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OMLFA Chapter 7



The door rattled again. Evelina looked at Ianathas, realizing that with Kaiden’s strength he could break the doorknob and open the door. She needed to get him to leave quickly so that he could be saved.

“What are you here for?”

“You said we were going to get married.”

Ianathas looked at Evelina with a pitiful look. She sighed as she looked into his silver hair and gray eyes. Even though it’s night, it felt like it’s twinkling alone like a star.

‘I’m going to marry Lina.’


‘Marry me, Lina.’

Evelina looked at him with a frown on her face because of her memories of her past flashing by.

“Are you talking about when you proposed to me when you were twelve?”

“Yes. We promised to get married back on.”

She didn’t know why he was talking nonsense, so she folded her arms and took a step back.

“I have been engaged to His Majesty for quite some time.”

“After all, you got engaged without even seeing each other, and never met. Therefore… I thought you were going to break up.”

Evelina had a feeling that Ianathas Peran, who was close with the Marquis of Logias, might have really thought so.

Twelve years old.

At that time, Evelina was adopted at the age of eleven and was just adjusting to being a Marquise. It was also a time when she became the real Evelina and was occupied with her love of the Marquis and Marchioness of Logias.

Ianathas, who saw Evelina for the first time, confessed as soon as he saw her.

‘I like Lina so much. you really are like a fairy. Marry me.’

‘Yeah, right. I like my dad and mom so much. That’s why I can’t marry you.’

‘Why? Then I-I will live here! Can’t we?’

It wasn’t the first time Ianathas had asked while crying. At the time, Evelina thought he was very annoying, and she thought that the confession of her twelve-year-old wasn’t something that could go on for very long anyway.

So she accepted it.

‘I want to marry you.’

Every week since the age of twelve. He had confessed over 50 times, Evelina would answer because she thought he would give up only if she accepted it.

‘Yeah, then.’

Her prediction was not wrong, and he had returned to his old self after accepting her confession. Besides, he didn’t even cross the line.

Then, when Ianathas was 18, he went to war in a foreign country. He came back only after the revolution was over. Come to think of it, he was on the battlefield at the time Evelina was preoccupied with her engagement.

“I am married. We were not meant to be.”

Evelina said calmly. As it should be, Evelina was dear to Ianathas. Had been a really nice guy to her, and he had also been writing to her all the time from the battlefield.

But she was going to die soon. She’ll be dead in a month. Maybe if things about her life expectancy changed just like the original work had changed.

“Go back.”

It was a situation in which one might die. In the eyes of Kaiden, who became emperor by revolution, he could have died. Evelina didn’t want Ianathas to die, whether she died or not.

“Still, Lina… Look at me. I’m so sorry I’m late. I apologize for the complacency. But I don’t want you to….”

As he began to speak more and more desperately, Evelina closed the window. Then she locked the window. When he gazed at the window with a pained look on his face, Evelina flicked the curtain closed, feeling sorry to see it.

The sound of the door rattling could no longer be heard. Kaiden seemed to have given up and gone back.

That was good. Evelina thought so and stood at the door.

Then she looked out through the keyhole in the door. She couldn’t see anything outside. The lights were dimly turned off in the hallway as if an ant would not pass by.

She sighed and headed back to bed.

The bed softened her body with a squeak. Evelina was surrounded by the finest items even in the marquis, so she didn’t think it was that great that the bed was soft like a sponge.

However, it was true that the flag of the Abelard Empire on the canopy felt very burdensome. In addition, perhaps because it was embroidered with golden thread, reflecting the light on the chandelier at night would be all, it seemed as brilliant as the sun.

It felt like she was looking into Kaiden’s eyes, so she pulled the sheets all the way past her head.


When the white sheet came up to the top of her head, the world felt smaller again.

So was the previous Evelina, who was staying at the Logias mansion. She didn’t like the big world, so she didn’t go out very much unless she needed to socialize. And since she got engaged, she has lived almost a quiet life. If she had a fiance, she had to accompany him.

Strangely, even though Evelina didn’t go out very often because she didn’t like social activities, social attention was still on her. So she only went to gatherings and tea parties where women usually went. She went to the salon when only women gathered.

