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OMLFA Chapter 55



Evelina realized the liquid that covered her eyes soon flowed down and tried to wipe it. But what was drenching her eyes and cheeks was soon pushed into her mouth by a large finger.

“I remembered you wanted to eat it.”


She realized the strong scent of chestnut flowers in her mouth.

‘Why don’t we eat them?’

‘Can I eat it?’

‘I heard you can eat it. All right, let’s eat it.”

‘Keep that word.’

‘What? Oh, yes. I will.’

How the conversation came out then. How the sound of the water that was heard in the big bath came out. And she didn’t even know what the thick scent was.

“What does it taste like? Isn’t it disgusting?”

Evelina held her breath and exhaled at Kaiden’s laughing voice as if whispering in her ear. The scent on the finger that poked through the mouth was fishy, but not disgusting.

Strangely, she thought it was dangerous, but her body didn’t seem to be nervous from threats.

“If you open your eyes now, you’ll get it all over your eyes. Stay where you are.”

Evelina remained silent as he spoke as if he were ordering. However, perhaps because of his rough breathing, the sound in his ears felt so stimulating. And a finger that moved as if it were controlling her mouth.

She felt as if she had become a night flower. Now she felt the scent all over her body.


He exhaled and leaned his head over her shoulder. Evelina was itching inside her chest because of his hair, which fell on her shoulder, the scent of the soap from him, and the scent of the chestnut flower from her.

“Since I had fun, I want Lina to have fun too.”

“Well, I’m tired.”

She said so and took his hand. Then he said, hugging her tightly.

“I see, then. I’ll wash it for you.”

So he came to his senses a little later and wiped her face thoroughly. Evelina was able to wipe off the veil of flowers that covered her face until it dried.

At that moment she realized. Why did the maid who was combing her hair at that time turn red with such a flustered face? What was dried up in her hair at the time?


The day was a little unusual.

Kaiden used to leave her at dawn.

But the day was a little different. Evelina was pretending to be asleep because she thought she could go to sleep when he went out at dawn.

She was bothered by the loud sound of his heart, the harsh sound of breathing, and the scent of the soap, making it difficult to sleep with him.

So she waited. May he go out at dawn.

She thought maybe he was going to embrace the other woman that Princess Elsius mentioned.

Even if he lusted after her, the seed of the royal family might be sown to another woman. He probably doesn’t want a child with her.

If I had his child, the power he hated so much in the original would be shared.

So even if he was going to hug her and abandon her, they wouldn’t have a child. The date of the concubine’s menstruation is checked by the doctors in the palace every time, so they would choose a date that was not dangerous.

She tried to fall asleep thinking so.

But no matter how long she waited. He wouldn’t let go of hugging her.

Evelina stayed still, trying not to toss and turn in Kaiden’s arms. His thick and hard arms were under her neck, and a fluffy pillow was touching her head. And her lips touched his bare chest.

For some reason, he fell asleep in his bottoms, and Evelina was wearing a negligee.

She glanced at him with her eyes wide open, wondering if he was asleep. Then his eyes met hers, maybe he hadn’t closed his eyes.

Evelina was surprised at the moment but did not respond. She realized that at the moment their eyes met, he was holding her awake.

His breathing sounded like a laugh, so Evelina hugged him as if she couldn’t help it.



Perhaps he hadn’t slept as well, his voice had no hint of sleepiness at all.

“Your heart is really loud.”

“Did you hear mine? I thought it was Lina’s.”

When she opened her eyes, wondering if his words were a prank, he looked at her with his eyes melted with tenderness, knowing that he could play her even at dawn.

She came to her senses every time he was so friendly. She felt like she was a rabbit with her head in the crocodile’s mouth.

“I don’t think I can sleep, can I play the music box?”

“All right.”

Evelina knew well that the music box in this room was only brought by the marquis of Logias.

Perhaps the music from the music box was quite pleasing to him.

Around the time Evelina thought so, he wrapped the spring of the music box with one hand and opened the silver lid.

