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OMLFA Chapter 6


– Bang!

When Kaiden entered like that, Evelina was shocked and froze. Because she was completely naked.


She sighed involuntarily. Her face flushed with her shame, and her ears burned hot.

She thought he wouldn’t come. She did her face wash. Then she said to the maids who were watching her, feeling helpless around her.

“I want to wash up.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

After Evelina was deliberately cold, she headed to the bathroom. The bathroom attached to the room was quite large, so she had to go through the hallway and open two doors.

She once again realized that this was not the palace of the Dowager Empress, but the palace of the Empress. The marble floor seemed cold, but it was warm, and the walls of the inner corridor, where you could go in, were all made of mirrors.

They could tell from the look on her face that she was pretending to be okay now because she was shy. So she sighed and went into the bathroom.

The bathroom was full of warm steam. The maids already waiting in the bathroom lined up to say greet her and then dispersed.

“Do you want a massage first, or a bath first?”

“Bath first.”

Evelina didn’t feel so awkward about this. This was always the case at the Marquis. However, this place was more colorful, and there were more maids.

As she made her way into the bath, the clear water was dripping.

At the temperature of the warm water on her toes, she climbed down the stairs with relief. Then the maids nearby flocked next to her and slowly began to wash her body.

Evelina fiddled with her hair and then closed her eyes as she made eye contact with a woman who was shampooing her hair. Then a warm towel slowly covered her eyes. As she closed her eyes and felt the warmth, Evelina gradually felt her body’s fatigue dissolving away.

Perhaps because she had her eyes closed, she remained still at the touch of wiping off her arms and meticulously wiping off her nails and fingers. Maybe because she bowed more than 100 times, her whole body hurt. Perhaps that’s why she felt quite good about the rubbing as it seemed like a massage.

She was drowsy, but wouldn’t fall asleep because of the stimulation.

She felt more comfortable when she felt the rustling of the bubbles stuck to her head and the pressure of fingers pressing powerfully like massaging her scalp.

– Click-clack.

Suddenly, from somewhere, there was the sound of footsteps that were too heavy to be from a woman’s shoes. Evelina seemed to hear the sound of footsteps from afar very loudly, perhaps because of the light clinking water and the small sound of bubbles bursting in this place, where there was little breathing sound.

– Knock knock.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Evelina.”

Evelina couldn’t help but notice that the voice from outside the bathroom was Kaiden, who shut the door hard earlier. His voice, which she heard with her eyes closed, made her feel as if they were making eye contact even under her eyelids, perhaps because of the shocking scene she saw during the day.

Eyes as red as blood. The eyes would narrow as if they were reading her thoughts and then seeing straight through her.

“I’m still washing up, Your Majesty.”

“Yes, I know. I’m here for other business.”

He said that he had to go to an audience in a hurry, and she wanted to know why he came so quickly. Evelina let out a small sigh. He actually didn’t come too soon. It had been more than two hours since she spent her time at the palace of the Empress Dowager.

Perhaps because her legs were still shaking, Evelina had to once again face the fact that this was reality. Even if she closed her eyes, she wasn’t as ecstatic as her dream.

“I’m listening, Your Majesty.”

Evelina said first because he was not answering.

“I’m sorry.”


His apology baffled her. In the wind, a slightly cold towel, covering her face, flowed down.

“I forgot to knock on the door earlier because I was in a hurry.”

“No, it’s okay.”

If they have candlelight anyway, he’ll see her whole body. Of course, she won’t be able to do the first night normally.

Evelina thought so and tried to pretend to be okay. However, it felt quite different to show herself to maids of the same gender than to her husband. Perhaps that’s why she said it was okay, but in reality, it was not okay at all, so her face was hot. The water was so warm after all.

“Why did you do it so suddenly?”

For a moment, Evelina clenched her fist in shame for replying in a shrill voice. Then, the maid trembled as if embarrassed by her hand being held, so Evelina quickly let go of the maid’s hand.

“I crumpled your ring earlier. I brought a new ring.”

“I see.”

Evelina wasn’t wearing the ring he put on at the wedding now. Her left hand felt cold.

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“I’ll leave it in your room. You can wear it.”

“Yes, thank you.”

