know anything. Her memory is still not intact.”

“…Yes, I know. I’ve already heard.”

The Duke of Ruskun sighed as he recalled Evelina’s situation and realized that the object of his anger was wrong.

“I can bear it if only Your Majesty can be happy.”

“I know. That’s why I’m asking. That’s why I leave it up to you. Because Lina is more precious than my life.”

David waited and said at Kaiden’s words.

“Then I’ll prepare the documents on my side. Maybe the Kingdom of Tenesi would welcome it. Because this incident may be accused of aiding and abetting, let alone harmony.”

“What about the Prince of Tenesi?”

“He was begging me to see you.”

The Duke of Ruskun said so and saw Kaiden.

“This will require the Crown Prince to submit evidence that he had nothing to do with this.”

If the Abelard Empire were determined enough, the Kingdom of Tenesi would be destroyed like an ant by an elephant. Therefore, it was said that the Abelard Empire had tried to kill two birds with one stone using the Marquis of Logias.

“I’ll make a deal on the condition that the Marquis accepts the exile of the Marquis of Logias and monitors all contacts the Marquis will make to the Empire.”

“All right, you’re competent.”

“I’m flattered.”

Thus the matter of the Marquis of Logias was dealt with. Evelina originally planned it, but now it would come true, pretending to be Kaiden’s will.


“Where do you want to go?”

Evelina was following Countess Elbain, who led her to the Imperial Palace.

“Your Majesty has asked me to take you to the Imperial Palace.”

“It’s hard to walk.”

Evelina had just come out of the room, but her body was so sore that she almost groaned without realizing it.

“That’s why I’m here, Lina.”


Kaiden quickly approached her and hugged Evelina. Evelina now hugged him around the neck as her leg fell off the ground quite familiarly.

“I’m sorry. I overdid it yesterday.”

“No, it was great. That Your Majesty and I are the first for each other.”

Evelina held him tightly, acting like an ecstatic person. Then Kaiden noticed her subtle tremor and said.

“Don’t worry if it’s the business of Marquis Logias.”



She couldn’t fully believe what he said, but she was able to head to the Imperial Palace bedroom with relief.

When she got to the bedroom, he dropped her off. Soon, the knights on both sides of the door opened the door.

‘What kind of bedroom would be good when you get married? First night… Actually.’

‘I wish rose petals were sprinkled on the bed. I hope the bedroom is full of roses. Wouldn’t that make you less nervous?’


Evelina looked at him unconsciously because the voice that grazed her mind for a moment was somehow the same as that of Kaiden.

The bedroom was full of roses.

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