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OMLFA Chapter 85


Evelina seemed to finally understand the strange behavior Kaiden was showing her.

She thought it was obvious that he hated her. The numerous evils her adoptive parents had done to him, and the hatred he had.

The whole thing was never an emotion that could be solved by words.

It was wrong from the beginning to understand his behavior. It was wrong to put him in the normal category.

The man in the original book had not changed at all. The possessiveness he had when he first met Serena Verdeen. It started with a desire to own her and make her turn towards him.

It was clear that he was trying to destroy the world around Evelina to have her, giving her no place to rely on. That way she’d give him everything and rely on him.

All he knew was anger. That’s why he was kind to her to achieve his goal. Maybe he wanted to do whatever he wanted with her. For revenge.

She was overcome with fear deeper than any other fear she had ever felt, but her mind was cold.

You have to do as he wishes.

What Kaiden Abelard wanted was complete power. Even if he violated her and abandoned her, at least she had no intention of challenging the power he wanted to have, and she had to ask him to guarantee her parents’ safety even if he abandoned her.

Then he, drunk on victory, may listen to her humble wish.

She was willing to take any gamble if her adoptive parents could live. She had only three days left, and all her plans had gone awry, and all of them were just Kaiden’s entertainment and pranks in the palm of her hand.

“Lina. What the hell…”


She held him tightly around the waist and gave him a penetrating hug. But he pulled back and loosened her arm.

“You have a fever, Lina. You haven’t recovered yet, what do you mean by that?”

“Give me a hug. If Kaiden loves me, please do. Please.”

She looked at him crying. Then she raised her toes up and kissed his lips.

“Lina, you can’t do this. I think it’s going to be hard for me to put up with it now.”

She pursed her lips, laughing at the pleading voice of his. Then his eyes changed. Evelina laughed again as his eyes turned into a beast’s.

“Don’t be patient, Kaiden.”

Then he grabbed her by the chin.

Evelina’s body was boiling so hot that it could not be cooled by the rainwater. But her body temperature was turning higher and higher due to the heat that was passed on when he touched her.

“Well, uh…”

He began to covet her lips so intensely that she forgot to breathe. Soon, Evelina fell when she exhaled because she was too tired to breathe.

“I love you, Kaiden.”

She quickly said so because she thought he was trying to stay away from her. She didn’t think it would contain any emotion, but when she uttered it, she felt guilty, scared, and relieved.

Four days later.

Four days later, she wouldn’t have to take any responsibility for the words.

She clung to him and kissed him to not think further.

Then he began to move like a man whose thoughts were really at rest. Evelina’s jaw ached because of Kaiden, who coveted her to the point where it was too much for her. He moved inside, holding her chin strongly, as if to keep her from running away.

Evelina was going crazy because of the mass of his flesh that held her lips and gnawed inside with his teeth.

She couldn’t help but realize that all the friendly and relaxed behavior he had shown her was fake. His flesh, which went down on the cheek while stroking the furrow of the roof of her mouth, soon pressed down on her flesh and persistently touched the part that was secretly divided under it.

When she pulled back in fear, she couldn’t even run away, tightly wrapped in his firm arms. She felt like a rabbit wrapped around an anaconda.

Evelina’s eyes were wet, but she tried to respond to him. But with just a small reaction, he reacted like he would push back ten times more.

“Sigh… Ugh…”

She thought the kiss was over, but he bit her on the neck. Then he started putting his hand on the clothes that Evelina was wearing.

Evelina trembled with surprise at his mouth-wandering behavior, but soon became more and more afraid when he proceeded to take off her clothes by tearing them.

He was grabbing the clothes with both hands and tearing them. Her jaw trembled with the sound of her clothes slowly tearing apart on both sides. Maybe it’s because she already moved her chin to the limit, but it was numb.

He tore the clothes from her collarbone and draped them around her waist. Then only the thin negligee remained on her.

