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OMLFA Chapter 66


“What do you mean… please?”

Evelina chuckled at how Princess Elsius couldn’t control her expression. So far, she used to pretend to laugh at most things and scratch people’s insides. But now, her expression was stiff as if she had seen something frightening.

“You said that before. You’re envious of seeing the relationship between Kaiden and me.”

Evelina looked over when Kaiden looked at her quietly. Then he smiled with his eyes curled like a picture. She gazed him in the eye and laughed the same way. Then he said,

“I am glad. Maybe Kaiden and I are destined to be.”

He laughed at her words. Evelina seemed to laugh loudly to hide his laughter at her. In the first place, there was no way that a psychopath could laugh so gently and happily.

“So I hope that Princess Elsius will be happy like me.”

“No, I….”

“I’ve been scared of marriage, too. But after meeting Kaiden…”

Evelina felt as if she had a thorn stuck in her throat.

“I wanted to have a child and settle down.”

Kayden opened his eyes wide at her words. Evelina laid her hand over Kaiden’s hand and continued as if she had not seen him.

“I think Princess Elsius will probably feel this way when she meets a proper partner. So I’d like to introduce them to you.”

“I’m fine, sister. I also want to have a child a little late….”

Evelina looked directly at Kaiden and said, ignoring her expectation of such a reaction.

“May I handle the marriage of Princess Elsius?”



“Yes, I’ll send her to the place that Lina decides.”

“Older brother!”

Princess Elsius rose from her seat, freaked out.

“Sit down.”

“But, my brother! I…!”

“Do I have to tell you to sit down twice?”

At Kaiden’s overpowering voice, Princess Elsius had to sit back down with a pale face.

“But, older brother, my marriage still…”

The moment Kaiden glared at Elsius, she trembled and focused on the back of her hand.

“Kaiden, don’t do that.”


Again, he grinned at Evelina’s words with his fierce open eyes.

“A childhood friend of mine is presently at the right age for marriage.”

“Are you talking about the Marquis of Peran?”

“Yes, but Ian is my precious friend. I want to respect Ian’s opinion.”

Kaiden’s expression wasn’t bad at Evelina’s words. Evelina was anxious about the behavior Ianathas had shown at their wedding. She was afraid he’d get some kind of revenge after she died.

But if he were to wed some other woman besides her. A gratuitous retaliation could be avoided.

Even if he didn’t marry Princess Elsius if he left the lingering attachment.

From the beginning, there was no way to marry Elsius, a princess, to a noble in his country. It was only possible for truly beloved princesses. Also, when princesses were overflowing in the palace.

However, the Abelard Empire had few imperial numbers left compared to its vast territory and force. Most of the enemy’s imperial family were killed when Kaiden ascended the throne.

So the one princess was very precious. She will be used diplomatically.

The Abelard Empire was an authoritative and powerful country. Therefore, if you had a relationship with the princess there, you won’t have a war with Kaiden, whose known for his battle prowess.

Suddenly, Evelina bitterly smiled because she remembered the undefeated myth of Kaiden that she saw in the original novel.

“I’m just going to introduce them for now. The two of us will decide.”

“Oh, if that’s the case….”

“Can I do that, Kaiden? I don’t want to burden Ian either. But he’s never met a woman since he was young.”

Kaiden has been smiling since earlier. Evelina thought he was laughing, but it couldn’t be.

“Then shall we write a contract before they meet?”

“Oh, my God.”

Evelina spoke admiringly of his opinion.

“If we agree, we can develop into a serious relationship.”

“May I do as Kaiden says, Princess?”

“What? Oh, yes.”

Princess Elsius seemed embarrassed, but soon her pale expression returned bright again. When Evelina saw that look on her face, she was sure that the original was not wrong.

“Thank you for following my opinion. Kaiden.”

“No problem.”

So she carried on the whole plan steadily.


“I don’t think Baroness Elias is the only problem.”

Evelina asked David, a senior aide, while there were only the two in the office.

“What are you talking about?”

“Someone seems to be trying to siphon off your non-charge funds.”

Evelina smiled, recalling that someone was her.

“Why did you think that?”

“Didn’t you receive any money for dignity maintenance? Nothing has arrived yet, but the payment form has been sent.”

