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OMLFA Chapter 44


“That, so… .”

The lady-in-waiting from the Dowager Empress’ Palace looked around her in terror. Evelina knew this, and she didn’t let anyone inside. There, she waited until the lady-in-waiting spoke. Because she seemed to need more time, than human attention.

Soon, the maid spoke with a stutter.

“My, my name is Armen Lubbs.”

“The daughter of Viscount Lubbs?”

“Yes… Actually, at the viscount’s house… .”

“I heard you have numerous debts. Isn’t that why you entered the Imperial Palace?”


Before her engagement, Evelina was a famous person in the social circle. Even when she was quiet, most of the women brought her funny stories to just make her talk.

There was also a story about the Viscount Lubbs in it.

“Is Viscount Lubbs a gambling addict?”

“Ah, that, so…”

“That’s why you came to the Imperial Palace.”

“… Yes.”

She was not the Dowager Empress’ maid, but originally Princess Elsius’ maid. It was obvious that she became the lady-in-waiting in the Dowager Empress’ Palace since she had taken Princess Elsius into custody. She had moved to the one with greater manpower. To show as an example that Princess Elsius’ power had diminished. 

It seemed that she came because there was no one to help her. If it wasn’t that, she would have come with the feeling of grabbing at least a straw after seeing the emperor’s actions toward her. There was no one in the Imperial Palace who did not know that the Marquis of Logias had driven Kaiden’s mother to death.

“I know you came to the Imperial Palace palace to pay off his debt. And the money became your master.”

If recalling the financial condition of Viscount Lubbs, there was a high probability that she had become her lady-in-waiting in order to choose a marriage partner for her. She was a lady-in-waiting of a high-ranking member of the imperial family, and if she stayed in the position for a long time, young people who wanted to rise in the world would ask her hand for marriage. She would be quite popular.

Princess Elsius often helped her ladies-in-waiting get married. But she was not the Dowager Empress. The Empress Dowager was certainly not interested in such things.

So, for Armen Lubbs, who entered her palace for the purpose of marrying, it might be difficult to be under the Dowager Empress.

The Dowager Empress was a parsimonious person with her subordinates. She didn’t skimp on any luxuries for her and the imperial family but was a miser when it came to things unrelated to the imperial family. There was no way she would have given Armen Lubbs her premium.

“I can tell you everything if Your Majesty the Queen promises me two things.”

Judging from the paper Armen had brought with her, she wasn’t the only helper. Because there were three other maids in a similar situation.

“Tell me about the content. We can meet any conditions.”

Evelina replied insignificantly, but with her arms crossed, she leaned back in her chair and looked at her body.

“In fact, at this tea party, I was going to take an issue with the dress code.”


“The list of noble ladies attending the tea party has already come out. All of them are afraid of Her Majesty the Dowager Empress…”

“Is she trying to wear a different color without just telling me?”


Evelina shook her head at the trick that was more childish than she thought. However, such a childish ploy had the disadvantage of not being able to speak because it was embarrassing. Besides, even though the Dowager Empress was harassing her, she didn’t let her speak on her own.

As Evelina recalled what had happened, her fists clenched in anger.

“His Majesty will be with me.”

“His Majesty will probably come in the evening. After he lets the women spend time with each other. Then, Her Majesty the Dowager Empress will make a false accusation that she did it to get more attention at her party than Her Majesty the Dowager Empress.”

Evelina doubted whether Kaiden had anything to do with her Dowager Empress’ machinations. However, it seemed that Kaiden’s plan was to reclaim his power, as he did with Princess Elsius.

And in the future, they will abandon her, who has solidified her position in the social world. Then all that power would fall to Kaiden.

As a bonus, until she became miserable.

“I see.”

At Evelina’s words, Armen swallowed her dry saliva and tried to get to the point.

“Eh, since I said our conditions…”

“Yes, speak.”

Evelina stared at Armen. She was plain looking, with her gray hair and brown eyes. An intelligent appearance that seemed more suited to work in a library than a lady-in-waiting.

“All four of us, Your Majesty the Queen… I hope you will help us to isolate ourselves from the family.”


Evelina opened her eyes wide in surprise at her unexpected words. She thought she would find money and a husband, but all they wanted was isolation.

“We are all the main people in the family. With our maid’s salary, we could live well enough if we lived alone. But it’s all taken away by our families. If this continues, we will have to live our life like slaves forever.”