He bit his lips as he looked at the skin and pink curves that reflected under Evelina’s thin negligee. His fangs bit Evelina’s lips and let her go.

Evelina closed her eyes for fear of his actions. When she couldn’t feel any breath in her mouth, even the negligee ripped apart and flowed down over the clothes hanging from her waist.

When her bare chest was exposed, Evelina got goosebumps on her flesh due to the cool temperature. Seeing her white face and chest, he still had scary eyes.

She wanted to run away at once, but she couldn’t. She was trembling to the point of shivering, but she was trying to erase the thought of running away.

There was more to her than death.


Evelina felt the heat in the hem of his clothes and his earlobe touching her chin. His act of biting her neck again made her feel like she was being eaten.

What his hand held there was her heart.

Evelina felt as if he was holding her heart hard, not her own flesh. Every time the left side palpated, the pressure he put seemed to add. The tip of his sensitive skin was becoming more sensitive due to the heat of his palm.

The pressure on her neck was so weird.

It was as if he was leaving a trace by biting, but he was soon trying to pretend he didn’t bite with his lips. However, she was under the illusion that the heat left when he bit her left traces all over her body as well as her neck.


She clasped the hem of his arm. Perhaps because she often thought his clothes were thin due to his muscles, she could intuitively see that the hem she grabbed was actually closer to his bare skin.

She obviously held the cloth, but it was like grabbing his hot bare skin.

“Kai, den…”

He came down from her neck and licked her collarbone with his lips.

There was a sense of floating for a moment, but when Evelina came to her senses, she was on the carpet on the floor.

The torn dress was badly disheveled, and he glared down at her more and more as if he didn’t notice.

“Oh, my…”

She was appalled as he pulled her flesh together and licked it with his lips. She stood up and watched his action. Like an instinct, she couldn’t take her eyes off how she was eaten.

She had a strange feeling that her chest, crushed by his large hand, was soon out of place.

The heat and pleasure conveyed by his touch. It was so strange.

She kept looking at him, ignoring her red face and her wet cheeks with tears. Hearing her sniffle, he was staring at her fiercely.

Evelina hugged his head as if she was afraid that his reason would return. Thanks to that, she didn’t have to look at those scary eyes anymore.

But not being seen did not mean that pleasure was lost. This guilt-filled pleasure seemed to tickle her heart as it entered her heart on her skin.

So it felt like there was a needle in the bloodstream every time the heart beat. Because she felt the needle circling the blood vessels every time he stimulated her.

Everywhere he touched his lips, she felt her tongue tingle.


As she called out to him, he tightened his grip on her head again, and he pressed down on her and squeezed her waist as if he were dominating her.

Evelina was completely laid to the ground, and he laughed as he saw her beautiful hair wavy to the floor.

“Please keep calling.”

He spoke commandingly and tore the bottom of her skirt. With his power, the skirt was easily torn along the sewing line and her thighs were soon exposed.

He put her foot on his shoulder, turned his head and kissed the top of her foot. Evelina stared at him, biting on the back of her foot, and pretended not to know that tears were flowing down her temple.

The moment she looked away, she felt like her true intentions would be revealed.

She was afraid that a dangerous and good-natured beast would realize her true intention and abandon her. She hated him. She resented the fact that he forced her to choose him after pushing her like this.

But what’s so great about love from a body that would die in four days? She wondered if he prepared for that.

She even laughed at him biting her calf and trying to heat up her body.

If she was found four days later with a cold body, with her heart stopped. What kind of expression would he make?

She wondered if his expression would be similar to what it is now. He was like a mad man with longing. The eyes were very red. The eyes looked like blood, too. To the point where she thought that if he cries, it will not be human tears, but blood would fall.

“Does Lina really like me?”

“Yes, I love Kaiden.”

She looked at him casually lying.

“That’s why I’m scared of this situation. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my heart still.”

She raised her back and kissed him, pretending not to hear her abominable lie.

As if seducing him.

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