“Oh, that one. If it was buying Maineber Island, it came correctly.”

“What? Really?”


Maineber Island was an island with nothing. However, Evelina knew a diamond mine would soon be discovered on the island. Ianathas and her father had already informed her of the existence of the mine.

Maineber Island itself was on its way to her name. A stake in the mine alone would be a huge slush fund. And mining was straightforward to create slush funds. If she cheated the amount being mined, it was enough.

Thanks to the original work, Evelina was relieved that she bought the island first, which would have initially been taken by the original heroine, Serena.

“May I ask why you bought the island?”

However, up until this time, it was a place that was expensive and useless.

“I want to build a villa there.”

“Your Majesty…”

“When I have a child, I said that I would like to stop by often, and they gave me permission right away.”


Evelina told the emperor directly about this, so it was amazing that she could now hear it from her aide.

“You seem to be working hard.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, I believe you.”

She was a little worried that her capable aide might have his wings broken because of her. Maybe if she had continued to live, she might have trusted the aide and wanted to keep him by her side.

“By the way, did you get the document from Princess Elsius?”

“Not yet.”

“Oh, no. I was looking forward to it, but it’s a shame.”

Evelina knew that Princess Elsius would sign the contract at once. But she had not yet replied to the documents she had sent before her introduction with Ianathas.

Evelina was forced into a marriage of convenience, so she didn’t want to let her childhood friend go through that. That’s why the safety device was necessary.

“Will you tell the princess to come to my palace? This evening.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Oh, no. Come to think of it, I’ll be at the Imperial Palace in the evening. Tell her to come over there. Yes, Your Majesty.”

Evelina said so and laughed at the thought of pressuring Princess Elsius.


“I see the sun of the Empire.”

Hans Revive was afraid of the emperor who called him. Of all things, he had to be called in after the political meeting and watch the ministers leave.

“Why do you think I called you?”

“I think it’s because of Her Majesty.”

“Yes, report it.”

At Kaiden’s words, Hans sighed and handed over the things he diagnosed her with on paper. Then the emperor’s chief aide took it and handed it to Kaiden.

Hans said, looking slowly at my documents.

“Her heart is very weak. I am prescribing the same medications as previously prescribed, along with some medications.”

Kaiden was looking at his report with a dull eye.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, that one.”

Hans, who glanced at Kaiden’s gesture, replied tactfully.

“It’s folic acid.”

Kaiden had already heard from her about the medicine Evelina was taking. That’s why he called Hans to check.

“Why did you prescribe such a thing?”

“That’s because Her Majesty the Queen wanted it.”

Kaiden frowned and glared as if he wanted him to speak faster. Then Hans said with his head down nervously.

“You should take folic acid regularly.”

“I’ve never heard of taking folic acid because of her heart.”

When Kaiden questioned, Hans waved his hands and said.

“It’s not heart medicine! It’s a different use!”

“What is it for?”

It must be written on the back page, but Hans opened his mouth because of Kaiden, who questioned him.

“It’s, pregnancy.”


“Her Majesty said she wanted to prepare for pregnancy. That’s why I prescribe it. You have to take folic acid for a long time to get pregnant.”

At that moment, the report posted by Hans was crumpled with a crunch.


Hans was a little embarrassed by Kaiden’s order. When he looked at what he should say in more detail, the emperor opened his eyes wide and did not even blink.

With a scary expression like he was going to twist his neck if he didn’t say anything right.

“Her Majesty said she felt secure after getting married.”


“So she felt secure, so her child… She said she wanted it. However, Her Majesty has been so weak since she was young.”

Hans was sweating as he put the words he had heard into words.

“Don’t you have to get better to get pregnant?”

“That’s why she wanted to get a prescription for folic acid while she was getting better. That’s the only way… to get pregnant.”

The paper in Kaiden’s right hand was ragged by his words.

Only then did Kaiden’s expression return and leaned his back behind the chair. Hans, who was looking at him, was immediately shrinking and waiting for his words.

He wanted to go out after the report was over. It may be an honor for a doctor to treat the emperor alone, but it was a threat to his survival.

“Didn’t Lina talk about her childhood memories?”

Hans looked up at his words.

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