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OMLFA Chapter 54


“But why did you ask me to close my eyes?”

Evelina touched his lips with her eyes closed. In the meantime, she put her finger into his mouth to feel how his tongue was when he spoke.


She was surprised by the warm touch surrounding her hand but, closed her eyes tighter. It was obvious why he was doing this to her. Even if this is a test.

Did she love him? Did she care for him? That way, when he abandoned her, his revenge would be complete.

She tried to laugh happily, but she couldn’t tell what her expression was like. At the same time, her body trembled because she was riddled with tension. Evelina tried not to care about something that seemed to be his knee, yet soft, stabbing her hip.

But Evelina’s hair, which touched her chest, felt itchy as his flesh persistently coveted her fingers and then fell.

“Lina has to close her eyes… Then you won’t be afraid of me.”

At that moment she opened her eyes without realizing it.

Kaiden’s expression in her eyes was different from what she had seen before. He seemed like a beast holding back his anger where he pretended to be sweet to her every time.

Evelina stiffened with fleeting fear, and as she pulled her trembling hand out from his lips, he seized her arm.

“Ah, w, wait… uh… wait…!”

Evelina was embarrassed by his behavior and tried to run away. It was the first time she felt his hatred so stark. When she saw his eyes, his anger was dreadfully intense that she thought her neck might be twisted.

She tried to get up but the tension of standing up her whole body hair turned white in her thoughts.

“Let me go!”

It became difficult for her to think more as her fear only grew when he held her waist and hugged her so that she could not run away.

The friendly smile and voice that he displayed to her were deceitful. His eyes looked as if he was barely holding back from wanting to kill her.


“Ugh…! Let go!”

She struggled as hard as she could, but to no avail. Evelina looked at him and turned around struggling because she thought she couldn’t run away.

The water in the bathtub was tight and the sound of falling to the floor was loud.

“Calm down, Lina.”


She had been moving with difficulty when her back completely touched his chest. Muscular arms secure the waist and scarlet veins that rise above them.

She realized that her chest was so stuffy. That his other arm was pressing between her chest and her shoulder.

She gradually came to her senses when she realized she couldn’t run away. She was still terrified, but she felt she needed to calm down.

“Breathe, Lina.”

“Ha-eug, heu…”

Evelina exhaled slowly as he said. However, a nervous body won’t easily calm itself. She thought she had to calm down, but her heart, beating so hard like an arrhythmia, could not calm down easily.

Just like trying to shake the water inside the water bottle with all your might and trying to calm it down. It was a splash of emotions that could not be easily calmed down.

“I won’t do anything to Lina. If Lina doesn’t let me.”

“Ha… Ugh…”

“So don’t be afraid.”

Her eyes closed tightly at his commanding voice. Why did she provoke such a beast, she felt so stupid.

At the same time, she wanted to believe him. Yet she was fearful, she felt like a rabbit being hunted. Already caught in a trap and forced to obey the hunter in that situation.

“I hope Lina doesn’t fear me.”


“I’m sorry to scare you. It’s because I’m clumsy. It’s my first time being with a woman after all. Forgive me.”

She was calmer than before when she realized she couldn’t be the first woman. This beast had a purpose for her, and she haven’t given him what he wanted yet.

That’s why he couldn’t kill her.




She called him as if to calm down an unquiet voice. Then his arms relaxed and set her free.

“I’m sorry, Lina. I didn’t mean to scare you.”


“It’s because I’m worried you’ll be scared, but I made you more terrified.”

When Evelina sighed for a long time, he hugged her again. Then she put her head on her back and wrapped her arms tightly.

“I’m sorry. It’s because I was scared.”

“No, I’m more sorry.”

If Evelina didn’t look at his face properly, she wouldn’t feel the fear she felt earlier. It was a strange fear. She felt like a rabbit on the verge of being hunted.

She was still scared because he was behind her now, but not as much as when she was in front of him.



