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OMLFA Chapter 45


“I’ll take it off.”

At Kaiden’s words, Evelina’s heart was thumping with shame.

She had never shown herself to anyone other than a woman. Perhaps that’s why it felt so awkward and strange to show her body to the man. But if she drew back or wavered, he would notice her performance.

Kaiden wanted her to believe herself as a thoughtless woman and a helpless queen who fell in love with the emperor who was dedicated to her no matter who the family was.

She’s been keeping the balance between being reasonable and pretending to be irrational. Evelina thought he was too good for her to play. He embarrassed her as if he was testing her.


He held her shoulder to undress her. Evelina lay her hand on the back of his hand, raised her face stained with shame, and said, looking at him.

“I’ll take it off.”


“Please look, Kaiden.”

She didn’t want to feel the same tension she felt the last time he took off her clothes. Most of all, if she got kissed unexpectedly like that. Then she thought she would forget to think again.

It was difficult for a person to maintain their sanity when they were excited, and Evelina knew well that she was a also person too.

He was far menacingly beautiful to think rationally, and yet he tried to dominate her. That’s why she would rather lead him. If he was completely manipulated like that, he might not move as he want.

It was like training a beast.


He rose from the sofa with a bright smile. Evelina also stood up and walked near the bathroom.

She looked at Kaiden’s long shadow in front of her and looked back. The moment she turned around, time seemed to have stopped.

‘It’s weird. Everything feels fine when I’m with you.’

She came to her senses when she heard a strange voice. But when she regained her senses, what she saw was the eyes of a beast who wanted to devour her, but it is only holding back. It’s as if you want to kill it, but you’re holding it in.

When she saw those eyes, she untied the straps on her back with trembling hands. Then she tried to take off her dress.


But it wasn’t easy to take off her dress, even though she was quite flexible.

“Is this your favorite dress?”

“Oh, no.”

He grabbed both sides of the dress, she was in the back and opened it up straight at her words. With a ‘boop!’ sound, all the straps were torn and scattered over her skirt. The string, which was one line, soon became several and rolled around her feet.


She breathed in as the breath of her dress stretched out. Then she laughed, pretending not to tremble. She tried to take off her corset after letting her dress run down to the floor. However, Kaiden also loosened the cord of the corset and roughly peeled it off, perhaps because he knew she wouldn’t be able to take it off.

Evelina looked back at him in a panic for a moment.

“I’m sorry, I… I shouldn’t have stepped forward.”

He took off her corset and stepped back.

“No. Come to think of it, I thought it would have been difficult to take it off alone.”

She said that and looked forward again to keep him from noticing her nervous expression.

She headed straight to the hallway, wearing only a negligee. He paused for a moment, then followed again, and she felt like a trampled rabbit as he followed so gradually. It seems that the leopard is not playing with it to eat it, but trying to humiliate it.

“Where is the towel?”

“Are you going to wash up with a towel wrapped around it?”

Evelina nodded yesterday, recalling that he had a towel around his lower body. Then he brought a towel from the shelf.

“I don’t think I can cover everything with this.”

What he gave her was not so big as to cover her lower body.

“I’ll bring you something bigger.”

She grabbed him by the arm because he seemed to be going for a really big towel.

“I want Kaiden to take it off, too.”

“But I don’t have a towel.”

“Will it be hard?”

She was trying to pay him back the same insult he was trying to give her. But he also smiled brightly and whether he had noticed her intentions, he said.

“Didn’t you hate it? Wasn’t it gross?”

“It’s all right.”

Then he approached Evelina, smiling happier and his ears turning red. She went over the bathroom door, reached the marble floor beyond the threshold, and looked back. Then Kaiden, who casually took off his clothes, caught her eyes.

She felt a strange pressure and touched the negligee she wore. She felt stuffy trying to take it off. But she didn’t know what he would think if she stayed still like that, so she stopped thinking and took off her negligee.

Then, after taking off his pants, he opened the towel and covered his front. The towel stretched out from her chest was so fixed under Evelina’s arm.

“Let’s keep this on.”

He was wearing a brief after taking them off. Evelina nodded unconsciously, but she couldn’t even tell him to take it off.

