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OMLFA Chapter 48


“You’ll catch a cold if you dress like that.”

Evelina was hesitant to back off when she saw Kaiden approaching her. Then he smiled brightly and wrapped around his waist with a towel nearby.

But even if she blinked, it doesn’t mean she won’t see it. Evelina felt strange and couldn’t understand because of the fragrant and fishy scent. The lower abdomen was moving convulsively, but she couldn’t tell if it was either bad or good. However, it was clear that she was nervous.

“I’ll wipe the water off.”

She turned slowly from him and looked. He brought a dry towel and then wiped her face.

“It’s more alluring because it’s damp.”

As he spoke admiringly, Evelina couldn’t take her eyes off him. She looked at him, forgetting to breathe. The water dripped from his black hair and it dampened her collarbone.



She forgot to blink because he gazed at her as if he was about to devour her. Perhaps because the tip of their noses touched and slightly rubbed, his behavior seemed to be meaningful in trying to bother her rather than wiping off the water.

“I thought we used the same soap.”


“But why do we smell different?”

Evelina thought something was strange as she saw his ears burning red, and even his face turned red. There, his eyes were strangely wet, looking straight into them. Evelina looked at him and asked. But he couldn’t reply with a smile.

“What kind of scent do you think it is?”

“A fragrant but slightly fishy scent.”

“Is it a disgusting scent?”

“No, it smells like flowers…”

Evelina recoiled in anger that he was strangely enjoying this conversation.

“If it’s perfumed oil, please put it on for me, too. If that’s the case, it’s good if the couple will have the same scent, right?”

“…I mean… Lina.”

As his smile became more irresistible, Evelina continued to look at him even after he stepped down.

“Do you want me to apply this scent to Lina’s body?”


Then he laughed ecstatically. Evelina was frustrated that he seemed to be talking without something in these twenty-questions questions. At the same time, he seemed unwilling to tell.

“Where should I apply it?”

“Anywhere in the body.”

“Is that so? How does your face look?”


Evelina responded to his remarks like that, which seemed to make fun of her. At his provocation, she seemed to forget for a moment that it was such a shameful situation that she was now crossing her arms to cover her chest.

“Why don’t you eat them?”

“Is it edible?”

“I heard you can eat it.”

“All right, let’s eat.”

She said this much, thinking he would let her know soon. She wondered if it came from the scent of the strange medicine that she received from Princess Elsius.

The medicine that helps you get through the first night. Otherwise, why does this scent has a disgusting smell?

She didn’t know if it was making her body excited.

“Keep your word.”

“What? Oh, yes. I will.”

She looked at him with a look of anticipation. Then he said with a shy smile.

“I need to prepare my heart for this, so please wait.”


She thought he must be hiding the strange medicine. If he was going to force himself to feed her, she wouldn’t do this bothersome thing.

She was looking at Kaiden wiping her body again with that calculation. She felt a firm hand behind a soft towel. He wiped his shoulders as if he was rubbing them, and soon wiped his chest.

“There’s a mark here.”

Evelina said without thinking. She blushed with surprise at her words, and the marks on his lips were very clear.

“That’s right.”

Then when she saw him, she was embarrassed to see the marks on his ears and chest.

“Lina. Last time, I heard you were looking for a lady to learn bedroom tricks from my grandmother.”


“I’ll let you know. I don’t want you to learn it from others.”


It wasn’t that Evelina didn’t know much about the bedroom. However, this kind of conversation rarely appeared as a topic among young ladies. At best, clothes, jewelry, and a little love story were all.

No matter who the husband is, no matter what the bed was, such stories were among the ladies. Moreover, it was also a conversation only between close ladies. Even Evelina, who was famous in society, didn’t know much about it.

“I just want to see Lina’s expression like this.”

“My expression?”


She looked in the mirror unconsciously. If she looked at the mirror on the right side a little far away, Kaiden wipes her body with care. Her face was like a girl suffering from a fever.


She calmed down as soon as she saw her expression. It wasn’t this situation, and she remembered that this was what he wanted. Her heart was cold even though she just had the same expression.

