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OMLFA Chapter 51



Kaiden looked at Evelina in bewilderment. Then she smiled like a shy girl and averted from his gaze.

“It’s not something to ask anyone else. So I was going to ask my mother.”

Then Kaiden turned his head, covering his mouth. She couldn’t help but notice that he was smiling under his hand.

“You don’t need to learn. Because I can let you know.”

“Kaiden said he had no experience either.”

“I studied a little. I’ve learned enough in terms of knowledge.”

Evelina breathed out regretfully. Because they were talking secretly, the others who enjoyed the tea party were conversing with each other and were conscious of them. 

“I thought I would be a little prepared if I talked to my mother.”

Kaiden’s eyes flushed at Evelina’s words. She smiled faintly at his red eyes.

“Can’t you be prepared in a different way?”

“That was the fastest way I thought of it.”

When Evelina smiled at his eyes, he stared blankly at her and laughed.

“I’ll try. Even if it’s not Madame Logias, you can prepare your heart.”

She deliberately didn’t respond and just laughed.

She let go of his shoulder when she realized she was talking closely to him. It seemed that she couldn’t see her surroundings well because of Kaiden, who was sitting right next to her.

Perhaps, given that it was an artificial floating place in the center of Lake Heliben, it was quite pleasant to shake in the waves whenever the wind blew. It’s actually a ship yet it feels like an island.

She was initially reluctant to come all the way here due to the accident she had on the boat last time. Though she was strangely relieved by Kaiden’s grip on her. As a matter of fact, he was still holding her hand.

Evelina was shocked that she had fallen off the boat the other day, but she wondered if he also felt it too. He was never letting go of his hand since he came here.

She tried to look elsewhere not heeding his hand. She could see the lake over the merry and chattering people, reflected in the sunlight, and shining warmly.

Evelina thought that Lake Heliben became clearer.

The place was originally clean on the outside. The lake was primarily full of algae and had poor water quality that made it difficult for fish to live.

But now, it didn’t look green as if it was ever, and it was as clean as the clear blue lake. It was transparent as if the glacier had just melted.

And a cluster of different kinds of fish that one can see inside.

“Oh, my God.”

Evelina looked curiously at the beautiful white fish swimming nearby. Then, with her free hand, she secretly broke the cookie and threw it.

– Padeuk Padeuk!

Then the fish swarmed nearby and ate it. Even after eating, the fish swam around her. The white fish looked more beautiful because of the water reflected by the sun, with their scales shining like a rainbow.

“Your Majesty is good at handling fish! Oh! I heard you’re good at handling birds, too!”

“Oh, yes. I’ll invite you to the glass garden where my birds are next time. Kaiden made it for me.”

Evelina chuckled as she emphasized that he had made her glass garden with the birds in it. Then the other ladies laughed happily.

“Your Majesty. My family mainly raises birds of prey. Can I present you one as a gift?”

“Okay, but I’d like a small one, not a big one.”

“Haha. Yes, of course. I shall send you a baby hawk.”

Evelina happily replied to the words of Viscount Delvia.

“Come to think of it, I heard that the hawks of the Viscount Delvia played a big role in the war in Western de Bor where Kaiden participated. Is that right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Does Lina like hawks, too?”

Evelina nodded softly at Kaiden’s words.

“It will be difficult if the canaries and hawks will live in the same setting, so I will make a separate place for hawks.”

Evelina rubbed her face on his shoulder at Kaiden’s words pretending to be happy. Then he acted with a friendly expression and faced Evelina.

She looked so brilliant at Kaiden under the sun. Another strange voice passed by his glittering figure like a glass statue.

‘I will propose to you when I meet you again.’


Evelina thought the medicine she was taking might have been mixed with hallucinogens. She had been hearing and often saw visions like hallucinations lately. It didn’t seem like a memory she had ever been through.


“Your Majesty is beautiful. I kept looking at it without realizing it. I’m sorry.”

He smiled and stroked her cheek when she apologized as if she had come to her senses.

“It’s like I’m looking at Lina.”


She tried calming herself down and blended in with the other nobles.