Evelina caught him reaching out. Then, as he led, he went to the chair and sat down. He sat her down and went to the place where Evelina had brought the soap and sponge the other day to pick up the items.

She thought it was great, realizing that he even instructed servants to do this, using the door on the other side. Even though he worked late, she thought he had prepared his revenge thoroughly.

As she sat down in her chair, Kaiden squeezed soap into a sponge.

“I heard it’s better if you do it with your hands.”

“Did you…?”

He held the sponge tightly, pretending to be confused. Evelina didn’t forget what he said yesterday. However, this seemed to disprove that he was not very happy to contact her.

So she looked at him with an innocent smile.

“Can you do it with your hands?”


Then she avoided looking at him with an uncharacteristically innocent look. Evelina opened her budding lips because she thought this was enough.

“Kaiden, now…”

You can stop now. I’ll wash myself.

That’s what she was going to say. But before her mouth fell, he wrapped his palm around her neck. Evelina, who thought she was strangled for a moment, looked at him nervously.

But the soap on his hand stroked Evelina’s neck. She felt strange because of his hot body temperature, which felt over the slippery touch. The touch immediately stroked his neck and headed to his ear. My body trembled at the tingling sound in my ear.



“You look like a sheep like this.”

He put foam on Evelina’s ear and smiled. Then he climbed down her neck again and rubbed her shoulder.

“Kaiden has really big hands.”

“Would you like to try?”

“All right.”

When Evelina opened her hand, he spread his palm over it.

“Oh, my God.”

She was surprised that he was about an inch taller than me.

“My hands are rather big.”

“You have a lot of calluses.”

When Evelina reached his hand, she felt both the soft slipperiness of the soap and the toughness of the calluses in the flesh. He smiled and rubbed her shoulder down to her elbow. Then he held her hands and said.

“Your hands are adorable, too.”

When he said so, Evelina couldn’t see his eyes anymore, so she looked at his neck. Then she could see the glistening tears from the moisture seeping into his thick neck. Every time he touched her, the tears were shaking dangerously.


Her back tightened as she felt his hand on her elbow again and nudge her collarbone.

“Ah, Kaiden….”

She realized that she had inadvertently lost her towel, but he grabbed her hand, immobilizing her, and her hand went down her collarbone.

Evelina caught her breath when she saw his large hands transferring warmth right over my heart. And then, as soon as she saw the lump of flesh crushed in his hand, her heart quivered.


When he called, Evelina looked at him reflexively. Then his damp lips came up to her. She tried not to avoid him because he looked like he was about to kiss him again. But her body reflexively avoided his kiss. She immediately hugged him to fix it.

Soon his hand on her chest slid down. She was confused and trembling as his heart beat to her ears.

“I promised you I wouldn’t be scared.”

“Are you scared?”


When Evelina spoke frankly without realizing it, he hugged her loosely. Then he gave her a pat on the back.

She thought she would never wash up with him again, but she considered that she could not run away for now. If she ran away now, all the hard work she had done so far may be in vain.



“I’m fine again. Please continue.”

He answered ‘yes’ quietly and released his arm from holding her. Evelina looked at the foam on his body and said with the thought that maybe if she washed him, she would forget a little bit of her shame.

“Shall we wash each other?”

“…can I still?”

“Yes, I want to.”

When Evelina said so, he smiled and squeezed soap into Evelina’s hand. She patted him on the neck and shoulders as he patted her abdomen, squeezing soap into my hand, too. Then she realized it when she patted his chest muscles with her palm.

A long tail sticking out between Kaiden’s drawers. But she was afraid to pretend to know. What was more frightening than that was the pain that she would feel when she slept with him. She was simply not confident of it. It didn’t seem big enough for a person to handle, even if it was gross.

“Uh… Lina?”

She realized at that moment that my hand slipped and held his iliac tightly.

“Ah, this is…!”

Evelina, who was about to get up in surprise, pushed Kaiden, who had been soiled, and she closed her eyes as if she were falling backward.

At that moment, she felt her body float. And when she opens her eyes.


He was leaning over her, touching something she shouldn’t have touched.

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