A body that would die in three weeks. It was her adoptive father who killed his mother, and she was such a gem of a foster parent.

His loving eyes, facial expressions, friendly words, and actions were only useful yet dangerous favors that should not be trusted. She did not have any idea when he could throw her into the abyss any time.

But even if she went all through it, she thought it wouldn’t matter if her adoptive parents fled to another country. She was going to die soon anyway.

At the same time, her heart, which was fluttering like a fool, soon withered like a dead flower.


She said it because she realized he was listening to her heart.

“I want to kiss you.”

Because she couldn’t find out that her heart was thrilled by it anymore.

She said so, wrapping her arm around his neck, and kissed him. The cold and slow chest was soon recovering the false beat with a kiss.

So what if it’s miserable? Her life was less than three weeks away anyway.

She thought so and carefully copied his kiss. As she moved her tongue, he immediately held her in his arms and kissed her. At the same time, he pressed the back of her neck and moved violently as if he were trying to covet her throat.


When she woke up in the morning, Kaiden wasn’t there.

Evelina remembered him getting out of bed around the time she slipped to sleep. Then she heard a sigh or something. Perhaps the anxiety came to mind that he could not sleep with a woman who would put a knife on his pillow.

She laughed at him thinking so and pulled the rope.

Strangely, somewhere. It smelled like the chestnut flower she smelled yesterday.

However, the scent that had been smelt in the bathroom, which also came to the bedroom was now compelling. As if from a vase at her bedside.

Evelina saw a vase placed on the table next to her. What was stuck in were flaming peonies and hydrangeas. She smelled them, but it was far from the scent of chestnut flowers.

Thinking if it was the scent of the perfume she used, she frowned because she thought it seemed to make her heart ache and sensitive to the cutting edge.

– Knock knock.

“Come on in.”

That’s how the maid came in, and she could be prepared. Throughout the preparation, the scent faded and then thickened.

“Oh, my God.”

“What’s wrong?”

“You have something on your head.”

For a moment, Evelina felt the scent of the chestnut flower that I felt earlier as her hair came forward.


She touched her hair for a moment, wondering what it smelled like. The hair was frizzy as if something had dried up. At the same time, there was only a tiny amount of it, so she couldn’t tell whether it was balm or not.

“Oh, my God.”

The maid, who made eye contact with her, opened her eyes wide and lowered her gaze as if she knew what it was.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, I just thought I’d have to sort it out for you.”


Evelina replied sourly. Then the maid put water on the cloth and wiped off what was stuck to her hair. Looking at it as if it was not intentionally spilled, but rather, it was accidentally spilled and couldn’t be fixed.

She wondered if this scent was the perfume he used, and if it was similar to the medicine she almost took in the early morning.

So she did her job on schedule and was able to dress up for the afternoon tea party.


「 I’ll wear a blue cape as you said. In exchange, I’d like you to grant my wish as a prize. – Kaiden.」

“His Majesty will be about 30 minutes behind schedule.”


“He is talking to the ministers because something urgent came up.”

When she saw the card brought by the emperor’s aide, Evelina folded it again and glanced at it with her eyes. Then she put her lips on the card. Her red lips fell off, leaving red lip marks on the card.

“Give this back to Kaiden.”


The aide packed it and went back. He had to go back carefully by covering the card in half so that what Evelina had stamped her lips with won’t spread. But would also not let anyone see its contents.

So Evelina headed to the tea party prepared by the emperor.

The tea party is being held near Lake Heliben. The emperor hated the lake, but there was no place as beautiful as it was. Besides, she heard that he often stopped by after he went boating with Evelina last time.

Evelina deliberately wore a blue dress instead of a pink dress code for the tea party. Sapphire earrings, rings, and even bracelets. Dressing like a cold ice sculpture, she went to the tea party like that.

“Oh no. Queen Evelina must have mistaken the dress code.”

The Dowager Empress didn’t even wear her original dress code, pink. The Dowager Empress and all the guests there were dressed in dark purple dress codes.

“Oh, my God.”

In an instant, the guests began to stir at the words of the Dowager Empress. Looking at Evelina as if she were a very ignorant person.

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