The sweet music of the music box filled the room. Evelina had been nervous and upright until just now, but her body became tired because she had heard it since she was young.

It was as if the chestnut flowers were still blooming in her mouth.



Evelina said unconsciously, slowly getting sleepy.

“The flower language of peony is shy.”

She couldn’t figure out why she said that. But when she made eye contact with him, she thought it was because there were so many peony gifts he had given her. There were two scents of flowers in the room. The hydrangeas didn’t have any scent.


She checked his expression for a moment, smiling happily with a friendly face he had never seen before.

Evelina stopped thinking the moment she saw the expression. she knew that no matter what she thought, her goal couldn’t be the same.

So she closed her tired eyes.

The music box continued to wind up until she fell asleep. She fell asleep, thinking anew that listening to the song could help her sleep.


Fortunately, he had to wake up earlier than Evelina because he had a morning meeting.

By the time she woke up, Kaiden was not around. However, two maids were standing next to the bed waiting for her to wake up.

“Are you up, Your Majesty?”

“Did you have a good dream, Your Majesty?”


Evelina rose to her feet, answering moderately. Then a maid handed over a card. Evelina opened the card without waking up.

「 It’s nice to have the same soap scent as Lina. Thanks to you, I wanted to skip the morning meeting. I hope you had a good night. – Kaiden.”

Evelina sighed at his handwriting.

There’s no way there’s no woman. It was strange how he knew how to shake people’s hearts like this if she was the first woman.

Seeing him in the original, he meets Serena, the heroine, and the psychopath-like part disappears and becomes human. But now it was not known whether he had met Serena, the heroine. But the events that she knew were in a position that she couldn’t know.

And if he became human, there was no way that he wouldn’t mind playing with a person’s heart by acting this pretentious to her.

It’s just that a psychopath who doesn’t feel emotions does this to shake others’ hearts. There was no emotion in his friendly words, actions, and eyes.

So don’t get him wrong.

She said, folding the card he sent her, thinking so.

“I want to wash up. And this.”

She reapplied her pink makeup on her lips before going to bed, then opened her card again to stamp her lips.

Then she handed it to the maid.

“Give it back to His Majesty.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

That’s how her day started again.


“My grandmother’s face seems to be getting thicker and thicker.”

“When have I ever asked for a favor for myself?”

“There are so many that I can’t count them. And I don’t tend to remember things I don’t need.”

Kaiden was crossing his legs with his back leaning on an audience room chair. All the ministers in reality knew that he had no interest in conversations with the Dowager Empress.

It was in the middle of a morning meeting.

“My grandmother is not eligible to attend the morning meeting. If you want to be qualified, get down from the throne of the empress and receive a separate title and become the imperial palace minister.”

“Huh! Listen to me!”

Kaiden was trying to chase his grandmother away, but he hesitated for a moment because of the Dowager Empress, who raised her head stiffly just below him.

“I lost too much trust in my grandmother. I’m sure I told you.”

“I want to be nice to the queen. I’ve been rash all this time.”

When Kaiden saw his grandmother bending gently, he loosened his crossed legs. Because I felt like heaven and earth would be the first thing to do.

“I’ve been blaming the child too much. The child is also an imperial treasure.”

“…what’s your business?”

Kaiden frowned and looked down at his grandmother. Then the Dowager Empress sighed with a pitiful expression and said to him.

“I hope you give me a chance to apologize.”

“I understand you’re already apologizing. Don’t you stand in front of the Imperial Palace every day for hours?

The ministers looked at each other at his mocking words and seemed to realize that the words were true. The Dowager Empress briefly clenched her fist in shame, but soon returned with a gentle and pitiful expression and continued.

“That’s not enough. And the queen will want to get along with me. I’m your grandmother.”

Kaiden sighed and waited for his grandmother’s words to continue.

“I hope you will do your best so that Princess Elsius and I can get closer to Queen Evelina.”

“Elsius is…”

Kaiden tried to say something, crumpling his face when the words of Princess Elsius came out. Then, the Empress Dowager quickly continued.

“Aren’t we a new family to the queen?”

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