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OMLFA Chapter 76


“If you get married, wouldn’t it be better to do it with someone in your country?”

Evelina’s series of questions left Princess Elsius still, forgetting to blink. Then, she was confused because Kaiden’s expression, which seemed to want an answer from her, was very soft.

She thought that the emperor who coldly told me to go to Tenesi would probably follow what Queen Evelina said.

“Ah… I…”

“Did you say the Peran marquis was in the south?”


Evelina smiled at Ianathas’ words and said to Princess Elsius.

“You could go on a vacation to the south every winter.”

Princess Elsius’ heart was pounding at the words of Queen Evelina. She looked at Kaiden as if to confirm, but Kaiden was not seeing anything else, as if his eyes were fixed on Evelina.

However, his expression was so friendly and gentle that it was unfamiliar to Elsius.

“I like my sister-in-law. So if my sister-in-law decides on my marriage, I think I can follow it.”

As soon as she said that, her eyes met with Kaiden’s. As if she had given the correct answer, Kaiden smiled. If there’s one thing Princess Elsius has noticed over the years, it’s that Kaiden’s smile came from his satisfaction. His sneering smile, or his wrathful smile, had never made his eyes so gentle.

“Oh, my. I’m so glad you trusted me like that.”

Evelina said with a smile as if she were really happy.

“I’m sorry for the Crown Prince, but I don’t want my new family to go out to another country.”

“No, if your Highness doesn’t, that’s all there is to it. I just want a lot of beautiful women from the Abelard family to come to Tenesi.”

“Oh, my God.”

“The fact that there are many beautiful women in the Abelard Empire is also famous in our kingdom.”

Renold Tenesi said as if nothing had happened. However, the marriage between the Crown Princess and Tenesi Crown Prince Renold seemed to come to an end.

Even if the Kingdom of Tenesi was very small compared to the Abelard Empire, it was a royal family. The act of looking at the liver was difficult to tolerate if the benefit was not great.

Evelina smiled as if she had expected this and looked at Princess Elsius. When she saw the red eyes and cheeks of the princess, Evelina felt disgusted with her.

The atrocities she did almost killed her. How brazen she was to believe that the woman she was going to kill could do her a favor.

Evelina knew why she really thought so. Even if the ceremony was ruined and she died at the hands of the emperor, it would not have been a big deal for Princess Elsius.

That’s why.

“Oh, the banquet is starting.”

Evelina smiled brightly at Princess Elsius and watched the banquet.

The banquet hall was filled with envoys from Tenesi and envoys from the Abelard Empire. And in the middle of it, dancers for the performance were coming out with instrumentalists and moving gracefully.

“Our Tenesi traditional dance will also come out later.”

As the Tenesi prince spoke friendly to Evelina, Evelina smiled at him. Because they had a deal to do.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

At her words, the crown prince smiled as if he were honored and watched the traditional dance of the Abelad Empire.

“Ah… this music….”

For a moment, Evelina opened her eyes wide when she realized that the music in the background was the music that Kaiden often listened to in the bedroom.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes. It’s truly  grand to play on so many instruments.”

As Evelina spoke admiringly, Kaiden took her hand on the table. Evelina also turned her hand over and held his close.

“I want to sit closer.”

“I see.”

Kaiden dragged Evelina’s chair closer to his. The two chairs touched each other with a little noise, and Evelina was ashamed to make a noise, but soon she was relieved to see everyone talking to each other pretending not to hear.

She sat shoulder-to-shoulder close to him, moving away from the table. Then Kaiden looked at her and said,

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“Feed me. I want to eat the steak that Kaiden cuts.”

Evelina said jokingly, but Kaiden cut the steak only with his right hand at her words, picked it up with a fork, and handed it to her.


She opened her mouth and laughed as he said, chewing the steak he handed her. They met eyes and laughed, then he pretended to be shy and blushed at her, and she looked in front of her.

It’s hard to see his embarrassed face.

She thought the whole thing was still a daunting performance. He seems to be sincere and misleads her, but the moment she believed he was sincere, he would throw her into hell. Such a very dangerous performance.