The tea party that day was a great success. The aristocratic couples, who had a large or small position in the palace, saw Evelina well and directly confirmed the emperor who cared for her like a glass bead.


“Viscount Lubbs was caught in a rampage at a gambling house.”

Evelina was going to reward Armen Lubbs, the lady-in-waiting for helping her by the Dowager Empress’ side, as an example, so she brought out the words as they walked to the palace together.

“But you know, the baron bribed the security guard.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I heard that the maid works at the Dowager Empress’ palace. It’s too bad, right?

Evelina leaned over Kaiden’s side and he stared at her.

“Do you want me to get rid of him?”


“…It’s a slip of tongue. Since we have to show an example of who the imperial family is, we should send them to the western frontier.”

“Oh, my God.”

She hugged Kaiden’s arm as if she were touched by the words. Then he stopped breathing and looked at her. Evelina felt good whenever he freaked out like this. Because it looked like an insignificant resistance as if he was acting as if he loved me.

“And I will give the maid to Lina.”


“Yes. Instead, please forgive me for not keeping my promise today.”

Evelina smiled at his words. Then, as if digging into his waist, she said.

“What is there to forgive? I’ve never had such a perfect tea party. I was truly glad.”


“Yes, and since that happened today, I want to bring Her Majesty the Dowager Empress’ lady-in-waiting after a while.”

When he asked as if to confirm, Evelina hugged his big body, putting her ears to his chest. Soon, he hugged Evelina and tightened his breath as if he were crushed.

“Lina, you promised to grant me a wish earlier today.”

Evelina decided to grant him a wish when he came wearing a blue cape.

“Did I do that?”

As she said playfully, he slowly let go of what he was holding. Then he took out the card she sent from his inner pocket and unfolded it.


Then she showed her.

“Oh, my. What kind of woman’s lip mark is this?”

When she teased him, he looked at her in bewilderment, then saw her card in her hand. Then she put her lips on the mark of her lips on the card and then removed it. Then he grabbed Evelina’s chin and touched her lips.


She looked at him in bewilderment as he fell straight away.

“It tastes the same, so it’s the same person.”

“Oh, my God.”

Evelina’s eyes were opened wide, not knowing what to say in response, and he kissed her lips with a hearty grin.

“Sah, look at the people.”

“I already saw them all when we got married.”

“Go to your room and let’s do it. Yes?”

Evelina felt ashamed because she was conscious of the guests who were still far away.

“My wish is to kiss here. Even so?”

She pondered for a moment. She didn’t know what he’d wish for, but she thought it’d be better to let him use it here.

So she hugged his neck first. Then she kissed his lips. Kaiden smiled with a breath and held her lips.

Evelina felt breathtaking as she felt him intertwining their flesh and invading deeply.

The kiss, which lasted until her chin was numb, did not end until she could no longer move because she was overwhelmed.


「 The Dowager Empress and the Princess met secretly yesterday. 」

Evelina made eye contact with Armen Lubbs, who handed her a note as she passed by. Evelina took a pleasant step back after confirming that Armen was now loyal to her.

“My mother says she’s sick.”

She pushed the servants back and spoke to Ianathas in a low voice.

“They said she’s not allowed to go out of the mansion for another week.”

“I see.”

Evelina felt strange that Kaiden was filled with a determination for revenge, unlike when he smiled and kissed her. She thought it was natural, but it was weird because her body kept touching his. It made her feel bad.

“Did you confirm the funds I said I could give you?”


“What about your father?”

“I told him. As you spoke, I said that I am considering going to another country. But then I guess he’ll take what’s left.”

Evelina spoke coldly at the words.

“It’s more troublesome for my parents if they’re here. You don’t know when it’ll be my weakness.”

She spoke harshly on purpose and bit her lip. She deliberately avoided his eyes because he seemed to know her lying habits.

“I’ll persuade you, so you don’t have to say that on purpose.”

He said that and smiled back.

Evelina pretended not to have any conversation and headed for the glass garden that Kaiden had made for her. And see the canaries.





A cat’s cry can be heard with the canary’s flapping.

As soon as she opened the door to the glass garden, Evelina freaked out at the sight of the birds’ bloody mess. And those cats are all kept by the Dowager Empress.

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