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OMLFA Chapter 86


TN: Warning! This and the following chapter is smut! You have been warned.

The kiss was short. Kaiden looked down at Evelina with beastly eyes. Then he stared at her at once. As if to make sure she wanted this act.

Evelina looked at him in tears because he looked at her again as if he were testing her.

“You don’t like me anymore?”

As he tested her, she also did the same for him.

She already knew the answer even if he didn’t answer.

His desire for revenge was revenge on the Marquis of Logias. Her adoptive parents loved her more than their lives.

The biggest revenge he can do is make her completely his, covet and abandon her. There was no more perfect revenge than that. He’d be happy if he felt like she truly loved him as if he’s finally achieved everything.

“How could it be?”

He exhaled affectionately and kissed her on the cheek.

“I wanted to say I love you first. But again, I couldn’t.”

He said so and began to go below her. Evelina soon became unable to feel the stiff softness of the carpet touching her bare skin with the warmth he gave her. He tore the skirt that had been ripped to her thighs, opening it a little more. Then he burrowed between the gaps in her skirt.


Evelina also felt her hip lifted by his hand and her legs lifted over his shoulder. The ankle rubbed against his hair and touched his shoulder. Her waist strangely floated, and she trembled with a different sense when she noticed it.


She was surprised to realize that it was her briefs he was pulling off with his mouth. He grabbed her briefs with his teeth and pulled them down. His hands on her thighs gripped her tighter and tighter.

Soon after, when her leg touched his shoulder again, the briefs were hanging only on one knee.

“Kai, den.”

“Keep calling.”

He ordered so and soon began to covet her secret place. Evelina was surprised at the pleasure she felt for the first time and shouted without realizing it. Her voice was so strange, and she was surprised by the disillusionment mixed with the unfamiliarity and shut her mouth.

Evelina covered her mouth so hard that she felt as if she could hear her breath in her ears every time she breathed.

She covered her mouth like a crouching rabbit and trembled. She was stunned by his unfamiliar warmth, his persistent teasing, and his biting with his lips. Her skirt obscured him, so he couldn’t be seen properly. But whenever she met his eyes through the cracks, she felt like she was going crazy.

Soon, she looked at his red tongue sticking out as if he was possessed, and when he smiled, she closed her eyes tightly in fear. Tears trickled down, and he was seen more clearly.

Evelina was enduring his actions under a strange invasion of her unfamiliar area. He was moving and stimulating her as if he cared for her. Evelina was so afraid of this situation, which made her think hard about the pleasure of her body.

“Kai, den… ah…”

Soon he looked straight at her and bit her. She was strange because he seemed to be trying to leave a mark on the inside of her thigh. Her waist was shaking and her body was reacting arbitrarily. But whenever he opened her gap with his lips, her body accepted him differently from consciousness.

When Evelina thought she had four days left, she could forgive this hateful body. She couldn’t believe she had left her body with her legs open to a man who wanted to use her for complete revenge.

Her heart ached to see him laugh with his head in her groin, but her body was steadily heating up, unlike her consciousness.

In her head, hatred boiled over this extraordinary act. But her body was slowly opening as if she were accepting the man she had been waiting for. Soon after his hand invaded her secret flesh, Evelina breathed in and sighed.


His hands were very big. The fingers were thick, and the rough hands had calluses, so they were rough and very bulky as if they were from a man.

“Ah, but!”

Evelina looked at him, feeling that he was coveting her with his hands. Her mouth was closed, but her body let out the sound at will.

The sound of wetness, clinging, and falling, filled her ears. She looked at Kaiden for fear of the pleasure of the act. Then there was an unknown emotion in his eyes.

Evelina couldn’t understand how he could have these eyes. Her body was too hot, and her head was hard to think about, but this was certain.

His eyes on her were looking at her like a clumsy boy who had won his love.

Evelina’s heart trembled unknowingly at his gaze.


Thud. It was as if the heart had fallen from the sky.

She looked more at him as he called her. Her eyesight brightened and then became blurry, perhaps because the tears pooled and flowed indiscriminately.