“The performance is stunning. They’re all like butterflies.”

When Evelina said so, Kaiden gulped down the water next to her.

“Kaiden, try this.”

She knew from the original that he hated boiled broccoli. So she picked up the broccoli and handed it to him.

However, he still accepted and ate what she handed over with a happy expression, befitting a genius of acting.

“Your lips are so pretty, Kaiden.”

“Lina’s is much more beautiful.”

When he said so, Evelina leaned her head shyly on his shoulder.

“Oh, my sister-in-law.”


Kaiden frowned as she raised her head at the words of Princess Elsius.

“I wanted to give this to my sister-in-law.”

“Oh, my God, this is…”

At that moment, Evelina opened her eyes wide as if she were surprised to receive an item handed over by a maid close to Princess Elsius.

“This is the ring my mother left me.”

“Oh, my God, this is…”

Originally she intended to give it to Kaiden, but he was indifferent when she handed it over. That’s why Princess Elsius tried to give it to Evelina. If she gave it to her, it would prove her loyalty.

“Can I have this precious thing?”

“Yes, of course. My mother had a lot of children after she got it as a gift.”

Of course, all of the children disappeared in the royal family’s secret struggle.

The only one who survived was Princess Elsius. Of course, some of her siblings were removed by her own hands.

“I’m glad. If I wear this, I’ll have a lot of Kaiden’s children, right?”

Evelina looked at Kaiden, pretending to be happy. Then he said with a happy smile.

“One is enough. Having a lot of babies is not good for the mother either.”


“Because giving birth is a life-threatening job. Whether they are a son or a daughter, if they come from Lina, I intend to make them Emperor.”

The most surprised by his words was the Crown Prince of Tenesi. He had made a deal with Evelina. Her enormous fortune, which she has agreed to give, will help him succeed to the throne.

But she didn’t know because she reached out first and asked him for help. He found himself in a position to help her.

Renold Tenesi was a pretty smart man, so he was convinced that Evelina was the one who could move the emperor.

“But I want to have a lot of children. If they look like Kaiden, I want to see a son and a daughter.”

When she saw him smile beautifully, Evelina crumpled up the fork that Kaiden was holding and smiled like the sun.

Soon the dancers of the Kingdom of Tenesi came in. In a country where winter was the most season, dancers in thick clothes and hats appeared and began to dance.

“Oh, my. The traditional dance of the Kingdom of Tenesi is really powerful.”

When Evelina spoke admiringly, Renold Tenesi said.

“It’s a symbol of vitality. Characterized by powerful and restrained movements, Your Grace.”

“It’s pretty.”

As Queen Evelina watched in raptures, Renold Tenesi said to win her favor.

“If you like it, I will let the dancers stay in the Abelad Empire for a year. Then you will be able to call and watch the performance whenever you want to.”

Evelina seemed to be moved by Renold’s words, but she soon realized about her life span and said,

“I think I’ll know what’s precious if I see it from time to time. Please bring them when the next envoy comes.”

“Of course, Your Majesty.”

At Evelina’s words, Renold Tenesi smiled artificially. He was content to show the queen his favor and friendliness. There was nothing to lose there.

“Why don’t you move up the hunting contest?”

The hunting contest was three days later anyway.

“How much?”

“I wish it was tomorrow.”

When Evelina saw that Renold Tenesi was saying that to her, not the emperor, she realized that he was a pretty bright guy.

He probably didn’t even know the emperor was acting with her, but he seemed to know right away that it was her who was manipulating the emperor.

“Will you, Kaiden?”

“I see.”

“Actually, I’d also like to see Kaiden hunt.”

She hated hunting. Because she didn’t like catching animals. But it was also inevitable. If she became an anti-hunting queen, she will be seen as a freak, and her goals will be broken.

“I will make sure to offer Lina white wolf skin.”

Evelina held Kaiden’s hand, pretending to be in love with what he swore.

“Then I’ll just wear that fur and wait in bed that day.”

Evelina, now that her death was imminent, intended to catch him completely off guard.

Even if she was miserably abandoned.

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