“…That’s right.”

“So, to completely cut off from the family, and help us confiscate the money we earned from our families.”

“I will. Is that what it is?”

“Yes. And even if we cut ourselves off, the family… I hope you can keep it.”

“Okay. If the family line disappears, then the title will disappear.”

Evelina frowned because they seemed to lose money making such a deal. Either way, if the price was not reasonable, there will be dissatisfaction with the transaction.

“I’ll take that as a down payment, and I’ll give you extra money whenever you bring me useful information about the Dowager Empress. I’ll give you a risk allowance as well.”

“… ah… ”

“And if you get caught…”

Evelina originally had no intention of doing such a favor.

“I will bring you to my palace. If you truly prove your allegiance to me.”

On the contrary, when she saw Armen who did not want too much, Evelina was reminded of her childhood and did her a favor.

She had no regrets about spitting out her words. Rather, she must have worried about whether she could continue to trust them if she made such a shameful loss-making deal.

“A, thank you… ugh… thank you.”

Armen also opened her eyes as if he were surprised by Evelina’s deal, and soon replied as if she was choked.

“All right, then go.”

“… Yes.”

In this way, Evelina received the oaths of the four ladies-in-waiting in exchange to give their loyalty. She placed it in the first drawer of her office and locked it with a key. In a place, no one would ever open.

Then she began to do the work of the empress again, calling on her aides and servants.

Now, she only needed to check last month’s spending and she can finally start a new job.


In the evening, Kaiden returned. To the emperor’s palace.

Evelina was sitting on the sofa reading because he told her not to wash up and wait.

It was eight o’clock when Kaiden returned.

“I am sorry for being late.”

“No, I don’t mind.”

Evelina thought Kaiden was running. Because of the proof that there were no servants behind him. She could see a few strands of bangs sticking out of the hair that was completely swept over. The sound of footsteps was getting closer from somewhere.

“What did you do for dinner?”

“I ate.”

“That’s a relief.”

“What about Lina?”

“I ate, too.”

Evelina was staring blankly at him, approaching her with a brisk step. He draw close to where she sat and watched as he sat close enough to reach with his arms.

And by the time she noticed, he was already holding her.

“The work is too hard.”

He sighed and said so, and Evelina put the book she was holding on the table and hugged him tightly.

“Good work, Kaiden.”

As Evelina patted him on the back, his rough breath was gradually stabilizing. She forgot for a moment why he was doing this and treated him with a reminder.



Her shoulders tickled because his voice came from his lips touching her shoulders.

“I want to wash Lina today.”

Evelina was a little surprised by the words. But if she recalled the behavior he showed last night. Maybe he’s really trying to get ready for her to sleep with him.

In the original story, Kaiden was never loved by his own mother. That’s why he tried harder to be loved. She thought, she wished she hadn’t seen the original.

She was the only daughter of such a marquis. Marquis Logias, who cut his mother’s throat. Either way, the only time he was sincere with her was to get revenge.

“Did you finish your work well last night?”

She said yesterday, recalling that he had run away. As a way of telling her not to do this.

“Yes, yesterday… I was finishing some urgent work. Are you disappointed?”


Evelina held him by the shoulder and looked straight at him, and she didn’t shy away from his eyes either.

“The truth is…”

Then he clenched his lips and hesitated to speak. Then he sighed and spat out his words.

“It’s because it’s the first. It was a lie that there was work.”


“Because it’s my first time… I was so nervous… I thought I’d go back, but when I came to my senses, it was dawn. So I couldn’t come. I was afraid Lina would wake up.”

She was rather awakened by his friendly words.

“I was a little scared yesterday.”

“I’m sorry then.”

Evelina was smiling, recalling what happened today. Four maids in her hands. Among them, there was a person who would help her when she took her father to another country.

With the help of Ianathas. Her parents can go to another country before she really died.

And my escort, Usher Fronen. If she got his help, she’d be able to handle things more perfectly.


She called his name, approached him as if to kiss him, and made eye contact. As she got closer, his carnivorous red and shaking pupils combined gave her chills.

“Don’t let me be afraid.”

Evelina needed the power of Kaiden. She needed him to pretend like he was serious with her in order to use her chess pieces.

“Then next time….”

“Please wash me today. Instead, be kind to me so that I don’t get scared.”

At Evelina’s words, he sighed, leaning his head against her chest. Then he said patiently.

“Of course.”

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