She thought she shouldn’t leave here like this. If it went on like this, that would only tell him that she was afraid of him.

Her performance was perfect. So he’s been testing her to wash up with him.

He was a man who couldn’t even wash in a big bath because of the assassins sent by her adoptive father. Did he overcome his fear and go into the big bathroom together to test her?

If she went on like this, he would know that her heart was just acting.

Then the goal she hasn’t achieved yet would be completely ruined.

What will happen to her father if that happens? What about her mother who cried over her saying sorry on the day she married her? And Ianathas, who wanted to save her, said she was his girlfriend at the wedding?

Her favorite birds died overnight. The Imperial Palace was such a place. A place where the life of a mountain is cut off as if nothing happened. Even if it was precious to her like a treasure, one order from Kaiden would easily kill those precious people.

Thinking so, she stroked his arm with determination.

“It’s my first time being a guy, too. It is a first for me to have such a deep relationship with someone.”

Evelina said, holding her breath so as not to tremble. Then she rode down as if stroking his arm and stroked his thigh. The solid touch felt stark even in the water.

Soon after, her hand touched the tail that pierced the inside of her thigh, and she heard him holding his breath.

“I’m still scared. I don’t want to be scared… As scary as it is, there are other emotions….”

She couldn’t bear to lie that she liked him, so she glossed over his weakest part.


“I’m going to be clumsy. Will you bear it, though?”

She said that and clenched her hand. Then he made the water splash.

“You don’t have to, Lina. Ugh….”

Evelina didn’t believe him. So she bent down and pulled herself back so that he wouldn’t stab her in the inner thigh. However, the arm that was winding from behind was blocking her behavior and delivering a disorganized breathing sound to her shoulders.

Evelina felt as if her whole body had been bound. At the same time, his back was tense as he gently hugged her and bit her shoulder.

“Stop it.”

“I don’t want to.”

He gripped her tighter than before. She had small hands, so she kept slipping. As the water thumped, she seemed to find it a little easier to move. Then, when the cold water drenched her chest and stomach, her body shivered.

“You can’t finish it with your hands. So please stop.”


She couldn’t tell if it was true or not. But even this seemed like part of the test. His breathing seemed to be getting thicker as she grabbed it as hard as he could and moved.

From his bite on the shoulder, he smoothed his lips into her neck.


Evelina looked back at him and asked. But Kaiden couldn’t answer. She turned again and moved as before. Kaiden’s heavy breath tickled her.

“…No. I lied to make you stop.”

Seeing him being candid, she thought it worked too. However, she didn’t know how to do it, so she just applied a lot of strength and moved around.



“You have to squeeze harder.”

“Oh, yes.”

Even though Evelina held it hard enough, she gave strength after that.

Maybe she couldn’t hold half with one hand, so she thought he could stand it.

She held it with both hands and tightened it very hard. Then he moved as hard as he could to the point where the water was slapping his body.


She thought he wasn’t calling her, but he was saying her name as a sigh and was playing around with his body long enough to reach her navel.

It wasn’t just the water that made my hands slippery. It’s gross and intense and red like the color of your lips.

She breathed like she was tired of the grotesque sight and closed her eyes. With her eyes closed, she felt the hideousness she had felt before again. She was able to endure the hideousness and fear when she wrapped her hands, but she closed her eyes and felt the same fear last time came back.

Evelina opened her eyes and moved again with strength.

“I don’t think we should do anymore, Lina.”

“I want to do more.”

She simply defied his orders and moved.

“Then I can’t stand it.”

She was about to have a sore grip. The water was already cold, and the time they washed together was almost an hour.

Now, no matter how much water she fluttered, there was little water escaping out of the bathtub, and the water that covered her chest was only left until the middle of her waist. Even right above her hand, his flesh was sticking out of the water.

“Don’t hold back, Kaiden.”

She said so and moved faster.

Her pressure and cuteness made him forget to bear it.


At that moment, something coated Evelina’s eyes.

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