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OMLFA Chapter 47


“The invitations are already circulating.”

Evelina pulled away regretfully at his refusal. Then, Kaiden, who had come to her body and stretched out his arms like a barricade, was reflected in her eyes. Evelina caught him by the leg and stood on his lap, making her tense as he stretched out his thick arms so she couldn’t get away from him.

“But you can see her after the tea party.”



Evelina smiled brightly, erasing her sullen expression at his words. Then he stroked Evelina’s cheek with his wet hand.

“I want to kiss you. I’m getting nervous right now.”

She looked straight at him as if she didn’t refuse. Then he touched Evelina’s earlobe with his hand and soon shook his lips. She knew he would invade through the gap of her open lips. But as soon as he touched them, he fell off.

“I don’t think I can kiss you.”


“I think it’s going to be hard to control myself.”

Evelina nodded as she saw his presence more clearly soaked in water.

“You’re frightened, Lina.”

He said that as if reading her eyes. She looked at him as if to confirm, her gaze had gone to his long bones and then back to his eyes.

“Will it fall?”

Evelina couldn’t answer when her eyes met him. However, if she didn’t answer like that, she thought her efforts would go down the drain.

She struck her lips out first as if she were stamping a seal on his lips.


Then she hugged his neck. She felt a strange relief that he wouldn’t be more threatening. It was because he didn’t kiss her as soon as she fell.

“By any chance…”

Kaiden hesitated as if to say something. Then he looked straight at Evelina and said,

“Can you touch me?”

At his words, Evelina patted Kaiden on the cheek. Then he took the hand and stroked the neck, collarbone, thorax, and abs. Soon after, he rode her hand over his well-distributed abs and went down to the iliac bone.


She was surprised by the firm flesh of the fingers. It was a sensation that felt above the cloth, but it felt as hard as a tendon. He exhaled loudly and the waves shook. Perhaps because her flesh was floating in the water, Evelina moved together whenever the waves shook.

Her other arm, which was not caught by him, soon looked at him, pressing the floating flesh with buoyancy. Then he grabbed the rest of her hand and raised it to his face. Evelina’s heart trembled as he kissed the palm of her hand and gradually lowered her hand from the iliac.


When Kaiden called her, Evelina looked at him, not the hand near his abs. She was distracted by his eyes, as if reading her mind, and tormenting her with an unknown tickle in her heart.

Her fingers had already disappeared into his mouth when she came to her senses a little. His neat, unkempt fangs chewed on her index finger. Evelina was soon breathless to see him bite between her thumb and index finger and leave a tooth mark.


It tickled when her finger touched his soft tongue. But the left hand was hard because it was stroking the very hard surface from the bottom.

His hand, pressing down on the hand underneath Evelina, held her firmly. However, whenever he moved finely, he was dangerously moving his body temperature under the small palm of Evelina like a snake wriggling.

“Uh, Kai, Eden…”

She called him in surprise, and he folded his eyes, smiled, and took off his lips. When his lips fell, a long thread continued and then broke. The colored thread in her eyes seemed to fill Evelina’s head gradually dimly.

“Please allow me to leave a mark.”


She said that without even knowing what she was replying to. Then he grabbed her hand and bit her wrist. Then he slowly moved the hand under her.

Perhaps because of the vivid touch, Evelina felt her heart ache. It was as if a needle had sprung up in the senses of the whole body, so the water was tight and even touching her was sensitive.


“Does it hurt?”

He stopped biting straight away. Then Evelina shook her head. He smirked at her behavior and buried his head in Evelina’s collarbone. She tried to ignore the oscillations in his abs that her hands were trampling.

“Oh, if, if you ask… Hehe.”

However, when she saw him biting her chest and then swallowing the lump of flesh, she felt ashamed.

The pressure was considerable where his teeth touched. What’s interesting was that the soft, fragile behavior of the tongue in it was making her more sensitive than when the sharp tooth touched it.

As he moved his mouth as if he were moving along a round circle, Evelina seemed to know what the circle followed.


She held her breath with a nasal groan. Then he fell and said,

“Go first. I haven’t washed yet.”


“Or will you stay longer?”

He asked imploringly. But Evelina came to her senses when his lips fell from my soft skin.

“No, I’m done washing up, so I’ll go out.”

Then his disappointing expression remained like an afterimage under her eyelids.


He stared at her as she tried to get up.


“Thank you for not saying no. I’ll try harder.”

She seemed a little surprised at what he said, but soon returned to her original expression and laughed. Then he stepped aside.

Evelina went outside, pretending to be okay with her heart in shock.

It was strange when she felt the shock of showing her naked body to a man and that she could be physically attracted without loving him.

At first, she tried to think positively. Even if she didn’t love him, if she was attracted to his body, it wouldn’t be too unpleasant for her to sleep with him.

But now beyond that unpleasant, fortunate level, he seemed to know well about women, and her body there.


It was clear that she was being trampled on, but it was difficult to respond steadily. And she forgot how he pretended to respect her and doubted every time he touched her. What a master.

She tried to go straight to the bedroom, thinking she should be more careful with him. However, when she came to the inner hallway and the door of the bathroom was half closed, she sat down and couldn’t get up.

“Oh, my God…”

The strength of her legs gave in. There was still a sense of excitement in the heat left in the body. Even though his hands fell off, his thighs and palms had a large, firm touch on her skin. And on her neck and fingers.


Kaiden’s excited voice came from the door beyond the corridor.

“Ah… Ugh… Lina….”

She could hear the water splashing, and Evelina was confused because she couldn’t figure out what the hell this was all about.

The door was obviously half closed, but it was as if she could hear his breathing in her ear. The sound of disorganized breathing, and the sound of the water in the bath being mixed with each time it hit the wall.

She remembered that she had left her towel there as she came out. Wet hair flowed down covering her chest, and the tip of her hair was rubbed against it and it was itchy.


His voice seemed to be holding back, but it didn’t stop. The clicking sound continued, and Evelina listened to it like that.


By the time his voice sounded angry, Evelina came to her senses. She didn’t know why he was angry, but his breathing was strange. His voice was like he was squeezing.

Out of physiological fear, Evelina headed to the room by crawling on the floor. The bridge between them still remained motionless, the rustling sound of water ringing the inner corridor, his disorganized breathing and the faint voice that seemed to call her.

Because it felt like an act of reflecting on the prey.


Evelina felt sad that her legs were not moving. The wet water ran down toward the marble floor. The floor was so clean that she dragged her legs away, but she didn’t feel dirty. Rather, she moved like that with a determination to run away from this situation.

Soon, she felt she should stand by the time her legs moved again.

It was that moment.


His voice was shaking. Evelina cringed at the last smell of the chestnut flower tickling her nose.

So she managed to drag her moving legs toward the room. She was still half-dry, but she felt like she had to wear something.

As soon as she returned to her room, Evelina found a new negligee. No gowns. Because he tore her gown apart easily.

Thinking that way, she got her negligee with trembling hands as she saw that the servants left the new negligee on the bed. Then, trying not to tremble, she tried to put the negligee over her head.


Strangely, however, as soon as she heard his disorganized voice, her body trembled. Her lower stomach was itchy, and the water that moistened her thighs was still wet. Maybe because her hair was wet, her clothes were very stiff.

“Why are you so…”

She was trying to dress with a stuffy sound.


It was that moment. Kaiden’s return to his room without any hesitation.

“You didn’t take the towel.”

Kaiden approached Evelina with a smile. Evelina turned back, realizing that the subtle fishy scent she felt earlier was much darker now.

Then his long shadow, as hideous as before, raised his head.

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