Evelina trembled at her waist at her first feeling of pleasure. She didn’t know what was done, but she was sure it was her bodily fluids that wet his hands. It was as bright as white paint in his head, but she couldn’t think of anything.

“I’m glad you allowed it.”

He said so, then took off his top and threw it at random. Then he unbuckled, pulled down his pants halfway down, and approached her.

“Ah…! Eut!”

The sudden pressure suffocated Evelina. He did not give her pain all at once, as if he were a merciful beast, but only made her endure the pain.

She started to whimper when he stopped halfway in pain.

“It’s too narrow, Lina. Relax.”

“Ugh, uh… I can’t…! I don’t think I can!”

He patted her on the cheek when she screamed in so much pain. Evelina was in pain as if she had been swept underneath. An unfamiliar pain was coloring the place where pleasure had soaked it.

“It hurts… Ugh…”

Evelina came to her senses again when he looked at her without moving. As she got used to the pain, she was able to realize her situation again.

You shouldn’t say no. Then it’ll really be the end.

“I’m sorry, but… Heueu…”

He slowly overlapped himself over her body, and perhaps not half complete yet, she felt like her lower body would burn under pressure.

“Huh, Kai, Kaiden….”

She tried to hug him, realizing her situation while crying. Then, as if in relief, Kaiden exhaled and moved very slowly.

“This is my first time, Lina. therefore… a little… It’s hard.”

When he spoke as if it were true, Evelina sobbed and loosened her arms.

“Me, me too, it’s my first time.”

“Yes, I know. We’re new to each other.”

He said so and moved his back very slowly.


Soon after he became completely one with her, Evelina trembled with shock. She was afraid as if she had done something she shouldn’t have done, but her heart pounded every time she looked into his eyes.

She was afraid because this shocking thing she went through felt like it was really love. Every time she looked into his eyes, her doubts disappeared, and even though his social movements hurt, she seemed even to think that there wasn’t anything wrong when he moved with her as if stroking her insides.

“Ah, why… In the meantime…”

“Are you asking why I’ve been patient?”

She wanted to ask why he had been holding it in. She didn’t think she should continue this behavior any longer. She’d rather him hug and abandon her now. She hoped that he would not let her know of this fearful pleasure.

Her heart felt strange. It was as if some unknown emotion was tinged with it and trying to change her mind. As if trying to make her forget that she shouldn’t love him.

“What’s important about physical pleasure? If you don’t feel the same way.”

She collapsed at the words that came out of his words from his mouth. Then she knew he wouldn’t let her go until he hugged her completely.

The resigned Evelina hugged his neck and said from a lip-touching distance.

“Do you really love me?”

He sighed happily as she sniffed.

“Yes, indeed. I love you the most in the world, Lina.”

He said so and coveted her lips. Kaiden slowly began to move. Evelina felt itchy when the clothes were barely hanging on my body, and he brushed her skin every time he moved. Even so, she turned her head away because his act of coveting her mouth and elsewhere were too much for her.

Barely breathing, Evelina squeezed her eyes, and he said, clinging himself to her.

“Look at me, Lina.”


Evelina regretted closing her eyes on purpose. When she closed her eyes, she felt that her pain gradually turned into pleasure.

Soon as she opened her eyes, she was captured by his friendly red eyes. When she saw the eyes, she seemed to hear her heart beating. Her weak heartbeat and his loud heartbeat sounded offbeat.

And the dominant body, the hard thoracic muscles, and the dark wrinkles on the abs thickened every time they breathed heavily.

It was hard for her to hold back her voice as he moved more and more violently. She gave up hugging him and closed her mouth to prevent groans from flowing out. Then he grabbed her hand over her head and clasped her fingers.

Evelina’s hands went up with him, and he kissed the tears running down her cheeks.

“Puh, the hand… ah…!”

She hated her voice because she couldn’t hold it back like a person who was pressed at a vital point. Then he realized her mind and covered her mouth with his lips.

Evelina wanted to die when she saw his eyes that seemed to love her.

More than ever, desperately.

She hated herself for wanting his heart to be sincere.

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