She replied like that and sighed. Outside the door, Kaiden’s long sigh made its way to her ears.

And like that, the footsteps gradually faded away. Evelina gradually regained her composure, relieved that the sound of his footsteps was receding.

“I’ll rinse your hair, Your Majesty.”


Soon warm water was sprinkled over Evelina’s forehead, her head tilted back. She was finally getting back to stability as the maid deftly washed her hair and brushed it like a massage.

It was around the end of washing up like that.

“I’ll give you a massage now.”


Evelina went to the massage chair and sat down. She was really getting tired after warming herself up in the water.

“We’re going to use rose-scented perfumes. Is there any other scent you want?”

“No, I like it.”

She said so, then sat in a massage chair and closed her eyes. Again a warm towel was placed over her eyes, and this time the more powerful maids came around her and began to massage her.

Evelina seemed to come back to life with the massage starting from her fingertips and toes. Above all, her legs and ankles really hurt, but as they worked on the swollen areas to reduce the swelling, her legs were gradually getting better. Evelina made a sound without realizing it because of them pressing down on her calves, loosening all the muscles.


“Are you sick?”

“Oh, no. It’s too… It’s… Alright.”

Then she let out a sigh of relief as a warm hand rubbed her thigh.

– crack.

“What are you doing?”

She asked in surprise because she couldn’t hear footsteps because she was concentrating on the massage.

“I was wondering if you were still washing up.”

Maybe because it was the bathroom, Kaiden’s voice was ringing like they were in a cave.

“Oh, yes. Did you wait? I thought you left, Your Majesty.”

Evelina said quietly, embarrassed, and Kaiden over the door replied.

“No, I’m back again. I will go.”

She wondered if he was going to leave like that again, or if she should get up at the sound of the quick footsteps, but she didn’t get up.

It’s a month anyway. She’ll be dead when her life expectancy is over. And she was really tired today.

Even though she thought so, she wondered if she really should have gone out. But she was worried and didn’t. The leg massage was too fantastic to go out.

“Stop it.”


So she got a full massage and applied rose-scented perfume on her body. The bathrobe was wrapped around her as she returned to her bedroom.

“We’ll be on our way, Your Majesty.”


“And this.”

Evelina received what the maid handed over before she knew it. What the maid handed over seemed dangerous at first glance. The red liquid in a small crystal bottle was obvious.

“What is this?”

“Your Majesty has to drink this to have children even in the early days.”

“I see. You’re dismissed.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

She said so, and after confirming that both the maids were completely out, she looked at the door.

In the quiet bedroom, only the sound of Evelina’s breath could be heard. She locked the bathroom and the door leading to her room.

And she poured the red liquid she just received into the vase and put the bottle on the table to look as if she had drunk it.

Then she looked at the new ring on the table, which was in a blue box.  The same one that contained the ring he had broken, the one that could not be delivered.

When she opened the box, she found a ring of the same design as the one she received at the wedding. She sighed, put it on and headed for the bedroom door. And then.

– Click

She locked the door.

He won’t come anyway. There was no greater insult than standing up your opponent in the middle of the night. So he won’t come. It was obvious that he married her in the first place because he wanted revenge on the Marquis of Logias.

There was no way he wanted to be involved with the enemy’s daughter even when she defiled herself. The greatest humiliation for the Empress was the emperor’s indifference.

So relieved, Evelina headed to her bed. Then, she tied the string tied around her waist several times, overlapped it, tied it again, and tied it so tightly that it wouldn’t come loose without cutting it.

After falling asleep for about half an hour, Evelina opened her eyes unpleasantly to the sound of something hitting the window.


She frowned and headed for the window. And then.


The main character, in a voice that seemed to be muffled shouting, was calling her from a tree outside the window.


She freaked out as she saw someone who shouldn’t be here reaching out to her.

“Why are you here? Are you crazy?”

“Run away with me, Evelina.”

– Snap

“Queen? Evelina?”

– Thud! Thud! Thud!

“Lina? Are you already asleep? Evelina?”

Evelina’s hair seemed to turn white. Outside the window was Ianathas, the lover of the original Evelina, and beyond the door was Kaiden, rattling the door with a smashing force.

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