After Ianathas, who was basically her only friend of the opposite sex, went to war at 18, the absence became longer. Even if she didn’t go out, all she needed was the Marquis of Logias who solved everything quickly.


She sighed for a long time because she thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep. As the sheets moved a little, it really felt like the end of her world.

Evelina gradually sought stability and tried to close her eyes.

‘He-Help me!’

However, the voice of the maid that Kayden killed when her eyes were closed echoed in her ears.

“Let’s not think about it.”

Even though she said so, she couldn’t sleep because she couldn’t help but hear the voice, so she tossed and turned for a long time and finally fell asleep at dawn.

She took a nap. However, the ringing in her ears sounded soft and long, and then suddenly stopped.


At that moment, she opened her eyes to intense pain.

“The medicine…!”

It occurred to her that she didn’t take any medicine today.

She was suffering from heart disease. But her heart was weak by nature, so she had to take the medicine given by Marquis Logias every day.


In the heart-wrenching pain, she got out of bed and reached out to the drawer where she had habitually put the medicine in with her trembling hands. But this wasn’t the Marquis where she stayed.

“Oh, my…”



There was a box in the drawer. Just like the box she often put medicine in at the Marquis of Logias.

She opened the box without hesitation and saw a lot of red pills.

Evelina took one of her pills as she normally would and shoved it into her mouth. Unfortunately her mouth was dry, so she couldn’t take the medicine normally, so she had to swallow it hard.

The medicine took 30 minutes to take full effect. She sighed, feeling the heartbeat of her heart, which was gradually finding stability.


Then she grabbed her chest as she felt a sudden electric current-like pain.


Then she fainted.


It was morning when Evelina opened her eyes again. She lifted herself up to hear the birds singing. Her hair was sticking to her face very uncomfortably, perhaps because she had a cold sweat all night.

“Ah… I’m tired.”

She was really too tired. Nevertheless, she couldn’t sleep deeply and opened her eyes, perhaps because the bed was different.

Sighing, she wanted to breathe fresh air, so she moved her heavy legs and got up from her bed. The birds’ chirping was getting louder and louder. She swept her hair back from her forehead and pulled the curtains.

“Oh, my God.”

Evelina freaked out seeing Ianathas sleeping on the tree, forgetting what was at stake.

“Go home.”

She opened the window and told Ianathas. At her words, Ianathas responded in disheveled voice.


“You saw that nothing happened. Now go.”

She thought it was strange to think how he had fallen asleep so peacefully when it was on the third floor. She wondered if it was common to sleep on trees on the battlefield.

“Lina, even now….”


She spoke so briefly, pushing him away. Then he said with a bright smile.

“I’ll come back to the palace later.”

The moment Evelina was about to say something.


He jumped off of the tree. Evelina was so surprised that she looked where he jumped. Then he landed on the ground with a normal face and waved his hand.

“Ha… Really.”

Thinking that she would not be able to live long due to heart failure, from his actions rather than her heart disease, Evelina pressed her forehead hard and quickly closed the window.

Perhaps because she breathed fresh air through the window that she had opened for a while, she was now more awake. Soon after closing the curtain and turning it perfectly, Evelina opened the door.


Evelina, who opened the door, was so surprised that she almost collapsed.

“Your Majesty.”

She stood leaning against the wall and her heart jumped when she saw Kaiden asleep. She thought he went back yesterday, but he actually waited in front of the door.


When he opened his eyes, the blood-red eyes soon captured her.

“Did you sleep well?”

“… Yes. I was so tired yesterday. I must have fallen asleep.”

When she said so in embarrassment, Kaiden smiled. She was more afraid because she couldn’t tell what he was laughing at. If he had stood and waited all night, he should have been extremely angry. However, the smiling face looked like a child who received an expected Christmas gift.

“That’s alright. As long as you slept well.”

He smiled and held out his hand to her. Evelina grabbed his hand in a panic, and he said, holding Evelina’s hand tightly.

“Isn’t the bed comfortable?”

His words made her heart boil and she was about to melt. He was a person who cut and killed the maid in front of her eyes. He was a person who didn’t know when to let go of a knife while laughing.

“Oh, yes, it was good.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

Then he led her hand into the room and said.

“Because we have to have our first night.”

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