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OMLFA Chapter 80


– Bang!


Kaiden shot the shooter without hesitation. But the hitman shot in turn. And when he pulled the trigger, a noise with the sound of “pop!” came into the tree.

“Lina, you can open your eyes now.”


Evelina managed to hide behind a tree. Her sprained ankle hurt so much. Coupled with the scratches when she fell off the horse and bruises all over her body.

“Let’s go now. It’s better to lift you.”

“Ka, Kaiden, over there…!”

Cried Evelina as she looked over him at the swarm of murderers. Everyone dressed as a knight who could enter the hunting ground.

“Your Majesty, surrender. Then I’ll save Your Majesty.”

“Who made this up?”

Kaiden turned around. He stood so naturally that Evelina was hiding from their sight. Evelina couldn’t see very well because his large body obscured her.

All she could hear was the cliff behind her and the sound of the lake beneath it.

And when she listened carefully, it didn’t seem like a lake. It was far from where he said there was a lake in the first place.

There was a sound of water flowing.

Then a valley. For a moment, Evelina looked down the cliff. Then she could see water pouring out a little below her and flowing down.

How deep the water was was unknown. But she could see how high the cliff was. She could hear the sound of water flowing, but the bottom was black.

“You have to kill the queen here. If you kill her yourself, I’ll take you alive.”

Evelina did not know the owner of the voice. But Kaiden seemed to know.

“Since when have you betrayed me, Walter?”

“From the beginning.”

“When was the first time? Was it when you were a mercenary like me?”

Kaiden mockingly loaded the gun. Then she heard a load of numerous guns loaded in front of him.

“Who bought you?”

“If you’re curious, follow me. Then you’ll find out.”

“Do you think so?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, you will remain.”

Walter scoffed at Kaiden and said,

“Nothing is precious to you. Except for your own life. So, you didn’t care even after killing so many colleagues.”

“I said I didn’t kill him.”

“Oh, are you trying to say that the Marquis of Logias did it again?”

Only then did Evelina realize who Walter was. And she knew what he was saying. She saw it in the original.

So she couldn’t believe Kaiden.

Marquis Logias accused Kaiden had killed his colleagues. Profuse mercenaries who were fighting were mutilated and died during the retreat.

It was Kaiden who was named the mastermind of the job. But the actual mastermind behind it was Marquis Logias.

And Kaiden’s men believed in him. Except for Walter.

It was strange that Walter was still alive. He should be dead at this time in the original story because he served as a double agent and died when Kaiden twisted his neck.

“It’s not that you don’t trust me. You only believe what you want to believe. It will benefit you if you believe in what you want to believe.”

“Shut up. Who do you think has the upper hand now?”

“Of course it’s me.”

– Bang!

Kaiden fired the gun.


But no one shot him. They were just looking nervous.

“There must have been an order to save me and bring me back. It’s pathetic.”

– Tatang! Tatang!

When Kaiden shot without hesitation, the people in front of him also shot. However, they could not shoot Kaiden’s body but only shot nearby trees and warned him.

“Shoot the queen!”

It was that moment. The sniper approaching the back raised the gun toward Evelina.



As soon as Evelina noticed the muzzle, she saw a bullet fired.

– Bang!


Kaiden pushed her to save her from the shooting. At that moment, Evelina and Kaiden fell down the cliff.



The water under the cliff was deep. Kaiden floated straight above the water and tried to find Evelina.

But the valley was so rapid that he struggled to avoid being swept away.


He called Evelina. But she wasn’t seen.

He just dived and tried to find Evelina.

Evelina, whose clothes hung on a branch under the water when she fell, was unable to come up. She was still there as if she had fainted.


He rescued Evelina from the branch and rose and breathed.

“Lina, breathe.”

However, Evelina was only pale in the dark and unresponsive.

For a moment, Kaiden felt his blood run cold.

He swam desperately to get to the nearest land. But it wasn’t easy because he had to hold Evelina, move her head above the water, and move through the torrent.

When they reached the land, it was the entrance to the cave.


He put Evelina on the floor and came ashore. Then he tried to check Evelina’s condition.


Evelina was not breathing.

He tore her clothes off quickly. After he lightened her upper body, he lifted her chin. He then cupped his hands and pressed against her chest.

It was often the case on the battlefield. When a fainted soldier did not breathe. It was a way to allow you to breathe in case that happens.

He struggled to apply the right amount of force as he felt that if he used too much pressure, all of her ribs would be broken.

Not long after.


Evelina vomited water.

“Lina, wake up.”

He patted her on the cheek and said. But Evelina was not breathing again. He grabbed her by the chin and breathed in.

And again, pressing down and pressing down on her chest repeatedly.


Soon after her breath returned, Evelina turned around, coughing.

“Are you all right, Lina?”


Evelina looked back at Kaiden with a weak body.


At that moment she realized. He was a wreck, too.

“It’s a relief.”

When Evelina woke up, Kaiden was finally relieved and collapsed.


Kaiden’s abdomen had been torn open by a barely-sewn wound from the last fall. The red bloodstains were getting thick on his clothes. On top of that, the bullet meant for Evelina grazed his shoulder.


When Evelina saw that he had passed out defenselessly, her mind came back at once.

“Oh, my God…”

Then she caught sight of Kaiden’s condition.

“Stop, stop the bleeding….”

She pulled up the fabric from his abdomen and pressed it down with her hand. Then she waited until he stopped bleeding.

As if her surgery went well, her ruptured area quickly stopped bleeding. This time, Evelina tried to stop the bleeding in the shoulder.

Evelina, who was wondering how he saved her with this shoulder, tried to move her trembling arms with fear and pressed the wound as if squeezing. It was not easy because her hands were shaking, and she slipped several times due to fatigue.

But less than ten minutes later, she was able to stop him from bleeding.

All this was learned in her previous life.


For a moment, Evelina realized that he tore his top to save her. She was bare-chested.

She took off her outer garment and wrapped it around Kaiden’s waist after revealing her chest. Then she tied it very tightly. The remaining cloth wrapped around his shoulder in the same way.

“Body temperature.”

She recalled the memories of her previous life and thought. It was early summer now, but the weather was cold. The place was in the middle of the forest. But if she made a fire, they’d be caught by their pursuers.

She felt Kaiden’s falling temperature with her hand.

He was always warm and gave her only warmth. It was strange that there were times when he was colder than her.

On the one hand, she wondered what it would be like if he died like this.

Then no one will be after the Marquis of Logias.

But it was because of her that he was hurt.

“Why on earth did you do that?”

While Evelina said so, her voice trembled because of guilt.

It seemed that she couldn’t live like that. If he saved her like that and died from an open wound.

Evelina felt the guilt drive her crazy.

Even if her life was eight days away.

She did not wish for Kaiden’s death. She just wanted her parents who had done wrong to him to go to another country and he would live a happy life in his way.

Why on earth did he save her? Did he really do this to avenge himself?

Evelina wept when she thought of it.

“No, it can’t be.”

As the actions he had done to her flashed through her, her heart felt strange. As if she had committed a greater sin than her father.

So she began to undress. If they wore wet clothes, their body temperature would drop even more. Then they both would die of hypothermia.

Evelina began to undress Kaiden, too. Then she laid herself over his body. Then she hugged him tightly so that her body temperature could be transferred to him.

Evelina hugged him and began rubbing his unhurt area. That way, his temperature will go up.

After struggling to keep up the heat for so long, Evelina had to try not to cry.

“Please don’t die, Kaiden.”

However, the tears did not dry easily.

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